How can we go food dye free?

I’m interested in cutting dye from my kids food. Give me your favorite dye free snacks and kid staples (Mac n cheese, nuggets, etc). Definitely want to find dye free fruit snacks as they absolutely love fruit snacks.

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Aldi’s brand has a lot of dye free snack options. I buy them for my kids all the time. Sams club also has their version of fruit roll ups made with fruit juices and no dyes

Aldi brand is basically all dye free. Cheese it’s, Goldfish, chicken biscuits…dye free. Off brand marshmallows are usually dye free but we use dandy which are also vegan and taste better lol. If it’s organic, it’s dye free. Capri sun, and juicey juice are dye free. Most mac n cheese is dye free. Idt I’ve ever seen dye in nuggets (we eat Tyson or bared). Aldi has the dye free versions of cereals like “marshmallows stars” (lucky charms). Going dye free is pretty easy unless you’ve got kids that like things like kool-aid lol.
Make sure to check things like toothpaste (Tom’s and hello are both clean), and mouth wash (we use fluoride rinse instead). Also, shampoo, body wash, lotion, and any skin care (native is a good brand).

Stop buying processed foods and snacks

Yum Earth lollipops and gummies are a fave around here.

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