How can we deal with my nephews behavior?

I help take care of my nephew. He is at the stage, almost five years, that he is pushing boundaries. He is extremely hyper and around other kids, even worst and defiant. (This is on his worst days) These are the days I need advice on. Since covid and now winter months, there is even less to do. I have ADHD kids and have taken care of ADHD kids. Schedule, I know, is key, but this advice is for those days that that does not work. So the advice I need, what the hell do I do!!?? Lol, He’s a sour patch, sweet and bad. When it’s great, it’s wonderful. But when it’s bad, I want to cry. And it gets to the point it’s disruptive to the other kids. What do I do? What tips or things have other moms in similar situations have done that seems to help when the kids get to the point when they don’t want to hear it? We have tried it all. I feel bad for my sister, who is overwhelmed.

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Sounds like it’s at the point where Mom might want to seek professional help for him!

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He sounds like a very smart boy. We had similar sour patch moments. It was hard on everyone, but we buckled down on him and held him accountable for his hiccups. The word he grew to dislike from us was “consequences”. Good luck, it takes patience and lots of love…my wife and I are constantly counting to ten, Best of luck! Happy Holidays and Stay Safe and Healthy

Extra curriculars. Find something that he can work out the excess energy. Martial arts is our thing for the kids. Strenuous enough to kill off energy. Aggressive enough to work out frustrations. But teaching discipline and acceptable behaviors as well.

Hi! If it is possible, prior to meeting other kids, save 10-15min that you can spend with him playing or doing something that HE wants to do with YOU. It could be from drawing, playing hide and seek or cuddle on the couch watching tv. No cell phone allowed, no multitasking. I have found that in those days when I have the chance to do this, it really helps to calm them down and be more cooperative.

Give plenty of hugs!!

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