How can we talk to them?

My husband has a child with his ex, she is 21 and was getting in trouble signed up for a sugar daddy site and going with old man out, smoking pot, doesn't want to go to school or do anything meaningful, she straight up says that she is lazy doesn't want to wake up for jobs, just sleeps and all day or on the phone. Since then we decided to invite her to move in with us may be a different scenery and our example would help her, but she came and is doing the same thing here, her boyfriend now wants to move in as well otherwise they'll be on the street. The little money they get is spent on toys and games. What can we do how can we talk to them?! Is it mean to give them a deadline of getting their act together if not their out? We don't want to be mean but at the same time don't want to be enablers and cary grown ups on our backs.How would you approach this? Thank you for the help and replies.

I think that’s something you and your spouse need to talk about. Everyone is different, and has different opinions. In my opinion, at the end of the day it’s your household. I would talk to them, & tell them if they want to continue staying there they need to get it together rather quickly. She’s 21, she needs to start buckling down & learn how the real world works. It’s a hard situation because it’s your child, but you also want them to learn & not enable. Set rules, it’s your house.