How can I tell my religious father that I am pregnant?

Everyone of my kids were born outta wedlock my grandma hated that but she loved my kids so much

How old are you, it’s your life not your fathers.
What about your MUM,
Just tell him and it’s up to him to deal with it.

You’re an adult correct ? …nuff said !


Id call and don’t let his attitude affect you, this is a blessing

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In person. I was in a similar situation.

Tell him in person he will be angry but so what

Children are blessings from the Lord!

Be honest it’s something you can’t hideso just be honest

Let him absorb it first. Then, tell him you’ll come visit later.

Tell him face to face and you let him throw his fit.

Talk can not kill you and you will show soon

I was terrified to tell my dad, he and his side of the family are more religious than my mom’s side. I lived with her full time so didn’t get much of a Christian upbringing. I had my first 2 out of wedlock (same guy) and married my husband after I was already pregnant with my third. My dad was more understanding and less judgemental than my mom was! His exact words to me about my first was “it’s not the best timing, but its not a bad thing.” If it were me, id tell him in person. He would probably appreciate it more and you two could talk it out.

Well it’s your life, not your dads so I’d just tell him.

Personally I’d do it over the phone. If he gets too mad it’d be easier to just hang up. Plus your son wont have to see/hear anything if it doesnt go well. But I’d be upfront and tell him that you’re an adult and you live your life your way and that’s end of story. My mom was also very religious so I grew up hearing it daily how I was going to hell for such and such actions. I set her straight and now she says shit about my choices.

Def tell him in person!!! This isn’t a phone conversation!


Are you grown? Then fuck his opinion.

Do not be afraid. Go face to face, it’s more respectful. I am speaking from a parents point of view, and same situation. :pray::pray::heart:

I don’t know why your asking for advice?? If this post is actually genuine?? The fact is you already have a child your father got over it didn’t he …I’m sure he will again also I feel personally it’s a bit soon to have a child with someone you’ve been with for 5 months you don’t really know this man good luck

Ever heard of birth control and if he religious he will pray for guidness…me if I was your dad I would think I raised a ho

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If you and your partner are working and supporting yourselves and the chidren, I see no reason why your father could object.

Call him. That way if he says some shit you don’t like u just hang up

I agree with the other’s, tell him in person. I don’t think I’d volunteer that you both wanted additional children, no need to rub salt in the mans wounds. All babies are a blessing. I understand your dad would prefer your married, but that’s not the situation, and I’m sure he’d rather you have your baby than the alternatives. So recognize that you understand his point of view, don’t be critical of it that won’t help the situation, but it is what it is and you’re choosing to be happy about it. You hope he’ll still be supportive and love his grand baby to be as much as you already do. And leave it at that.

When you tell him it would turn out better if you and your boyfriend had a plan on moving forward on taking care of the baby .

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i’d tell him in person and think of a cute way to “soften the blow” maybe having your son be apart of telling him

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Keep in mind that he will eventually love this bany to. You can do it girl! :heart: congratulations.

A parent may be upset initially but the unconditional love will kick in and they will accept the situation. Tell him in whatever way you are comfortable with and give him time to process the situation. Im sure he loves you and will get over the initial shock given a little time. Dont take it personally if he needs a little time. It’s all because he loves you and wants the best for you. He will love this grandbaby the same as the other

Its 2020, wedlock isnt really a thing anymore. He can be religious all he wants but its not up to him to force that on you

Well if you’re not gonna die and he’s not gonna die and neither one of you are going to prison for anything then it’s all good.