How can I transition my toddler to a toddler bed?

Tips for transitioning two year olds to toddler bed?

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New bedding they pick out and hype them up. Make the change early in the day then let them just hang out and play with it.

I just stuck my kids in their beds one day. Made a big deal about how exciting it was to get their big boy/big girl beds. Got them new sheets and comforters in their favorite theme. None of my kids ever had any issues. I think my second boy I tried once and realized it wasn’t going to work but I had one of those cribs that you could take a wall off the crib and turn it into a bed. So I just put it back and tried again in a few months and he was fine.

You can make their crib into a toddler bed usually. That may help because it’s already an old friend

I started with having it by my bed for about 2 weeks so she was able to fully get used to it. Then moved it into her room, I stayed in there until she fell asleep and did have to comfort her a couple of times a night for about another week. She got used to sleeping in her own bed in her own room after 3ish weeks. It takes time.