How can Iphone send pics to android?

Does anyone know how to get it to where an iPhone user can send pictures to android?


You just send as normal. I have an android and my husband has iPhone. No problems

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? I send pics to android users all the time ?

Both phones work the same!

Send a message attachments. 

We use Facebook messenger

My kids all have iphone, my husband and I have Android we can text, just can’t face time

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My parents, my brother and my sister in law send me pictures all the time with their iPhones and I have an android. It goes through like a regular text.

Send it as a normal pic via text. My son send sme stuff all the time. I send him pics/videos too. Never had a problem.

It’s very random for me if pictures go through to android users. Sometimes it says not delivered and it did actually go through and other times they never go through. Sometimes there’s no issue. When I remember, I usually just try to send it through FB messenger because iPhone and android seem to hate each other :woman_shrugging:t3:

Just send it as you would to another iPhone. Add the attachment on messages