How can we tell my partners family that we want to move?

My partner and I are wanting to relocate to my home town, which is a few hours away by car as there is more support therewith for our children and us and better job prospects for my partner. We are worried about how to tell my partner’s family this. Please does anyone have any advice?


Tell them that you are doing what you feel is best for your family at the present time. They will either support or not, that is out of your control. And, you need to live your life by your choice, not by their wishes.


Dont say anything until it’s already said and done tell them a better opportunity came for yall and you couldn’t pass it up


Say “we are moving” lol it’s your life. Do what you want to do.


Um. Just tell them? They can’t stop you from moving. And if they don’t like it well too bad. Part of being an adult is doing what is best for YOU and YOUR family, not everyone else.


Just tell them. You can’t live your life for other people. It’s only a few hours away, not a plane ticket. You’ll see them for birthdays and holidays. If this conversation concerns you because they overreact and you think they’ll cut you out of their lives, then you’ve lost nothing but unwanted drama. :woman_shrugging:

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Just tell them. My husband and I moved to my home town 3 hours from his family and of course his parents were sad but they understood why we wanted to. Family should be supportive. We did end up moving back by his parents though like a year later.

You dont have to explain yourself or you family to anyone. But, I understand the letting them know thing. Invite them for dinner and then just tell them. It’s only a few hours away. They may be upset at first but you gotta fo what’s best for you and your family.

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Exactly as you worded it right now. If they freak out its not your problem. You have to do whats best for yourself, partner, and children. If they cant understand that then thats on them.

I’d say suck it up and tell them. If they do indeed care, love, and saport you then they should understand, and want what is best for your family.
Don’t get me wrong. They are allowed to feel sad that your moving, but reality is that it’s your life to live. Not thers but YOURS

Tell them you are moving… be straight up. They will get over it. It’s not like you are moving cross country

Just say it and do it. You, your partner and your kids are a family, if you want to do something, it shouldn’t need to be run by extended family. Just say it, do it and move…

Just tell them you are going and don’t let. THem make you feel bad. Just pack. Up and go after telling them

We did it
A family of 5 children.
There was nothing left in our home town
We left for opportunity, we have more then tripled our income and looking now just over 3 years it really was the best choice for us.
Even our kids agree
They are now 22 21 14 13 and 9
We love our new life, we miss our old norm. But life is good

Why are u stressed it’s his family he should do the honours.

What do you mean “how to tell them” sounds pretty basic to me. Do you need their approval? Will they tie you down if you want to go? This is your life and you need to do what’s best for your family. They can visit, but have no vote on where you choose to live

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My fiance and I moved our family from Pennsylvania to Texas. Both of our families are in PA except for a few members. My family was not happy at all, my mother told me I was breaking her heart. It was very hard but it was the best decision I have ever made. Just tell them that you feel it is what is best for your family. They might not ever be happy about it or even warm up to your decision but they will have to deal with it. I started warning my family over a year before it actually happened and I explained my reasons. They still are upset, its been 3 months but theres nothing they can do about it.

Just say hey we r moving and this is why if they cant support you moving to better your family then they never really wanted y’all to succeed

You don’t need to explain anything to anyone. You don’t need their approval either. If you wanna move then move. Simple as that. It’s your life not theirs.

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Yell wish the kids would do the same for their Parents want to move away and not have to hear the kids complain cause we raised the kids now it’s our turn

It’s up to you where you live. Tell them you found better circumstances for your family. Simple as that. I moved away from both families.

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It’s as simple as telling them you’re moving.
It’s 2020, should they choose to travel to see you there’s quite a few transportation options available to them :+1:
Do what is best for your family.


I’d just tell them you’re moving but hope that they can visit sometime to see your new place. Explain why this move is a good thing as well and that you’ll visit them too.

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You just tell them. My wife just up and told our families that we’re moving 900 miles away. It’s like a band aid. Lol

Just tell them. This is your life.

Do what is best for your family

Yes, it’s nice to want thier blessing,but you are grown. Act like it

Just say you’re moving and if they ask y tell them if they care they will understand

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tell them just like u wrote it

Not to be harsh …but since when family has power over your well bein of your own family and kids?..we all do whatever it keep us happy…if that yours desition go for it…

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