How common is post tubal ligation syndrome?

Has anyone had post tubal ligation syndrome? I having my tubes tied after I deliver and am scared this might happen to me. Is it a common occurrence?


I had it. Ended up with hysterectomy 5 years later.

Omg! I had no idea! I had this and ended up with a hysterectomy 4 years later. I thought it was just me. The doctor never said anything. This was 12 years ago. I’m in complete shock. :astonished:

Strange. I just had an US and they couldn’t find my left ovary. Apparently, it was hiding… Never had that happen before, they are always right there and swollen.
But all this makes sense now with hot flushes and everything

I had no idea about this until right now . I forced my dr to give me a hysterectomy. 10 years of most headaches bleeding 21 days a month and other symptoms. All started after my tubes were tied

What is this and what are the symptoms

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My tubes have been tied for 9 months now, so far no symptoms.

I had my tubes tied in 2018 and since then my cramps are 10x worse (i never had them honestly b4 i had them tied), migraines, im literally down for the first 2days…went from a light 5 day flow to a heavy heavy 7 day flow sometimes 8 or 9 days. It’s horrible.

I had my tubal in 2015 and I’ve had zero issues. No bad cramping, no worse periods. My periods may actually be about 2 days shorter.

No, very easy. Has been over 30 years.

I had mine cut and burned and I have absolutely terrible cramps and heavy bleeding during my periods now.
I also had to be put on birth control to regulate my bleeding because since having it done I’d have two and three periods a month.


Got mine removed no issues I was a bit hormonal after but it regulated quick I went back to work next day … normal period for the last 5 years no regrets


I was 21 when I had mine done
Noone warned me this could happen to me and I have ALL the symptoms very bad and I’m sure I have this.didnt know this was real
But it def explains what’s wrong with me.

Some people have no problems. Some people do. It’s a crapshoot. Only around 30% have problems afterwards. I had one 19 years ago and have regretted it since. I have all the symptoms.

I had mine done 6 years ago after baby number 5. I have irregular periods when they were right on time and normal like.clock work. They are now horrid. I have gained an excessive amount of weight, and I am an active person cant seem to get it to drop off. Sex drive is minimal now. Hot flashes… terrible migraines, joint pain, and hair loss… Its been a nightmare to say the least. 3 docs I have gone to say that post tubal ligation syndrome does not exist. So if you know any doctors that believe it help.

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It’s different for everyone. There can be changes with the hormones and so forth but as I said it’s different for everyone . I know woman who had their tubes cut and tied or clamped and never had any problems, period changes and hormonal changes, I know other woman who had this proceedure done and they had changes so it’s different for everyone

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I had mine removed last year and I’m so glad I did. The only issue I’ve had is some tenderness in the scars, but that’s to be expected with any surgical procedure.

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I had my tubes sniped, clipped, tied and burned in 2008. I wouldn’t say it was a bad thing. Who is to say it wouldn’t be hormonal regardless? I say that and am on lexapro sooooo…I did have horrible periods that seem to get worse every month. Went to the doc for an consult on ablation and wound up getting a hysterectomy due to fibroids. So who knows what could happen. Shit can change over time due to other factors.

Ask about the option to cauterize rather than traditionally “tying”. My understanding when I chose that was that it has less potential for side effects like that, but I am not a doctor and this was 15 years ago

I had mine removed February 2019. My periods are so much heavier and I gained 20lbs. But I can’t get pregnant ever again so I don’t regret it. I’m saying this as I’m on my period and am bitching about how I miss my lighter 4 day periods.

I got mine removed. The best thing I’ve ever done. I heard my friends clamp fell off. Yikes, but everyone is different.

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Mine were cauterized. I had it done over 28 years ago and no problems or side affects… Good Luck!!

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They used filshie clips on mine they were supposed to cut n burn em n they had to do it through the C section way bc when I had my gallbladder removed the same incision sight using laparoscopic was filled will scar tissue so they did it through C section this was back in 2014 it healed nicely but along the scar it’s all numb . My periods were still so heavy and horrible they did a hysterectomy in 2016 I had endometriosis so bad my uterus was attached to my colon . So the only problem I have now is fluctuating weight mood swings hot flashes n cramps each month that last about a day or two they still are really bad cramps that’s bout it I deal with depression anxiety bipolar n ptsd hyperthyroidism And IBS :disappointed:

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I would look into the different methods of how to do the procedure. Look at the risks amd benefits for all of them.

