How can you get wax out of carpet?

Help!! This group seems to come up with awesome ideas, tips, and tricks, so I came here before researching online that stain on the carpet is dried wax from a scented wax warmer that was knocked over. Any solutions on how to get it out??? I’ve tried scrubbing it, but obviously, it’s all dried and crusty, so it won’t come out any ideas??? Thanks in advance!!


Hair dryer and paper towels

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Washcloth you dont care abiut ruining and an iron set on low.


Iron over wax paper and it will stick to paper


If theres color, its gonna stain

Get a flannel and team your iron over slowly and keep going it will stick to the flannel and you won’t even notice

A hair dryer on high might make it melt enough to clean it out.

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Paper towel and an iron usually does the trick. Lay the paper towel over the wax and iron it, it’ll pull the wax onto the paper towel


When wax is cold it contracts, use ice cubes

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Put a stack of paper towels on it, then rub a iron over it. A hair dryer might work if you don’t have a iron. Heat melts it and paper towels absorb the wax.

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Hot iron on top of paper bag. Using wax paper would cause more wax I believe

Blow-dry, blot repeat. Then use an iron and a clean rag. Place the rag on the wax spot and run the iron over it. Lift fold repeat

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Brown grease proof paper and iron it on top of wax it should come out ljkd tgat xx

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Either a hair dryer or an iron and paper towels warm temps over the paper towel over the wax as the wax melts the paper towel will soak it out.

Grease proof paper & an iron x

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Paper grocery bag and a hot iron

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Old toilet and iron and don’t use the water option on the iron

Yes! Paper towel, and a hair dryer! #isellscentsy

Probably ruined if its coloured

I spilled wax on my carpet earlier, I scooped up as much of it as I could with baby wipes then when cold and hardened I used my carpet cleaner with dissolved washing powder in it, worked a dream! (Discovered I had no carpet shampoo left so improvised)

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Brown paper bags and an iron on low.


I put boiling water on the floor :rofl: it came up easier

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I put down paper towels a d use the iron to melt it. Paper towels absorb it

Paper bag and an iron (on low) . I’ve done it and it works great


Ice cubes and vacuum cleaner, freeze and suck it up :slightly_smiling_face:

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Put a rag with hot water over it and then wipe it with carpet cleaner.

Put a towel over it n iron the towel.

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Newspaper and with a hairdryer or iron… it works

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Brown paper bag & iron gets the candle wax off our church carpet. Works every time.

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Low heat iron and rags or old towels

The iron and paper towel trick works well. My mother used to do this at our church when the candles would drip on the carpet in the pulpit worked great.

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Wet towel down then hot iron on the towel. Comes right off the carpet and adheres to the wet towel.

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put paper towels down and iron over it, the wax will come right up

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So my husband and I own a carpet cleaning business. He does all the work I do the books lol. He says an iron and brown paper bag. Heat up the iron, put bag over the wax, put iron on the bag. When the wetness of the wax starts to come through he bag, keep doing circles with the iron until it’s all out. Keep moving the bag to a clean spot once the wax starts to seep though the bag

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Eh. Just pick it out when you’re feeling bored.

I was going to say what everyone else has said…seems they have it covered. Thought I’d add some spice to this thread. :rofl:

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I used paper and iron n ended up burning my carpet n made it 100 times worse :sob::see_no_evil:

You’ll need an iron and a towel. Get a damp towel, fold it in half and place it over the wax. Press an iron set on “high” over the towel for 10 seconds. The heat will draw the wax out of the carpet and into the towel. Repeat until the wax is gone


Do not use an iron!!! It melts the carpet! Hair dryer and brown paper and tissue!

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Iron or hair dryer on high heat & paper towel

Also, your carpet care vendor should be able to get it. If not. You can always patch it

Wet rag, hot iron. Repeat until gone. You can also trim the carpet once you get most of the wax off

Cover with cotton dish towel iron it on low moving towel as it absorbs the wax

I ironed mine. Laid paper towels over the wax, wax paper over the paper towels.


