How can I tell my religious father that I am pregnant?

So I need advice here. My boyfriend and I have only been together for about five months, and we’re expecting. He has a son, as do I. We both knew going into our relationship that we wanted more kids, and it happened. My dilemma here is that my dad is highly religious and already had a slight problem with my son being born out of wedlock. Now, here I am with a second on the way after only 5 months. I AM 13 WEEKS TOMORROW, AND HAVENT TOLD HIM :sleepy::sleepy: Idk if I should call him and give him a chance to kinda absorb the info or if I should make a 30-minute drive to tell him in person. Ugh I’m just afraid of what he’s gonna say :sob:

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You’re an adult right?


Do it in person. He is your father. He may feel disappointed at first but he will always love you no matter what. My parents are old fashioned about getting married first then having babies so it was hard telling them me and my bf at the time were expecting a baby after knowing each other only a few months. They got over it and love their grandbaby so much and will do anything for her. We are now married and hoping for baby number 2 next year! you got this mama. Stay strong.

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Maybe should have thought about that before getting pregnant again?:relaxed:


You are a grown women. It’s your life

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I would be more concerned you are having a child with someone you have only been with for 5 months


How is this an issue? I’m assuming you’re an adult…if you feel that guilty, redefine how you live. You know how you got pregnant and we’re fine with it then. Own being a momma or get out of the way bc this isn’t going to be the last hurdle you jump for your baby. Be proud and have some emotional and financial backing to raise your child.


He knows the Bible right? So then he will love you no matter what. There is no shame, if he knows the word of God he knows God is love and you are his child. Don’t be afraid pray before you go and pray from the heart. Ive been in your shoes 23 years ago but I was also 16.


How old are you? If you’re an adult and out on your own, your father really needs to accept that and stop trying to control your life. If he truly is religious he will accept you without judgement.

You should have asked your father before starting this relationship. Idk :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Wow just wow​:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:.

If he was that concerned did he use protection

I understand but if ur dad not paying ur bills he get over it its not like u can change anything but u will know wen the timing is right . you could always text him then go talk with him after he realizes its ur chioce ur decision


He might know now if he sees it on facebook :joy::joy:


Don’t tell him. He’ll find out soon enough​:joy::joy:

Congrats to u and ur family fathers always protect there little girls u will be fine once u tell him he will come around we are all gods children :baby:

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I hear a shot gun wedding happening. :rofl::rofl::rofl: just kidding. I would talk to hi. In person.

Talk to your dad in person. It’s going to be hard for him to hear at first but in the end he is going to appreciate you more for giving him the respect of telling him in person. Your dad has different views on having a baby out of marriage. But at the end of the day your an adult and it’s your life. He may not agree with your decision but will love you and his grandchildren no matter what. Your dad has to realize that you are going to live your life the way you want to. And your going to make decisions that you feel are right for you and your family. He may not always agree but should respect them. Just like I am pretty sure you don’t always agree with your dads decision but you respect them because they are his decisions and he is an adult. As long as you are happy and your child is happy that’s all that matters

He can either be happy to have another grandkid or get the f out of your way. As a young woman who has always been afraid of family judgment, I will say this: whether he approves or not, you live your life the way you want, free of shame and full of love. His issues are HIS. Don’t let them become yours. You happiness and joy does not deserve to be tainted by someone elses’ expectations.


So, you got pregnant 7 weeks after meeting this new guy? I think that might be his main concern for you but If your handling your own and not expecting your father to help support these children you are bringing into this world then, that’s your business alone hun. However, if he is, he does have a right to his opinion. Talking in person is best! Good luck :+1:t3:


Well U R grown :: this is nothing new :::Your Dad loves U :: go to him in person ::: what is ::IS what is ::: Be happy and thankful and respectful to Dad :::

Just tell him. In person if you can muster the spine for it. Or over the phone if you cant/dont want to face his criticism.
You’re an adult. You shouldnt need random weirdos from the internet telling you how to handle your own business.

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You should be worry about your son because you arr bringing literally a stranger into his life.

If u live in your dads home an this is your second child well once is a mistake twice is a what ? Get your own home an have any amount of babies u want he cant do anything about that. It your life an thats what uuu chose to do with it

Deffo show him the upmost respect and tell him in person the sooner the better too… he may be upset now but he will be more upset the longer you keep it from him

How old are u?? If u r of age what difference does it make. If u love the father and all is good then your religious dad can butt out this isn’t.his life to live let go.of the apron strings honey, let hin know hes gonna be a grandpa again, hell spout off his opinion but at the end of the day it’s your life good luck

Part of being an adult is making grown up decisions. You decided to get pregnant with you new partner. You’re dad can choose to honour you and your life or live his, wondering if you are happy and okay. I bet he will be fine knowing! Us women over think the shit out of everything. If your dad is a doucher about it, let him be. It’s not the kind of person I’d want in my life, to be truthful!

