How can we get our toddler to talk?

Do any other moms have difficulty with their 2 and a half year old talking? My son will copy something I say once in a blue moon, and seems as though he can hear fine, while also being the master of ignoring. Literally mama is the only word that has stuck, and every once in a while he will say another random word… Other than that he is still talking in his own language. Does anyone have advice on how we could work on getting him to talk?


Just let him do it he will be patient

Discuss with pediatrician. I remember filling out worksheets at every milestone visit. I’d have to record approx how many words he says, phrases, motor skills, ect. I would say that’s a bit delayed but by no means am a doctor so I’m unsure it’s cause for alarm. My son was using sentences by then. Nothing complex but definitely could hold a simple convo

My son is approx the same age, and he says 6-10 words. I take him to speech therapy twice a week, we have had a hearing test- which he passed, and a appointment with a ENT the 21st. We have been doing speech therapy since February & still no progress. According to the pediatrician at 2 he should have been saying 50-100 words & putting 2 word sentences together…I tried to explain not all kids learn at the same pace… at his 18 month check up I had even expressed concern about him not speaking much.

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A 2 1/2 year old typically has between a 50-75 word vocabulary. They may even be able to make simple sentences, like, “Want milk,” “Baby sleep,” “Daddy work,” “Mommy work,” “Love you.” My middle daughter had a speech delay and was enrolled in speech therapy when she turned 2. Her delay was discovered when she was almost 18 months old and did not have but maybe a 15 word vocabulary. I had her tested, by an organization, in our home state of Louisiana, called Early Steps, at 18 months old and she immediately began having speech therapy once a week, in our home, for an hour and a half, from 2-3 years old. She then, “went into the school system,” where I brought her to our local school, once a week, for her to receive therapy. It was all play-based therapy, which worked amazingly well for my little girl. I would encourage you to talk to your child’s pediatrician about getting a referral to a speech therapist. The therapist can give you extra tips on what to do with him at home, as far as how to get him to talk better and say more words on his own. If it’s play-based therapy, he may begin repeating things right away. My daughter did. Her therapist would bring the same toys, books, games, etc., to therapy each week. Before we knew it, she was saying so many new words and phrases, just by playing with the same things week by week. Repetition is always a good thing to stick to!

I would take him to get evaluated as it sounds like he is delayed in his language. My little guy is behind aswell (Turns 2 on the 20th of this month) he is picking things up slowly but by this time my 4 year old was saying sentences and could pretty much hold a conversation where as this little guy only says words if he talks at all. Ill be taking him to get reevaluated after he turns two and probably start speech therapy.

My daughter has a big vocab but still speaks somewhat in babble, I feel no concern over this as she is 2 and still learning new words and phrases all the time. Do what you think is best.

Talk to your Pediatrician he may need to have a Speech evaluation. He may not be processing what he hears. Hearing will be ok. But hid brain may not be connecting all the sounds. An evaluation can let you know that. Get a referal to ENT you may think he is hearing fune but he maybe lip reading or picking up on body language. If he is falling behind a little he might be able to starr school with extra help at 3. It doesn’t hurt to get a little extra help in beginning so he is ahead in the end.

Early intervention from regional center work for my almost 3 years old he used to only point to everything and now he taking so much, speech therapy 2 x a week and now only Once a week he is doing good, talk with your child pediatrician and go from there, our doctor even wrote a letter to the center with the concern. Look for educational videos, flash cards and stickers. Peppa pig show help a lot, you tube educational videos, books with pictures and one or two words helps so much

Talk to him about what your doing, describe things, sing, read…it will all sink in then one day all come out

Honestly, I thought something was wrong (really) with my daughter…She was 4 and still struggled to speak in full sentances…It made me crazy! I took her to a speech therapist and was assured it’s more common than I thought…I’m not really sure when she just switched, but at 9 she’s perfect…I think all kids just kinda go at their own pace…

My daughter also was in the same situation. I started her in speech therapy twice a week for a few months, now it’s one day a week, but has improved a lot. Still behind but says a lot more. I’m trying to get her into a special preschool for kids with special needs. So what I would suggest is to see your child’s dr and get a referral to a specialist and get tested. Then start therapy. Best exercise to do is to start with one word at a time. Go slow. If you push to hard your child might regress.

We had this same issue. She never had an ear infection, seemed to hear fine, pediatrician always said ears looks great but she didn’t talk and would ignore us. On her two year well check I asked for a referral to speech therapy and audiology (ENT). At her ENT appointment we found out that her ears were completely blocked with fluid (they did an air test) and her adenoids were enlarged. Basically she has been hearing under water. We had her adenoids removed and tubes put in a month ago and her speech has dramatically changed. She now says complete sentences like “what are you doing?” “How are you?” “Thank you” “I love you”. Best advice is go see your pediatrician and get answers.