How can my spouse find his father?

Hello everyone, I’m here to get some help regarding my S.O … so he’s never met his father, so obviously, he doesn’t know anything of him, I believe just his first name, but my question is how do start this process? Any help or ideas where I can look into it? Thank you


Maybe have him do an ancestry DNA test to see if it can match him?

21 and me (DNA test) that’s how my sister found her father and other family members

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Try tracing through several DNA companies … You never know where you will have a hit.

. Ancestry
. 23 and me
. 24 genetics
. My heritage DNA


I found my biological dad on ancestry dna

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Dna ia best bet…23 and me is great

If you can get more info go to the Investigation connection fb page! They find a lot of people there!

Just had a cousin reach out to me thinking that one of my uncles is her father, & ancestry is how she found out. She had been looking for her family for 40 some years. That would be a good place to start.


Found my oldest bio brother through dna tests from 3rd cousins.

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21 DNA
It took me forever to find my dad
It took me finally tracking my oldest brother down different mom same dad but he’s mine brother period
We talked and what I told him that my mom had told me and few my family and friends told me
He was able to track him down.I couldn’t afford the 21 dna thing at time I don’t think they even offer it that was 10 years ago.
Good luck keep us posted

Give the name to a mad woman
They can find more stuff than the FBI
myself included
Found my sister on fb 7 years ago


try search squad it’s a Facebook group

I did ancestry dna and we found a brother we never knew about my dad didn’t even know he existed

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First of all find out why he’s never knows his sperm donor. Is he dangerous? He should ask his mom for further information.

Start w birth certificate…where your s/o was born also…then google search his father’s name and area of birth…u will prob have luck w that…

I used AncestryDNA to find my birth father after years of searching. We shared relatives and eventually it lead me to him and it only took 2 months. I didn’t even know his last name either.

A friend did ancestry and found her birth parents, they actually found her and reached out. She met her birth father yesterday for the first time.

DNA does it

Do one of the DNA test. Possibly post as much info on Facebook he knows as possible (including his moms name)

Birth certificate & dna test. I just searched for my biological father this past year. I took the hard route. Trust me it’s easier to do the dna testing.