Hunny…go see ur DAD…ur not gonna like wat he says… ur creating a baby now…so just tell him…hear him out …and try and make it work…FAMILY IS EVERYTHING…

Like others have said, definitely do it in person. If you have your life together- own place, pay for your bills without assistance, provide for your son, etc., then what’s the big deal? I’m not sure what sort of relationship you have with your first son’s father, but that may be causing a sour taste for your dad. I agree with some other posters, it is quick for a baby with someone, but no sense in looking back on the past now. This new baby is coming so just have to keep it moving. I would approach him with an action plan and just go from there. He’s probably just wanting the best for you and your son like any good dad would.

Out of respect for your father, Drive the 30 minutes to tell him in person. Don’t insult him with a phone call. You don’t know what he will say this time.

Tell him in person. He might be mad at first but there’s nothing he can do about it now, baby’s coming whether he likes it or not

Gotta rip the bandage off some time. Might as well be now so he has time to absorb it .

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Lol go tell him. Qns should have thought about this having unprotected sex 5 months into a relationship. Sorry not sorry.


Just tell him and he can either support you or be absent. You’re a grown adult and can make your own decisions whether he approves or not.


This is kinda crazy really. You already had a kid while not married. You don’t feel the way about it that he does because here you are again. Just tell him over this phone and show your excitement, don’t react to any negative since this was your choice. Be proud of your baby and if anything negative comes of it just state that your happy and baby was planned and for others to get over it. Stop acting afraid or shamed, the baby’s coming so the time for that was before getting pregnant with first son and before this pregnancy. It’s done, it’s a life, can’t go back, don’t let anyone rock your boat. Be happy and move forwards.


Just tell him! Ur a grown up ! What’s he gonna do :woman_shrugging:t3:


Pull up your big girl pants and get it done. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Depends on how old you are? Are you still a teenager? Do you live with your parents? You dont even know a man 5 months in. It was 2 years before my abusive ex showed his colors.

Man up and go tell him

Whether you tell him or not, you’re still going to have a baby. Just do it and he’ll get over it

I called my dad and he didn’t say a word to me. It left a dread over me until I saw him. Don’t call. It can make things worse.

Papa don’t preach - Madonna

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Girl this is your life not theirs tell them and move on past the judgement


Got to rip that bandage off sooner than later. I was worried about what people would say about mine, but I flat out told everyone that if they couldn’t support or accept my growing family, then they didn’t have to worry about being around any of my children.

Eh I’d prob do a photoshoot w the son you already have w him wearing a cute shirt about your dad becoming a grandpa again. Your dad cant get upset when he’s finding out looking at your cutie! Lol


If you are grown it’s simply his loss if he can’t accept it. It’s your life, who cares who approves.

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He’s going to react how he’s going to react so tell him when your calm and emotionally ready for whatever outcome

Are you planning on getting married? I got married 8 months pregnant. My family isn’t super religious or anything though. Tell him, you’ll feel better. Him being your father should love and support you no matter what.

Every child is a blessing! And grandchildren are some of the greatest joy’s of life. It may be upsetting at first for him but your first priority is your children . Pride and worry about what others will say or think should not matter Congrats on Your new baby !

Unless you would rather ‘be too busy’ to see dad for 9 whole months, never post anything on any social media about the new baby, hide the new baby from dad for life, and move REALLY far away from him and anyone he knows then you may just wanna call dad and have him meet you (only you) for lunch or dinner and possibly pick up the check. Better in a public setting, right?

Tell him in person. If he gets mad, then so be it. It will make you feel better. In time, he will adjust and will see this this baby as a blessing. My dad is also very religious, he was very angry and I was afraid to say but had to. He wasn’t nice towards me at first but now he absolutely loves his grandchild to pieces. He will love and support you no matter what. Don’t worry, as at the end of the day its your life, not his. (Btw I’m a grown woman and a daddys girl lol). Enjoy celebrating your new baby!

Woman up and go tell him in person. It shows respect.

In person is more respectful. I mean how surprised do you think he’ll be this is your 2nd kid with a 2nd man out of wedlock

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Religious or not, it’s not his life. My dad is highly religious and all 3 of my kids were born out of wedlock. But my dad does not condemn me or my kids over it.

