How can I wean my son from breastfeeding?

My son is year old. I am wanting to stop breastfeeding and need some tips on weaning him. He refuses to take a bottle and does take a sippy every now and then. Does he solid food. Also, tips on getting him to sleep through the night.


Just keep trying different nipples. I think the brown rubber nipples would be better then silicone. I seen my grandmother force my cousin to drink a bottle. She was real patient but forceful and just kept putting in his mouth and sweet talking him. Eventually it worked. Good luck.

Give sippy cup more often may help? Cut back nursing but naps n night time ?

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I noticed if I handled my son when he wanted milk, he cried even harder. Try asking for help during those times and make yourself “unavailable” to giving in. It’s gonna take a few days but he’s a big boy and your a big girl.
Instead of saying “no”, assure him with other words like “you’ve gotta be a big boy now” or “I can’t give you any more milk”.

Cold Turkey. He will get thirsty enough to use the bottle. Lots of praise and encouragement when he does.

Yes he will cry. For a time or two. But then he will adjust.

Slowlycut back how much time he spends on the breast thats what i did with my oldest my youngest self weaned at 18 months

Peppermint oil on your breast will help reduce production also