How can I treat mastitis?

I went to the doctor today and they told me I have mastitis. I’m starting an antibiotic, but I was wondering if any mamas have had this and what they did to relieve some of the pain? I’ve tried heat and massage but neither have helped and I’m miserable, so any advice would be great!


Start the antibiotics asap, theyll improve the pain quick.

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Nurse as much as possible, yes it hurts but it will help in the long run, especially once the antibiotics kick in…


Taking the antibiotics is the best thing you can do for the pain honestly.

Cold cabbage leaves .feels good and pulls toxins from your breast. Massage …as much as it hurts it will help


Hot shower and massage, nurse or pump frequently but don’t over do it!


Ibuprofen, hot compresses, nurse more from that side and massage while nursing. Do NOT apply cabbage leaves unless you want milk to dry up. I had mastitis 6 times while nursingy daughter.

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Nurse nurse nurse!!! It hurts like a BITCH but it got rid of it for me immediately and a hot shower

Shower as hot as you can stand it while massaging

I nursed no matter how much it hurt. I even cried. I would stand in my shower with my boob under hot water for 10-20 minutes. Lots of tylenol

Nurse, nurse, nurse. Warm compress and massage I have chronic mastitis. It’s the worst. Keep up with the antibiotics!

I had mastitis when my son was an infant. Heat, massage and NURSING…it’s painful, but, you’ll get through it. Don’t give up -you (both) are at a transitional stage.

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I’ve been told if you have an electric toothbrush or vibrator it can help.

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As long as you arent currently pregnant you can alternate Tylenol and ibprofen my laction consultant suggest ice for ten mins until breast was cool then apply heat after a good rub outward motion

Cold packs, Tylenol, and pumping frequently helped me.

Just FYI you can also get this when you are way past the age of being a breastfeeding mom.

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I had it once.
Feed that baby. Especially the side that hurts.
The baby will relieve you.

Make sure you pump all your milk out regularly.

Nursing/pumping, hot showers, massaged in the shower and while pumping, and I used these I found at Walmart (pic included). Antibiotics will definitely help. I had it twice while breastfeeding. Hang in there and hope you feel better soon!


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Antibiotic,Tylenol, hot water showering and lots of feeding. I know it hurts horribly if u feed but u gotta do it to heal . Lots of prayers

Hot shower and massage. Hot compresses. Ibuprofen.

Cabbage leaf (cold from the fridge)

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Cold cold cabbage leaves then milk it


I had it mine just said to pump and it cleared.

Cabbage leaves (frozen) or ice bricks wrapped in tea towels or even ice

I had to sit in the shower with water as got as I could stand it, and legit milk myself. Like, start from the chest and squeeze and press downward toward the nipple to break it all out.

I had it I was not pregnant though

I had it a long time. Even ago, they gave me pain meds, but times are changing, the antibiotic believe it or not, will relieve the pain in a couple of days, maybe less. Hang in there.