We need more context. How old are you?? Are you living on your own?? Either way you need to just tell him in person, my ex husband got a chick pregnant after a month and he only stayed around her for about 6 months and left.

If he can’t accept it it’s simply his loss. It’s your life,who cares who approves. every child is a blessing. congrats on your new baby.:hugs:

My dad is a preacher. I was with my boyfriend 3 months when I got pregnant. I told him when I was 8 weeks. He got mad, but I told him that children out of wedlock aren’t taboo anymore, not everyone believes in his religion, and that the world doesn’t revolve around his religion. He stayed mad for about a week. He ended up being my biggest supporter while pregnant and he’s my daughter’s favorite person in the world.

You just have to tell him if that’s what you want. It’s your life to live, not his. If he stays mad and makes a fuss over it, that’s his own problem. You just give your kids a loving, happy, positive life.


No one wants to disappoint their parents and their opinion of us matter, sometimes.

How is the grandson/grandfather relationship? If it’s good, you’re dad will be ok, in time.

To answer your question, I’d send him a t-shirt or something and a note that’s loving and thoughtful to ease the tension and remind him how much you love him and please don’t be upset. Then maybe call him after he recieves it (if he doesn’t call you first.) Or something like that. And if all is calm and well, set up a time to visit him and go from there.

Why would you want to hide a precious baby from your father? Just because he is religious? Seems like your scared to be judged and you make it sound like you sinned. :joy:

I mean …how old are u? You’re grown! He will just have to deal with it

Just be a big girl and tell him.

I’m pretty blunt so I’d just call and tell him y’all are announcing and celebrating the coming blessing and he can be however he gonna be. Don’t let his churlishness detract from y’alls happiness

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Yes he may be mad and upset but it’s better to do it in person and talk to him.

Girl everyone sins. No one sin is greater or less then the other. Religious or not we all make mistakes and do things God would not approve of. (Most def not calling the baby a mistake) I would meet up with him for lunch or dinner and tell him. I’d be less worried about him though and more worried about the future between you and the dad. Does he have plans for a future with you and the kids?

Religious people can be nasty. No offense but they do pass judgement & think they’re better than others although they sin too. Id tell him over text. Gage is response. If he’s mean, nasty then simply move on with your life without his involvement.



I think it would be better to tell him in person, he is not stupid and knows you are no virgin. He may be disappointed but he won’t stop loving you or your children.

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In person is the respectful thing to do, but he also has to suck it up as you (I’m assuming) are an adult and can make your own decisions… you dont have to be married to be the best mum to your kiddies…

Just tell him. It’s your life. Everything happens for a reason and ultimately at the end of the day YOU and you alone have to answer for your life. I personally would do it over the phone but only because I would refuse to have a conversation about it. My life isn’t on someone elses terms and a child is a blessing. Anyone who didnt see it as such could be gone.


If he is religious then he knows God doesn’t make mistakes. This baby is a Blessing. Congratulations


Tell him in person. If he is mad for a bit it’s ok, but hopefully he will always love his grand baby


Were you using birth control? If not, the pregnancy didn’t just happen. You were planning on getting pregnant by not actively doing anything to try and not get pregnant. So now it is time to “man up” and take responsibility for your actions. Trying to manufacture drama or get sympathy by trying to make your dad out to be the bad guy because he is “religious” isn’t going to fly. Time to be an adult and take responsibility for your actions and pick up the phone or go call him and say, “Hey Dad, I’m pregnant” Do you want to know why your dad is going to be upset? It isn’t because he is “religious” it is because you have TWICE put yourself in a situation where you have brought an innocent child into a household where there is no real commitment. Where is the father of the first child? Obviously not with you because you are with another man. And your current boyfriend has already demonstrated that he has no problem leaving the mother of his child because he already has with his first child. So, now you have created a situation where you are a single parent of two children. Stop vilifying your father. He isn’t the problem here. You are. Time to grow up!


I was in the same boat with both of my children. I was more scared to tell about my daughter(1st born). My mother got so mad at me she didn’t speak to me for 3 weeks. My grandfather tge religious one was highly upset and was mad but supported me and stood by the whole time. He actually never left my side the whole time I was in labor until it came push time. Lol so gather strength and courage and definitely tell him in person. You might just be surprised

Well, as intimidating as telling your parents that your pregnant again, I would assume that you are an adult and have your own place due to the aforementioned “30 minute drive to tell him in person”. That being said, you should do whatever YOU feel MOST comfortable with. If with the first pregnancy he wasnt exactly thrilled with how it was done, he’s probably gonna feel the same now. You could do a FaceTime call if you feel that might be less stressful. I’m not a dad, but I am a mom who went thru something similar. So I know how u feel.

