How can we get out of the mess we are in?

I am 30 weeks pregnant and with the father. He and I live with our 4 year old in low income housing. Well when he moved in he looked looked a job after discussing he would work and then got one, all was good. Turns out they were horrible and we are now in a pending complex legal issue and it involves a member of the board of our apartment that was also his stupid freaking boss. So big confusing stupid situation. Talking white collar crime, the works. And we are doing what we can with that. What’s worse, that could have potentially bled into another bulls*** situation we also have with our apartment, that tried to almost triple a debt and has lied to their superiors about our case to the point where HUD is suspicious of them, and btw have no problem with HUD they have been very good to us with this whole crappy thing. Now we are scared if we get a job they will attempt to screw us over again, but we are running low on money and with the new baby coming soon we will need to do something. We are trying to move before the birth but going nowhere fast. Is it a bad idea to take out a loan at this point? How much worse could it make our situation? Does anyone know of a way to move into a HUD apartment or house and FAST? I’m just so sick of worrying and seeing him try so hard and so tirelessly just to spiral even though we did nothing wrong and through it all we did our best. I can’t imagine how he feels seeing me try. He often talks to my belly and kisses it and tells the baby it will be OK even though I see he is unsure. I just hate this for my family and I don’t know what we can do. Our family is either just as bad off as we are or not worth involving in our lives due to being literally abusive terrible people so we can’t ask for help. Any advice would be appreciated from loan ideas to quick cash ideas (side note we can’t donate plasma) I mean hell I’d sell a dang kidney at this point. If nothing else, thanks for taking the time to read. I just have no idea how to get out of this messed up hole we are in.