How can I tone my stomach after a c-section?

Hiya I’m 32 years old, and I have three children aged 14,11,1 all born through c sections, I was a size ten before my first, and now after three babies I’m now a size 18 weighing just under 18 stone and a very big overhang, I’m starting to exercise, and I have lost a little weight, but I have this fear I’m not going to be able to get rid of this hideous overhang because people say that once the surgeon cuts your tummy muscles they will never recover and your tummy will always be droopy?!? have any of you experienced a big overhang and managed to get rid of it? And if so, how did you accomplish it? I really need some inspiration and reassurance thankyou x


I’m 20 I had my daughter via emergency c section a month before I turned 20. I use a binder to wrap my stomach!

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Im 125-130lbs 4 kids ages 13,9,5,4 and i still have the pouch. Never fully goes away. Only my last was csection but it has been opened 3 times for various reasons.

Following. Didn’t have a c section but I’ve had 5 kids :flushed::joy:

So first off they do not cut your muscles, they spread them. Secondly the pooch may never go away, especially if you are older and didnt have a flat stomach to start. Although when you lose the weight the pooch will shrink with it. If after you get down to goal weight you can always get a tummy tuck and they usually just go around your c section scar.

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Binders help, exercise and diet help…but correct…pregnancy and surgeries damage muscles and often surgery is needed to repair it

Of corse you can get rid of it :slight_smile: giving birth naturally, they say the same thing… as pushing so hard tears your abdominal muscles… i still have my overhang tho… too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

I lost 6 stone thought calorie counting and working out I had a normal birth and a c section and I still have a small hang but not as much, I was 19 stone I’m now 13 stone I was 12 stone but gained one back last year but back on it now, its hard but once your heads in to it you can do it

I’ve had 3 sections and I have a little belly now but u can get rid of it with exercise & eating right, I just never seem to be able to stick it a diet x

Waist training can help

6 stone lost I can do it you can !

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Hey! It’s certainly possible for you to lose weight. It will take time… For starters get a BCA (Body Composition Analysis) test done like a Dexa scan. This will give you an approximate value to start your diet. You can use an online app to calculate your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) as per your activity level. Add 300-400 calories over it and that should be a good starting point. Make note of your weight and measurements. Incorporate weight training and light aerobic exercise into your regime to increase your calorie deficit. Walk as much as you can and stay active to increase your NEAT (NON EXERCISE ACTIVITY THERMOGENESIS)… Consume around 0.8 gm /kg body weight protein for satiety level. You’ll notice those extra pounds go off pretty soon :grin:

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I walked out of the hospital twice with a flat tummy. Its genes


I have a 13, 11 and 1 year old, all c-sections. I’ve also had a sleeve gastrectomy (bariatric surgery) I was a size 3x at my biggest and lost about 120 lbs before having baby #3. I have about 20 lbs to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy size 4. Unfortunately if the skin has been stretched out that much there’s not a lot you can do about it. You can exercise and tone up the muscles some after your c-section is well healed but that will not fix the stretched skin or muscles. I have loose skin that hangs over 6" on my belly and we’re planning a panniculectomy to remove it, not as good of a result as a tummy tuck but we can’t afford a tuck and insurance should cover the panniculectomy for related health issues. It’s important to manage your expectations. Loose skin and belly pooch after kids and weight loss happens to most of us, it only really matters if it causes problems for you or really bothers you. Invest in some good shape wear, exercise and work on improving health as needed, and try to love your new body :slight_smile:

My mother in law, God rest her soul, bought me a girdle after having two babies, back to back, c-section. She honestly knew best, but the girdle she bought me was way too small. I was young and arrogant and thought I didn’t need it. Now my kids are 30 and 31, and I have a santa belly because I never took care of me. I was always too busy taking care of everyone else, and too exhausted to go to the gym. I never ate right, never slept right, never made time for exercise, and here we are. Get a girdle. One that fits, but holds everything in nicely. Eat healthy choices. Exercise. Sleep well. Take care of you so that you can take care of others, and be happy with yourself.

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Doesnt fully go away, but planking definitely helps!

