How can my partner and I get back to being intimate?

So I’m in a three years relationship - with a live-in partner. We stopped doing $3x in our 2nd year due to mental issues caused by our ugly and petty fights (including financial probs). But this issue continued up until now. We are not doing it for months. I’m pretty sure there is no 3rd party; we are workmates, living together, literally 24/7 we are sticking together. I also have access to all his social media; it’s not an issue to us. So there’s no way for another woman. Now he prefers playing video games; he would use all his free time on video games. But he is still sweet to me, takes care of me, compliment and give gifts, or even make coffee or fast for me. I am just sad that we are no longer s3xually active. I’m young, and I need it. We talked about it before, but both of us have no solution to why this happens to us. We are still living together, cuddling, saying our I love yous, but just today. I looked up his search history and found he is accessing or viewing pictures of naked women way before (I’m sure he was able to delete the previous latest ones). Please help. I’m hurt, and I really don’t know what to do.