How can I tell people that I do not want visitors in the hospital?

How do I go about telling people I don’t want visitors at the hospital? I already know some people who are gonna take offense to it, but I don’t want to entertain people. I want to just get used to my new baby.


Just another option… when will you be comfortable? Or so you think? “We’re actually going to do a meet and greet after we get home. Things are so chaotic in the hospital we prefer to have people in our home where we can all feel more comfortable.”


Straight up tell them, Its no one elses decision to make & they’ll get over their feelings. That time is about you and the baby primarily (&dad- if hes there- not to assume, just unsure of your family dynamics of course- however, its still mainly up to you, as YOU are the patient). Worse case, you can tell the L&D that you want no visitors or only certain ones. L&Ds generally have a set up to where you can come up with a “password” and the only way they allow someone in, is if they know that password (We did this with my son).


Don’t tell but who you want at the hospital you’re going and tell everyone beforehand. I don’t want visitors, and tell the nursing staff too. You can also list yourself as a private patient for those who won’t respect that. We’ve all got that one family member who don’t listen :woman_facepalming::rofl:

Tell the hospital not to allow visitors.


Don’t tell them until you get home.

I just posted on fb with my first ‘we decided no visits but grandparents’ with the second I didn’t tell anyone til after he was here and he came 3 weeks early. Only grandparents and bestie were allowed at hospital


Let the hospital staff know. They will handle it.

I just didn’t tell anyone baby was here until I was home

Tell the nurses. They’ll keep people out for you.

Hospital is restricting visitors still.

You say “I do not want want visitors while I am in the hospital “ simple as that.


Tell everyone this. Perhaps in a group chat so you can do it all in one message (if possible).
Be light and respectful but firm.
Something like…
“While I know everyone is excited to meet baby as soon as possible, and I are requesting that all family and friends refrain from coming to the hospital. We are happy to set up a time with each of you as soon as we are settled at home however, we feel we will want the immediate days after birth to become accustomed to our new roles as parents as well as get as much rest as baby will allow.
This is non negotiable and we are grateful to everyone for respecting our wishes”
Then, turn off commenting or refuse to respond.
Next, be sure that dad (or bestie, mom, or whoever else may be there) as well as the doctors and nurses understand this and are able to turn people away if they don’t listen.
In my experience, nurse stations are very good about enforcement.
Good luck mama and congratulations

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say it’s a covid policy no visitors allowed? i mean some hospitals still have visitor restrictions at least where i live especially maternity floors

People will find something else to complain about even if you do let them come so just worry about you and your baby. You don’t need bad vibes about you ever - especially not that day though.

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Who cares if they get offended…your baby, your choice. Tell them no visitors period.


Just don’t mention it until after you’re discharged, if you need a sitter for other kids, ask they not mention it either. You can also ask the staff to not allow visitors. Pretty sure you can ask to be listed as a private patient and they cannot tell anyone that you’re there or your room number.

Many hospitals still have Covid visitor restrictions. Check with yours

Don’t announce the birth until you are home with baby.


My daughter put a firm foot down . Only MVP’s allowed at the delivery and if you aren’t on that list you don’t see the baby until 6 weeks postpartum.
No buts about it and I fully support her .
Do you have a support person to run offense and defense ? I’d Amp em up to provide that support and tell the nurses at the hospital not to allow anyone extra in. They’re excellent at turning away unwanted gawkers.

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you could tell the desk staff to say family only or no visitors with out checking in at the desk, and gt them to put a sign on your door and keep it almost closed

Mention it to nursing staff

Tell no one and go into hospotal anonymous…thats what we did

A simple nice text can work.
Example: Our new bundle of joy will be here soon. Unfortunately, the flu and other sickness are on the rise again. To protect our new little bundle of joy only grandparents will be allowed at the hospital. We will send you a picture and updates as soon as we are settled after giving birth.


You’d be surprised at the folks who said this & that & you’ll hear from far & few between after delivery :sweat_smile: Any who don’t tell anyone until you’re home or whatever.

Be polite, but blunt. Easier said than done, I know. And maybe have hubby or mom run interference for you. Tell everyone they’ll be plenty of time later to visit when you’re not fresh from making a human being.

Don’t tell anyone you’re at the hospital. I would also tell people, if they ask that there are restrictions on visitations.

Nurses will reinforce it. If you don’t want visitors they won’t be allowed in.

I said it and the nurses reinforced me. They’ll even take the blame if family and friends are too relentless.

Just don’t tell anyone till ur home u had the baby. Or till ur home and feel comfortable having ppl over. Not much they can say then

Don’t tell them :tipping_hand_woman:t2: go have your baby then when your home an ready invite. As long as you are comfortable.

I’m not sure how to go about telling people but I HIGHLY recommend this. When my daughter was born, it was during peak COVID so visitors weren’t allowed. It was so nice to have that time to adjust as a family. Plus I loved having family meet our little one in the comfort of our home :heart:

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