It’s pretty much always going to be there. I have to same overhang at 160lbs as at 120. It just gets easier to tuck in :rofl:

I’m 31 I’ve had 3 kids 11 6 n 9months, I lost weight very quickly but I was left with overhang… didn’t have the confidence to go to gym so started to cut down on carbs n done toning exercise n weights at home… there were times I’ve cried because all I wanted was a huge Chinese n every carb u can think of, I hate veg aswel so struggled massively, take each day as it comes, write down what your eating so then u can have a good look at the carbs, fizzy pop was a massive thing for me, your mindset is a huge part of it too, so take each day as it comes, even if u can only start by doing I duno 3 sit ups aim for 4 the next day, each achievement is a positive, lots of luck n love :heart:


Awww no its your baby pouch :heart::joy: mines literally loose skin its horrible :joy: I need a tummy tuc now I’ve no chance of salvaging it :joy:

Just stay consistent and don’t get discouraged. Lots of core workouts with cardio and a healthy diet. You burn most calories in your sleep believe it or not so no eating before sleep helps too, a healthy sleep schedule is as important as exercise and diet.

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To loose weight do a low carb diet. I have lost 16lbs in 3wks and my belly has that overhang from my 5 csections and its getting better. I do exercises along with my diet. U can msg me if u wld like and i can share what i have been doing!

Check out The Healthy Mummy website. Lots of success stories on losing baby weight.

My 2 c-sections were performed very low. I’ve lost the baby weight but still have a small overhang at my pubic line where the surgeries were performed. Eat healthy in regular portion sizes and dump the sodas. Stop worrying about it because that will slow your weight loss due to cortisol release from stress. Be very careful of exercising so that you don’t strain or tear your scar. And be proud of yourself. You’ve brought the 3 loves of your life into the world! :heart:

Ive had 6 kids by c section my 31 and ive always bounced back to 110 after all my kids before my last one now i can’t get back down to atleast 120 I’m stuck at 160. Wish i could find a weight loss also

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Ive got 7 kids … only thing that seems to work for me is slimming world

I just tuck mine in my knickers


I’m 41 I’ve had 4 c sections my babes are 23,18,17 and 8. I’ve also had a hysterectomy along the same scar. I’ve recently lost 10kg another 20 to go. My mumma hang​:face_with_hand_over_mouth: is slowly shrinking. It will never be completely gone and I accept that. I can see progress though and that’s all I need. Keep doing the best you can with what you’ve got girl!:cherry_blossom::v::v:

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It will get better, but even without the c section, once you get that big, if you’re going back to a size 10, there will be loose skin, and it isn’t going anywhere without a knife. That doesn’t mean you can’t look better after losing weight. Get down to a size 10 (or wherever you decide to land) and go from there. Do the sit ups, do the leg lifts, do the hanging leg lifts, and the planks. Do your core strengthening and conditioning, along with your cardio (no point in strengthening if you don’t burn the fat off with cardio) and see how far that takes you. It may be enough to satisfy you. Everyone is different. But you’re never going to go back, more so because of the extensive weight gain, than the c sections. But either way you can’t decide what you want to do about it until you lose the weight and do the core work, to see where you ultimately end up.

I had 3 csections too and ended up needing a tummy tuck… my uterus was sagging & rubbing on my bladder and causing chafing & blood in my urine… they reconnect your internal muscles (corsett) that tears apart due to pregnancy and cannot go bk on its own… it gets rid of the overhang & extra skin etc…

Love your body and eat cake and tacos


Planks, all kinds of crunches, sit ups but your nutrition is what makes your midsection. I would suggest staying away from pasta and white bread. Eat protein, veggies, fruits, and whole grains

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As a trainer i can tell u that the only way to get rid of over hang is surgery during a c section the muscles are cut n they excess skin has to be removed n muscles repaired … side note congratulations on all ur babies :muscle:

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I lift weights, eat well, and I still have loose skin. The only way to fix my issue 100% is to basically tummy tuck the loose skin back in. :woman_shrugging: And I worked on it for 6 years after my last pregnancy until my current pregnancy. I’m still working out and lifting weights now but I know it will never be amazing.

I got down to 98 pounds at one time after 3 C-sections and I never got rid of the overhang. It does get smaller with weight loss but it doesn’t completely go away.

Im a crossfitter. 4 girls, 4 c sections. My stomach will never be perfect so I learned how to appreciate the scars I bear. They tell stories of how I birthed my girls :heart::heart::heart::heart:.

I also am on super healthy diet. I breastfeed. That helps. After each pregnancy, my body changed more and more. I learned to accept the fact I’ll never have the body I had when I was 19! My body is of a momma body.

