How can I warn my daughters about stranger danger?

I have two daughters aged 5 & 8. Looking for some advice as to what is age-appropriate to warn my girls not only about stranger danger but also about, you know, just everything little girls should be wary of. How can I be sure they will tell me if something ever happens when I’m not around? How can I warn them of predators who may act sweet, but really they are evil, without alarming or scaring them? They are young, so I already know what I would like to say, I just want to bring it down to an age-appropriate level. I am not with their dad & they will be staying with him for an extended period of time this summer long-distance and so I can warn him until the cows come home & he’ll be angry about it, telling me he knows how to be safe. But I would like to almost ensure nothing bad happens, that they know to tell an adult if something happens & possibly how to react to certain situations. How do I do this without going too much into detail & making them scared of everyone & everything? Sorry for the rant, I just got done watching abducted in plain sight & I’m just worried sick of what kids believe, how much they don’t know about the real world & evil people

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I don’t have a whole lot of advice but I have to say that it is a very scary and real danger. Unless you can get your ex to see the importance when they are with him all you can do is constantly talk about and possibly even act out scenarios they could be faced with. I know my sister prepared her kids so well about different dangers that even when they were with their Dad and he would tell them they could do something they knew their Mom wouldn’t let them do like swim without an adult or walk alone, they wouldn’t do it. Try to form that kind of relationship with your children.