How can you tell if your milk is coming in?

I was just wondering how many moms smelled their milk coming in? I’m 21weeks and my chest smells like breast milk but I’m not leaking yet -that I can tell.


Totally normal. At least for me

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Im pregnant with my 2nd child and im 32 weeks as of tmro. I have never smelled my milk.


Im pregnant with #6 and I have never smelled my milk


YES :joy: I swear my boobs smell like milk and it blows my mind


Your milk comes in after your placenta detaches from your body and sends a signal to your body that the baby has been birthed. You may have a heightened sense of smell since you’re pregnant, but’s it’s not your milk coming in.


I totally thot that the scent of my sweat was changing but makes sense

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I leaked colostrum from 14 weeks on with all my kids. I don’t recall smelling it but that has been a minute ago

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Yeah no unless you have been pregnant before you wouldn’t really be leaking yet and while it’s possible to have some Colostrum early you physically could not smell your milk coming in. It’s most likely like said above because your sense of smell is heightened also BM doesn’t really smell like the milk your expecting either


I stick my nose down up in my haakaa after I pump milk and it doesn’t smell like anything to me :grimacing:

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I’ve been breastfeeding exclusively for 7 months never smelled it unless I hand expressed some for a scrape, rash etc. But then again maybe I did and didn’t realize, is sweet smelling so could of been mistaken.

Every time i smell mine it doesn’t have a scent.

Or when you’re poop smells like Similac…

My colostrum came in at 26 weeks and when I sweat I could smell it too and after that i started to leak. It’s normal tho

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I was 28 weeks when I started smelling it. I couldnt figure it out for the longest time

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