Health is always more important than looks. And I’m sure you’re beautiful already!


I’ve went from 280 pounds, size 22W-24W to 160 pounds, size 10/12… still have the overhang. Or as I call it, my flap. And the flying squirrel wings. It doesn’t bother me. Everything can be tucked into spanx! :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I’ve had my pooch for over 25 years. I’ve gotten down to a size 3 before in that 25 years, but the pooch has never gone away.

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With my first one I was back down in like 6 weeks. My second c section was the same
Watch what you eat. You can exercise but not until you heal. My daughter had 3 c sections. Last one was 9 years ago. She is a size 6 now. Give It time.

You can go back to your before having kids look try having healthy meals snacks in between or a shake is better exercise at least an hour every day it won’t happen over night but I promise you it will

My doc told me to start with planks.

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Strengthening your core is going to be the best help in that situation. You can Google or look up videos on youtube, exercises to strengthen your core and it will be a great start. Also most woman dont lift weight because they think it will make them look like a man. In reality you get a higher calorie burn from lifting weights as if you were running on a treadmill for 30 min. And the calorie burn last longer with weight lifting than any other exercise. You can also look up some woman beginner weight lifting on youtube. You dont need super heavy weights and you can buy a set that goes up to 10, 15. 20 pounds at walmart for a reasonable price and that will be a great starting weights. Lifting weights will help you tone your body all over.
Oh and I have 4 children, my heaviest weight was 220 and I’m down to 148 now. My youngest is 18 months old.

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I have the same issue it’s been like that for 9yrs fighting weight loss and that pooch

I have a 9 month old and a 2 and a half year old💪

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Its never going to be perfect unless you wanna pay for it :joy: just do the best you can… Even a size 6 mum gets the overhang… goodluck mama x


It is all genetics…some women will have no belly after while others will. Some will have it go away and some will not. My mother lost a ton of weight and exercised and it never went away. She also had two C-sections and one normal. Before pregnancy she was a size zero and flat everything. She was left with so much loose skin and the belly apron even though she was tiny. She had to get a tummy tuck :pensive:. Everyone’s body is different.

I managed to through diet, exercise bike, swimming and a 30 day ab challenge… Now pregnant again… Going for my 3rd tummy hacking (1x open tummy surgery, 1x C section) and I know I’m going to hate myself again after because of the overhang… Didn’t loose all the baby weight from last Time so feel like I’m already of to a bad start!

Same, I was a size 10 before my first, vaginal birth, 20 years ago, got down to a 12 after my 2nd, also vaginal birth, 15.5 years ago, but my third, 9 years ago was an 11lb caesarean and my body is a disfigured, size 18 mess! My hip is damaged, my knee is getting there too, and working it off just doesn’t work with the pain and chronic fatigue syndrome!! I could’ve birthed him vaginally, but they scared me into surgery! :angry::angry:

3 kids that are 6,4, and 2. C sections with the last 2 babies and I’ve lost my baby weight but my stomach seems deformed to me. Low carbs and exercise definitely will help but I’ve just decided to be happy regardless of how it looks. I’m pretty tired of hating my body!

A friend of mine had both her kids C-section and ended up having a tummy tuck because she worked out lost the weight but her “kangaroo pouch” as she called wouldn’t go away.

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That’s my “mom shelf” :joy: I’ve lost 60lbs since having my son and still have it. It’s loose skin that would require surgery that I’m not going to have. So I’ve learned to love it.


I have had 2 c sections. I have a very hard time gaining weight outside of being pregnant, due to my high metabolism. However, I can say from experience (2 times) that your stomach can go back to normal, and you can tone it.

3x c sections low carb diet and pilates mine is gone.

I’m not sure how big you are or if it’s just a little loose skin, but check out the procedure called cool sculpting. You’re in and out the same day. Reviews say they go back to work right after the procedure.

Both my kids were c sections and I lost all 30lbs that I gained.

Mine improved alot but I dont think its goin anywhere without surgery lol

It’s never going be the same again unless u have tummy tuck

Drink water and walk a lot

Aren’t there like post c-section leggings? Does anyone know what they are called?

it wont go away on its own

Tummy tightening waist band

3 c-sections, youngest child is 12 now. I call it my flap, and can’t afford a tummy tuck to get rid of it.