How can we help our daughter sleep without her binky?

So, our daughter turned three and the Binky Fairy came to visit. The binkies are now gone, which is great, but sleep has been a lot worse the last couple of weeks. We figured there would be a adjustment period, but does it get better? We swear she slept better when she was a baby. Lol. Obviously the binky was something that soothed her, are there any good substitutions that may help her? She takes a friend to bed and has them in her bed. Doesn’t seem to help. Thanks for any advice!


Have you tried laying with her when she falls asleep? Rub her back?

Keep her awake it’ll be tough but no naps and eventually she’ll pass out from exhaustion and get her up early in the mornings after a while or not having it they forget they even need them

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I’m going to be the oddball I’m sure. I do not take away binkies. I let the kids decide when because it is an emotional attachment. I was told by a dentist that it doesn’t harm them until their teeth start falling out and growing back in. My oldest was a little over 4 when he finally ditched his, my second still sucks her fingers(much harder to nip this habit), my third just turned 3 in June and just now going without his, my fourth is almost 2 and still needs hers, and my fifth is 6 weeks and she doesn’t really care for hers yet(we will see). I say give it back and give it time.


Shell find a toy or blanket soon

I cut the sucker bit off my girls dummy and just gave her the dummy without the teat to hold during bed…she lost interest pretty fast.


My daughter was also 3 when we took hers. I tried to take them sooner but she was just so sad that it killed me. We kept telling her that she was just a big girl just like her big sissy and she loved that. It was a couple rough nights and then she was fine. Unfortunately she was still taking a bottle to bed too, mom fail I know. She was my last and my baby so it is what it is. Lol. So as soon as she got over the binky we took the bottle. Hope she sleeps better soon

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When I took my sons away I replaced it with a blankie maybe u could give her a teddy bear or something else to help soothe her

She’ll adjust eventually

Lay with her. Mine are 6&3 and I lay with them til they fall asleep. The pacifier was a soother but what’s more soothing than mommy or daddy


Before I took away my son’s I took him out on his third birthday to buy a new teddy to sleep with instead of a dummy, he picked out a little chase and we had no issues at nap time what so ever and he never asked again,

Tie Binky to a balloon and tell her it’s going to a baby who needs itn. Make a big deal. Worked. Solid

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Falling asleep w ith her isn’t setting heathy boundaries. Hate me. Love me. Don’t do it


Stay consistent! You’ve got this. This is also a valuable lesson for your future kids to ween them a lot sooner. They shouldn’t have them once they start to develop teeth.

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My kids never liked Pacifiers.
But I would…
Limit pacifier use to certain situations like sleep or stressful times when your tot needs calming. Establish a couple of “pacifier-free” times during the day. Start with 30 minutes—after a nap is a good time. I recommend you use a timer so your child doesn’t keep bugging you to have it.

My daughter got rid of hers at one and none of my 3 boys needed it at all. But they will adjust soon just dnt give in find them something tht comforts them

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What we did with my first is cut the tip of the binky off. They can still have it but because the tip is cut off they will no longer get the suction from it and won’t want it anymore. Worked for my son and plan on doing it with my daughter too.

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We took my daughter to build a bear and a binky is in the bear’s hand. She got to pick out a bear. Her binkies were used to buy the new bear. We ignored her when she asks for her binky. We did this in September. It is November. No issues. She was 27 months old.

my daughter turned 2 in July. We tried to take hers away too … it was weeks of screaming and fighting us nonstop… she ended up giving it up for nighttime and only has it in the car now (that’s when she HAS to have it) so we chose our battles. When we took it away at bedtime we changed up her bedtime routine… brushed her teeth, read her a book in bed, and we got her a slumber buddy… it has a projector light on it and plays lullaby’s. It took 2 nights of this new routine and she went to sleep no problems and never asked for it again at night.

I cut off the whole nipple of all 3 of our girls pacifiers when we were ready and then gave it to them and told them they were broken. They would hold them in their hands for the first few nights and when they asked we gave it to them and they could see it was broken. Worked like a charm for us. Good luck


My son loved his dodo very much and his noddy ,sadly he lost his buddy so the dodo was more in use I never stopped him using it but one day he threw it in the bucket and said am too big now and he was ok but yes we had a struggle for sleep but eventually he got into a good routine at night …

We tried cutting the tip off the pacifier, didn’t work. My girl was attached to her ‘lovey’ that connects to paci. She wouldn’t do with just the lovey though. Sooo we went to build a bear and stuffed the lovey with paci in her animal of choice. She took it everywhere for a while and now doesn’t think much of it. We did this right after her 3rd bday and she is now 3.5.


