How can I transition my baby to soy formula?

Just have a few questions. Had my baby on similac pro advance and she had bad gas and just felt she needed something different. I put her on soy, she’s doing great. I was just wondering how I would go about transitioning her to milk from soy? She doesn’t have a milk allergy but people seem to think she will develop one being on soy. Also has anyone tried the mommas bliss probiotic drops?


My son was on soy formula as well also for bring very gassy, hes 18 months old now and I transitioned him to whole milk when he was 13ish months old. I took about a month to slowly transition him. Slowly adding more and more into his bubba’s. Until they were all milk. The slow transition is more gentle on their bellies.

My daughter had rhis as well and she transitioned just fine. Just try it out if shes uncomfortable then give her soy milk

How old is your baby. No cows milk before one year old.

I use the probiotic drops and they’re amazing!

They have soy milk. My brother has to be on it