How can I wean my toddler from breastfeeding?

I just really need some advice. I’m at my breaking point with breastfeeding, and I’ve tried everything, and I just really can’t get her off. She’s 19 months now, and it’s only getting harder. Are there any tricks anyone has used that have helped their toddler off?


Keisharra Hawthorne🙄

You should try only doing it one time a day and then move it to nothing

Tell her is only for bedtime now shes a big girl

I would suggest, depending on how many times of day they are nursing, is to start by picking one time and distracting them to stop that time. Don’t try to stop all together. Such as I first stopped midday sessions. I’d offer food or just playing. Then I stopped morning. Then evening. And finally (since my toddler had a habit of waking during the night) I stopped midnight sessions. I would never offer, and only nursed if nothing else helped calm them.
Then again, for 3 of my 4 children I just waited for them to be done and that was the way our sessions declined. So when my 4th baby kept nursing I encouraged her to stop. I personally never pushed to stop, it was left to them.

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I had to wait for her to understand, then i said “only at bedtime”. There were tears for a couple of days then she understood. That has cut down the feeds a lot and made it much more bearable

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Cut down to morning nap & night then morning & night I had to wear a sports bra and they were stuck and woudn’t come out. He was 2

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My daughter put a bandaid on her nipple and told her almost 2 year old it was broken… worked like a charm.


Just say no. My 2 yr old would argue with me but I stuck to NO>

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Last one my kids wouldn’t let go was the bedtime boob. I started by including my husband in every step of the bedtime routine. We did it fully together for a few days. Then he would start the routine on his own with he promise that “Mommy is coming” and I would show up halfway, pushing back by a few minutes each day. Until he was doing the entire bedtime routine on his own and I would swoop in at the very end just to feed. Then we started prolonging how long it took me to come. Over the next week or so the kids would start to drift off before I made it upstairs. Done.

With my first two babies…i I got pregnant when they were about 18 months old. Pregnancy made nipples sore, milk taste funny and they weaned magically. With my last baby, he had cut down to bedtime nursing but would not quit. I left him home with his Daddy for 5 days and nights while I went out of town. Came back and i I told him the booby was broke. No more milk, no more breastfeeding

One of the hardest parts of Motherhood. You want to hold and love a crying baby " or just make the wailing stop" but… you must be stern and strong in your resolve for future baby but more importantly your future sanity. Stay strong.

Pump and put in a sippy cup maybe. Let her eat more so she won’t want to suckle more often. Good luck mammas. It’s only hard in the beginning. It’ll get easier.

Just take her off. Don’t let her get her way, try sippy cups. She’s going to cry but don’t give in and she will grab that cup when she’s hungry


Try going by the almanac o wean her.

Give her a cup tell her its for big girls

Just put the milk in a bottle


Lemon juice or vinegar on your nipples before she goes to nurse. I know it sounds crazy lol but it works

Wow props to u for breastfeeding that long!! Good advice for other mamas here but whatever u choose u have to stick to it! Dont give in. There will b crying and meltdowns when u try and stop but u got it!! Stay strong and dont give in! Consistency is the key