With my youngest daughter she really struggled with that. I just had to suffer through it for a while. Getting her to sleep at first was super hard, she would cry and cry. Eventually that got better, but for a good month she would wake up in the middle of the night madder than a hornet and cry. It gets better with time!!

When I had to take away my sons paci because of a yeast infection, he would yell at me that he needed something in his mouth. I started telling him he had his fingers (no), his thumb (no) or his toes (immediate giggles). It distracted him enough for a while. It was a hard week or so for sleep, but he’s doing so much better now finally!

Buy a large stuffed dog…it will comfort her as it will feel like someone is sleeping with her…tell her the doggy needs her to snuggle him to sleep…worked with all our grandkids…

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My son gave his up around 3 and a half and i let him gave up the bottle at 4 he was sick alot so we only used it for when he was sick but he he was on a cup at the age of 2 when he would get sick he wouldn’t have the strength to drink from a cup

I always took away the pacifiers before their first birthday so it was easier. At three it may just require more of an adjustment period since they had more time to grow attached to it.

I would think all you can do it just wait it out.

Maybe give her a new stuffed animal to sleep with?


Try chamomile (no, I’m not the essential oils mom, but that knocks my kid out), ambient noise, soft blankets… Time… Good luck mama!!

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We started talking about it a month in advance - about how binkies are for babies and she was getting so big! Binkies were then only for sleeping (and only when she asked), as we kept talking about giving her binkies to a baby. The last day, we wrapped them in a box and then delivered them to a pregnant friend for her coming baby. She asked for it only once after that, was reminded she gave them to the baby, and that was it. With our son, once we moved to only for sleeping, it was only a few days and he stopped asking altogether. But he’s nine now and at night, he still “sucks” in his sleep. It’s adorable.

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My daughter had her binkie until she was almost 3.5yo. Took her about a week to get over it. Naptime & bedtime were rough for that week. Took her another 2 months to stop talking about it. It’ll get better. Just wait it out.

This is gona be a big problem with my grandson…he is way attached to the binki at bedtime…when he makes his rounds for night night sugars he always asks for his binki when he crawls in bed and hes almost 3.

Try giving her a sippy cup of water to sleep with? So it’s still the comfort acting of sucking on something but won’t be in all night

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My granddaughter was 7 years old before we did away with her binkie, she was sick a lot she had heart surgery then back surgery by 5 years old so it was very hard, it took her a while but she adjusted after a while. I guess if her stepdad hadn’t of come in the family she would probably still have it, it was a comfort to her. She’d sleep and be very good when she had her pacifier, I’m just glad he cut the nipples so she wouldn’t suck them. Good luck mom it’ll get better.

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When my daughter turned 3 we weaned her off of it. Let her fall asleep with it. When she was in a deep enough sleep (say maybe an hour or so) we’d find it had fallen out of her mouth. Six months later (wow I didn’t realize it has been that long) and she doesn’t even ask for it anymore or use it anymore

Are are “binkies”? A pacifier? Give her a sippy cup with water?

Honestly i worked it in stages for my son.
First we stopped buying new ones. If they got tore up or lost that was it.
Only letting him have it at night and nap. Then taking it away once he fell asleep.
Eventually he got to where he just held it at night and didn’t suck on it.
When he got to that point he lost it not long after.
He picked an easter egg of all things to hold on to at night.

He was just almost three. It really didn’t take long to get to that point in stages and he never had an issue going to sleep after

With my son we didnt just take it we told him he had two binkies left and if he lost them we would by anymore when he lost the last one we told him that was it they were gone and he didnt seem to struggle with it

I cut the ends off all of them and placed them around the house, when my son could no longer suck on it he would say broken and put it in the garbage. So he made the decision on his own ( or so he thought)

It takes time. Just comfort her. Give her a stuffed animal

She won’t take it to first grade.

Once you take it away don’t back down and give it back a few days later. You don’t want to go thru that twice. All four of my children were taken off their pacifier at 6-8 months. They do not get so attached to it. I also held my children when feeding them. Never propped a bottle up for them. To me it’s sad to see a child over one with a pacifier because how are they suppose to learn to talk and vocally interact. Also think parents us it to just shut their children up.

