How can you tell when you got pregnant?

I’m curious to when I conceived? I’m 32 weeks tomorrow, doctor said around November 12th. Is there a few days to give or take within that day? Or is it set that it was November 12th? Last period was October 29th. Seems like everyone is giving me a different answer.

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I’m 33 weeks tommorow… and I concevied around Nov.7th or 8th

There are calculators online that let you know with most probable first. Both have a 7 day gap of days it was possible.

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I have same due date and same last day of period
Was told i probably conceived around the 10th
You can’t really know the exact date unless you were tracking specifically, and it can be different depending on your ovulation
Some people can ovulate rigjt after period or up to 2 weeks later

I have always been told my due date is plus or minus 2 weeks of due date give. Some women ovulate very consistent and others very. The calculated due date is a best scientific guess. Unless you only had sex once between periods there isnt a very sure fire way of knowing when exactly you conceive. Plus sperm can live inside you many hours meaning a guy can ejaculate in you but the sperm not meet the egg for a day or two.

Im 33 weeks today i conceived around the 4th of nov

Download olivia pregnancy and type due date in and it will give you an estimated date of conception

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Sperm can live inside the female body for up to 3-5 days . The date of “conception “ is a date of when you were predicted to have ovulated , doesn’t mean that you had sex on that day .

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Check pregnancy calculator it will give u the accurate date

When I was pregnant with my three, my dr. Always told me to count back 3 months from when u had ur last period and add 7 days
It was always correct on my three.

The only :100: sure way to know the exact date of conception, is to have had intercourse so infrequently that there’s only one date it could have been, and you actually recall that date.

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I was told I conceived on November 11th, my due date was August 3rd, my boy was born at 37 weeks exactly on July 17th…he’ll be 3 next month :blush:

I had 3 different due dates so yeah.

So you’re due mid July? Your date of conception was probably mid October. I conceived on Oct 14 and my babe was born July 16.

It will all depend when you ovulated and had sex and how long your cycles are.