Had mine synged almost 7 yrs ago… Nothing different or new than before 💁 I did worry about it very much. But my cycle went back to normal after I quit breastfeeding(almost 4 months after delivery) and still to this day my cycles are very normal…no cramps.nothing heavy or unbearable… I know that is not always the case for everyone from my research…but best you can do if you decide to go through with it is be aware of your body as you should at all times anyway Recovery for me wasn’t the easiest.
Best if luck to you

I developed endometriosis after my tubal ligation. Never had any problems before that. Ended up getting a hysterectomy after seven years of misery

I had my tubes tied at 31 following a csection!
Biggest mistake ever for me, ridiculous hormonal changes heavy heavy periods. :woman_facepalming:t2:


I’m not sure what that is but if it is excruciating pain during your periods I had it!


I had mine tied in 2005. I had TERRIBLE periods afterwards. Tried birth control, ablation and finally had a partial hysterectomy.

Had mine done at 40 with my third child no problems at all I would’ve sued them if I fell pregnant again haha take care and make the decision that is right for you xx :heart:

I had mine done in 2016 and it’s not been a problem at all. My periods have been more regular, lighter and have been shorter at times.

Been…6yrs since mine. The best decision ever. Now…35…im in the process of getting a hysterectomy. ( Endometriosis 12yrs…fibroids) i have 3 bio kids 2 step.

10 years out from my tubal, I use birth control pills to help combat post tubal ligation syndrome. Still would have had a tubal, but wish I had known what to expect long term.

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There’s a group full of women who regret it and say they have horrible effects after having it done. I had them cut, burned and tied and no regrets though. Before I had horrible periods and Unregular ones. Now they are regular and I have no side effects. This is the group. There’s a small percent of women with no symptoms and a whole lot with.

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I had mine done after my 3rd csection and it was the best decision ever!!! I only get my period once every few months and when i do it might last a day and be very light. I never had any weight gain Ive actually lost weight. I never saw any side affects from ot. Its been heaven for me!

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I want to get my tubes tied but medicare won’t pay for it so I have to wait until social security office opens back. up

I also had a friend that just had hers tied, just tied. And she ended up pregnant after 4 months. You better make sure they Cauterized as well.

Had mine done with a c-section 30 years ago, never a single issue.

I had mine done 9 months ago…still no period cramps nothing…what is this post tubal thing we are speaking of? Never heard of it

I got mine tied after 3rd baby via C-section and never stopped bleeding so they wanted to put me on birth control but I said no so they did ablations and DNC and finally did a hysterectomy after bleeding for 15 months straight!!!

I had mine done in ‘83 never had a problem. Cut and sown in opposite directions…

I have my tubes tied and haven’t heard of this

I think Drs are better sources for your answers.


Had tubal litigation 21 years ago at age 33. Never experienced any problems.

I had my tubes tied. No complaints here.

I had mine cauterized after the c section… never had a problem. Good luck :heart:


Had mine done the next day ! Had no trouble I was 26.

I had mine cut and cotterized (sp?) immediately following a csection. No complications.

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I had it done. No regrets here.

OMG. I didn’t know this was a thing. Had my tubes done last year and been suffering ever since. I love that I can’t get pregnant anymore, but the side effects are killing me. Why nobody tells you those things can happen before you commit to get it done. I’m so tired of this, and now the Doctor wants to put me in birth control :unamused:

I do. I had mine done at 20 after my 3rd baby and it was the worst thing I have ever done! It caused major weight gain, horrible periods, hormal issues like acne which I have never had. Just all around terrible.

I had to google it because I’ve never heard of it lol.
I had mine done 3yrs ago. Not a single problem from it, it made my periods better and no hormonal changes.

I too have almost all symptoms listed, my periods are very heavy and painful and I become so emotional I can really do some damage to relationships. My tubal was done almost 13 years ago when I had my 2nd child.

I never knew this was a thing… but I have had many of the issues associated. My periods are hell and never 28-30 days apart. Never. So painful I liken it to childbirth.

I had mine done over 5 years ago and I had to google this… I had never heard of it, Ive also never had any of those symptoms.

I had to Google it, too, because I’ve never heard of it. But I have almost all of the symptoms listed. I had mine done 3/16/16, a few hours after my son was born.

I can check off almost every one of those symptoms, tubal was 2012 and it’s been this way ever since :pensive:

I have never heard of this either had to google to see never had any symptoms either I had mine done 26 yes ago

It’s not a real condition. Most people have a tubal immediately following giving birth. Your hormones don’t change because of the procedure. They change because you just had a baby. It’s extremely rare for such a procedure to cause any sort of issues.

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I had it done after my son was born. No complications. I was 38 and he was my first. There was no way I was going to have more kids at my age.

I’m had my done 27 year never had no problem it the way you take care of your body and health

I also had mine cut n burnt. Periods were more heavier but I was done with menopause pretty early. 45!