My daughter only had it at night to help her slept. It won’t hurt them. They feel safe with It for some reason.

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My son & his wife collected all the binkies, put them in a box & let their 2 yr old bury them. Her dentist advised them to ditch them.
Shortly thereafter, the little asked for one & I just told her & signed “all gone” & that was that!

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If you have already thrown away the binky dont confuse her with bringing it back, she will get used to not having it. All kids are different so for some it doesn’t take long or others the timeline may be longer. I do agree with a shirt or maybe stuffed animal that will calm her. We used taggies with our youngest and it worked.

Mine gave hers to a baby horse. Was with friends one day, out on the boat and I got their 3 year old to feed his to the baby fish😊

Have use it at night only. Gradually take it away. Eventually your daughter won’t need it anymore.

hang on Mama it gets better with time

We used a shirt as a substitute. One that smelled like momma.

It’s gone. Let it stay gone. Pacifiers damages teeth

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Let her have it to nap or sleep at night but not in day time unless she is taking a nap. She is almost old enough not to nap so then she can’t have it except nights. And you can gradually start to withhold for going to bed. Get her new and very special animal to sleep with, a friend who is “too big like her” so there is someone who is little and needs it and have her package it up to send it to her in the mail.

But if she is beginning to adjust, you can have her receive some mail from the fairy thanking her for her binky and tell her about the little girl who needed one and now is happy with it. Give her a “big girl” new friend to sleep and with her The friend and she are big and don’t sleep with binkies any more Good luck.

It gets better my granddaughter was devastated when hers was taken away

What about soft toy let her get it for her to do what she like

Give her back her binky and try again later.

I would let her suck the pacifier at night only

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What I did also was I got helium balloons and tied the pacifiers to it. We went outside and told him they have to fly to the other babies. So he willingly let the balloons with the pacifier go and said bye to them. He watched it fly away and moved on what I loved about this idea is that he did it on his own

Why at 3 cant she have what comforts her ? Kids grow out of it on their own, I have had 4 kids and each one of them grew out of what comforted them on there own.
IMO if you didn’t want it to go on so long or knew you would rip her comfort from her why not take it when she was a lot younger as soon as you seen the need for it ?


I threw it in the trash at 12 months. Out of sight, out of mind.

You know, my little one ONLY takes the bottle at home :roll_eyes: not at daycare not in public nowhere else but home. I’m interested on what mommas have to say on this subject!

Sound machine while sleeping ! Turned up LOUD, constant soothing noise works amazingly

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To binkie break my son, I just cut the tip of the nipple off and gave it to him. It don’t have a purpose after that but I still have it to him and he didn’t want it because he couldn’t suck on it like normal


Poke a small hole in her pacifier and make the hole bigger each night shes not going to like it anymore… or put a bug on it lol worked for me good luck🍀

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I bought a projector. Like a little night light/ projector so when he slept he looked up and the images changed. I got one in Walmart for $25. Best 25$ spent of MY LIFE! One year pacifier free and I still use the projector it has music too! And white noise reduction and is a night light. It’s been a life saver

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Comfort and security. What comforts you at home and makes you feel secure?

Does she have a favorite blanket? My daughter is barely 3 weeks and will have a woobie (blanket) to comfort her through toddler years.

They won’t be going to school with it. Let it be a choice they make when they are ready.

Favorite blanket or pillow could help toy or stuffed animal

If it a smoother you are talking about I left ours in the fridge when they wanted it for few sucks I ket them and they put it back they got tired of it eventually and stopped so we gave it to santy in exchange for their favourite toy

I limited pacifier to only nights in the beginning. Tire her out and then gradually I would be watching her when she was falling asleep at night, when she was dosing off into sleep and sucking was light I’d remove it. Little by little it was gone. Maybe a gradual approach might help ur baby.

My son had his binki for a long time. He only used it to sleep. He didnt have it any other time. I didnt have an issue with it. We talked a lot about getting rid of it for about a week. He was fine after it was fine. There was an adjustment period where he woke often and couldn’t fo back to sleep. I assume that’s how he soothed himself back to sleep. So it was a rough few weeks of me helping him go back to sleep by rubbing his back. Eventually he was back to his regular sleeping routine. I feel like he just needed some extra comfort in this transition.

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