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Do it face to face. Go in with confidence and love. If there is any judgement, just let him know that God gives blessing and is not judgmental. That you hope he can do the same.

It’s not that we don’t care about how our parents feel, but their focus should be on unconditional love.

I typically wait until they ask me about my big belly! We’re cordial but their reaction to the birth of my first child due to it not being their ideal situation sealed our relationship as biologically related acquaintances from now on! You owe no one an explanation. Best of luck to you!!:blue_heart:

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I was in this exact same situation 17 yrs ago. My mom is EXTREMELY religious and I knew she would knock me upside the head had I told her in person. So, of course, I told her over the phone. I knew if I did it that way, it would give her time to cool down. Yes, I was an adult, had my own place, but was still scared of the consequences I knew she would deliver me. 9 month’s later I delivered my first and only daughter. She was the proudest Grandma ever. So, however you choose to tell your parents, yes, they will for sure be disappointed, but will love their grandbaby when he or she enters the world. Congratulations. Babies are a huge blessing.

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I was in the same boat as you. I told my parents in person. I feel over the phone would be worse. The first time they took it way worse than the second time. The second time they said really and shook their heads and moved on. They have loved their grandkids ever since never stop spoil them like it’s going out of style. I am not saying your situation will go that way but every child is a blessing

If you were my daughter and you came face to face about it I’d absorb it shake my head and say to you it’s your body your child your life take care of my grandchild .Fear is the least of your problem what your dad thinks or says it’s you your boyfriend and that child throw religion out the door too you have done it once so it matters no more good luck

Just tell him my dad was pissed right off at me that i got pregant at 15 …he got over it …and even got a place for me him n my son to live after my mom threw me out …needless to say i am now 40 and have five sons n my dad loves each n every one of them… Good luck girl …

Face to face hun…its the only way. He might be mad for a bit…but thats his grand baby…and he’s still gonna love u no matter what. Respect him and yourself…do it in person


Girl if I could tell both my parents when I was 18 I was pregnant with my 37 year old boyfriends baby you can do the same. We did get married a few years later and have been together 19 years and counting, he will accept the baby I’m sure.

Do uou depend on dad for living arrangement or ecomical support? Then understand his concern .but be upfront with him. If you live on your own just tell him he’ll calm down eventually.

Juuust spit it out if that’s the worse thing that can happen for ur father to hear ? , you could announce you are a drug user or you committed a hideous offence or much worse things in life and if you are a wonderful , loving , caring human being that’s what counts the most .

None of us are without sin (your father) included. So he can’t be casting stones. In person seems better regardless of the outcome.

Either way he is gonna love the kid so phone is fine not like he isn’t gonna accept the fact your pregnant

I was in same boat. I had my first 2 sons of 3 before I married my husband. My dad wasnt happy about it but also new these were his grand children. He is a wonderful grandpa and loves them no matter what. If your dad is a good Christian man he may not like it but he would and should support you. I am a christian as well and made some bad decision but i never would trade my boys and neither would my dad.

Girl just tell him… You’re an adult and can do what you want to do! He may be upset but he’ll be just fine!! I’m a PK too!!

You are not his little girl any more and you already have one child.But you need to tell him before someone else tell him or are you start to show.The world is changing,so he have to change too.Don t worry if he mad at you it will not last

Tell him in person, he might not like it but he will accept it that’s his grandchild and it is what it is. If he’s religious then he’ll come to realize that a child is a gift from God.

In person.
I was with my bf five months and I got pregnant. Yes some had problems but eventually it’ll be worked out

In 1956 had to tell my parents. They had my back because they loved me no matter what.

Just do what i know someone did showed up to their mothers Job and threw the ultrasound at her and run the other way.

Its ur choice not his . he should love yoy and ur babies not matter what.

Call (from someone who was in a similar situation 29 years ago)!

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Your old enough to get yourself in this situation so your old enough to face the consequences / reactions.

You having another baby… Time face the music.

Tell him in person. I had to do this too and drove 3 hours to do it. It’s the best way.

I would do it in person. He might be mad at first, but it will blow over. I bet he will love the baby to pieces when it arrives.

I told my mother over the phone on my break so I could hang up and turn my phone off. That way she had a few hours to cool off.

You were old enough to get pregnant twice you are old enough to stand up to dad.

Do what you did the first time…obviously worked