How can I wean my 3-year-old from breastfeeding?

I’m looking for advice on how to wean my almost 3 year old from breastfeeding. Tips that have worked for you ladies. Please don’t say “just stop giving it to her” if that worked I obviously wouldn’t be asking for advice. And I don’t have the ability to “just go away for a couple days”. Thank you!


I cut one feeding at a time. I forget if I started with a day or night time. Pick one that feels the easiest. Skip that feeding for a few days and then cut another feeding. It was gradual for baby and gentler on my breasts. Didn’t have any issues with engorgment. Good luck!

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My daughter was just over two when we stopped. We told her there was no more milk, we just winged it one evening and she wasn’t too happy about it, I had my partner put her to bed for the week which definitely helped. She would still ask for it but I stuck to the same story and it worked.

We had tried a few times before this and it was a nightmare, she wasn’t ready and I didn’t want the agro of arguments to force it then.

It helps to distract them with something else if they’re asking for it. Maybe get them to choose a nice cup or bottle that they can have instead as it’ll give them an incentive to use that.

All kids are different, I wasn’t in a rush to stop. I was willing to go for as long as she wanted, seemed like the right time for her when we did stop as she didn’t put up much of a struggle with it.

Currently ebf my 2nd and just going to be winging it with him too. Good luck. X

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Man it’s a struggle. I been there and feel for you Mama. Do you have a partner to help and sleep with little one at night? For all three of mine we talked a lot beforehand and I let them know that it was coming to an end, they were getting to be big kids. But when it came down to it, when nights came it was sort of just a rip the bandaid off thing. I gently told them no and stuck to it. It got easier after a few days. I did have dad to help with bedtime routine (rather than me) and that helped a lot. Good luck Mama :heart:

Have dad take over feedings and you go to the bathroom or check the mail or whatever, just be in a different room. I agree with other comments here, if it’s not working thats on you.

I can’t judge, my opinion on breastfeeding that long doesn’t matter, my middle child couldn’t get off the pacifier. It wasn’t until I was very pregnant with my youngest wen I finally got him to give it up. So what worked for me only works if ur pregnant lol. But I told him that if he didn’t give up his paci that the new baby couldn’t have one, which would make the new baby cry a lot. It took a couple days but it seemed to get thru to him. He was a lil over 3 years old. Maybe u could think of something… Is he in school or starting school? Maybe tell him he can’t go to school until he starts only drinking from a cup? Do u have a SO? Cuz it might have to be any time he wants to BF, hand him off to ur SO and go somewhere he can’t see u? This is a tough one. But overall, remember, u never see teenagers still breastfeeding, meaning, they all stop at some point. You will eventually get him weaned. Light is at the end of the tunnel

Sorry momma but if it didn’t work it’s because you gave in.


Have her pick out a big girl cup and tell her only big girl milk now. It’s only for comfort now not nutrients. Just try and be consistent

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If you can have a look at super nanny, there was a British episode where the kid was like 4 and still on the breast, within 3 days she was completely weaned! Good luck with it all xx


Putbandaids over your nipples or something that they can’t access. Say that they are your boobies and they have “no more milk” say you will still like to give snuggles but no more boobies. It will take a while but be consistent. At 3 I’d say it’s mostly comfort now. You can offer a cup instead when they want to nurse

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You just stop giving it? What do you mean it dosent work? Dont let her its that simple, i dont mean to sound mean but stop letting kids control you!! You are the parent


I took away morning feedings and only did night and then from there fought for my life to take away night time! Took about 3-4 weeks🫠

I know sounds silly and i have not done this personally but i have seen some people have put band aids on the nipples and told the child " it is sore"

 I let my daughter decided she was 3 1/2

At 3!! Jesus they should of been off the tit. They should be going to preschool and not tit school. Wow


Posative distraction during the day. If you sit where you normally would breast feed, I would keep things near by to bring the child’s attention away. Such as “OH, your thirsty”? Let’s go get a drink. “Do you want to help”?

Taking away comfort nursing sessions away other than at nap/ bed. Then gradually work on a new nap time routine.

Tell her you have boo boos and put band aids on your nipples then say OW loudly if she touches. Worked for me! 28 months both times

One session at a time. My 4yo still nursing for naptime and bedtime.
We stopped daytime nursing, cutting out one session at a time.
Redirected to activities, water, snacks, other forms of soothing (rubbing back, feet, head, and hugs).

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