How can I wean my child?

Weaning is so hard! Here I am crying throwing in the towel after my son bite me, pulled my hair, hit, scratch and pulled the crap out of ny lips. I’m honestly so tired of breastfeeding, from the constant wanting it even when he falls at times and to him constantly going back and fourth between each breast. He’s 17 months, with my oldest I stopped at 17 months and it was a easy, a minimum of 2 nights of barely a fuss. But this time it’s like a completely different child once I tell him no,I don’t know what else to do. He never took a bottle or pacifier, I have even recently bought them to see if I could do a switch and he hates them. He also never took to cows milk or any type of milk, I really don’t know what else to do.


You can try putting pumped breast milk in a sippy cup. Then gradually dilute it with cows milk or water. That’s what I did


Start pumping or take benadryl like 3-4x a day and you’ll dry up offer him water supply cup

I weaned at a year but started mos earlier by giving a sippy or bottle.

Cold turkey it.
Ignore his tantrums and just keep saying “it’s all gone, sorry.” It’ll e a rough few days/week but he’ll get the point.


He doesn’t need any type of milk
Just say no and give him sippy cups


Don’t fight with him . Refuse to feed him. Let him scream, give him water. You could try evaporated milk. My daughter took that when she refused all other milk


Big bandaid covering the boobs so when he tries, its all gone. offer water or flavoured milk, kids protien shake to fill him up over night

I would cover your nips with nip covers then when he trys tell them they are broken :laughing: you can try to pump for a bit and put it in a cup don’t do a bottle that’s just another step you will have to take try a straw cup if you pump just gradually dilute it or lay down, or add other milk I wouldn’t do juice or anything like that since there is so much sugar water is the best as long as he is eating and getting nutrients from food he will be fine

I put lemon juice on my beast and she didn’t like that taste, once tasting it then a few times asking and me reminding her it had lemon juice on them she never ask any more.