How can I wean my toddler?

Trying to wean my two year old daughter, I need tips when I tell her no booby and give her milk from a sippy cup she just cry’s . I try to redirect sometimes it works other times not so much. if I’m sitting down she comes over and pulls on my shirt. I know it’s selfish but I just want my body back after nearly 3 years of not having it to myself . I’m trying to cut out the first feed but is this something you do cold Turkey or just slowly??


We cut feedings down to right when he woke and before bed. Told him no in public and only at home. It started working well. Then we went on vacation and cold turkey stopped.

Pump and offer it in a cup, 25% milk the rest breast milk, then after a week increase the milk to 50% then after another week increase to 75% then 100% after another week. Also warm the milk up, she is used to warm milk not cold. Also breast milk is often sweeter.

I had my wisdom teeth cut out and I couldn’t nurse I was on medication I showed my 3 1/2 year old my boo boos and he understood. That’s the only way he would wean.

Just do it cold Turkey and she’ll eventually realize you won’t cave in and will stop. Just keep offering food and sippy cups to her.

Just say no you’re the parent

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Just do it cold turkey or you can pump put it in cup for her