Iron a towel and parchment paper put the paper on the towel and heat the iron on top of that towel underneath it saves the wax going on the iron x

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I just give my carpet a little trim

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Place paper over the wax and then iron it. The hot iron will melt the wax and it will be absorbed by the paper.


Salt it then cover with a white terry cloth towel iron on low.

Heat to get the wax up. Possibly carpet cleaner for stain. If that doesnt work, maybe a mild solvent like vinegar?

I used my steamer on red candle wax

Paper towels then iron over them. The Paper towel soaks up the oil from the wax and the the iron will remelt the wax onto the paper towel. I just had to do that a few weeks ago :woman_facepalming:


I saw somewhere that you can put I think it was parchment paper over the area and run your iron over it and it melts it and it sticks to the paper! Worth a shot at least

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I did the same thing! I put a paper towel over it and ran a hair dryer over the paper towel. When the wax melted the paper towel Instantly absorbed it . It took forever but it worked

I did that and it never came out properly so had to get a new carpet

Put a paper bag over it and use an iron

Paper towel over top then hair dryer over that. Comes out easily. I’m wax melt obsessed so it happens lol

A clothing iron, paper towel and baking paper. Lay the paper towel over the wax, then place the baking paper on top of the paper towel, then use your iron and iron on top of the paper towel. Could take a few attempts but it does work

Use brown paper and hot iron that should melt the wax

Try freezing bananas and then blending them a lot like ice cream

Ice and then you can pick it off

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blow dryer and paper towel

Blow dryer to melt. Then towel and carpet cleaner.

An iron and a towell

Iron and brown paper

I agree with the iron tips. You can use paper towels, paper bag, old towel or rag you won’t be sad to toss.


I would want to try making it very cold, and then flaking it off. I wouldn’t want to soften it, it might sink into the fibers more.

Coffee filter or tissue paper and and iron…I haven’t tried paper bag, but same idea… I got red candle wax out of white carpet with coffee filter and iron…

Put a brown paper bag over it and run a hot iron over the bag. It will melt the wax and the paper bag will soak it up out of the carpet.


I damped the towel a bit before ironing to help and it worked really well

I used a newspaper and iron. It takes it right up. You will never know it happened.

Iron and paper towel

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Parchment paper and

Use hair dryer and have a washcloth soak it up when it melts!!

get a white towel and put it over the top and iron it the heat will draw the wax out of the carpet and put it on the towel

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I knocked over a candle once and my grandmother used an iron and old towel. Grandpa never even knew! Lol


Use a blow dryer to melt the wax and a warm wash rag

Boiling hot water and blot with paper towels.

You can take papper towels lay ontop of it take hot iron over it sevral times

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Is it scentsy or other wax?

just a guess being wax maybe heat it up with a blow dryer as you scrub/wipe.

Hot iron and baking paper lay paper on top of wax then hot iron that is already unplugged dose not need long. Good luck

Towel over and warm iron on top worked for me

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Brown paper bag, iron over bag

wax paper, warm iron

Use ice cubes once hard remove

Iron and paper bag!! It works really well

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Use and old towel and an iron. Place the towel over the wax then use hot iron over the towel. Most if not all the wax will stick to the towel. Then while the area is still warm use a carpet shampooer over the area to get bits that might remain.

I remember my SO freaking out when he knocked my dark purple candle off the side all over the light brown carpet (rented) I just grabbed a piece of kitchen towel, put a tea towel over it (so I didn’t burn the kitchen towel) and ironed it, all sorted, he just looked at me in surprise lol x

Agree place an ice pack on it…that can be as simple as a well sealed bag with ice

Take a damp cloth that you won’t need, place it on the wax and iron over the wax. It will transfer the wax from the floor to the cloth.

Blow dryer and paper towels