How contagious is hand foot mouth disease?

Okay guys quick question
I am kinda paranoid

so I had a friend come over and has one child that has hand foot and mouth disease in which I did not know until she was about to leave because her child said her mouth and sores hurts and I asked why what’s wrong and she said she had hand foot and mouth and I have a 3 yr old and 5 month old now her children were putting everything in their mouth and everything else now I know that my 5 month old ddI t put out anything that was in the infected child mouth because I was holdiner the whole time but my 3 yr old was playing with her all day I’m scared :disappointed: will they most likely get it ?I have thrown more than half her toys always and cleaned every surface and boiled bottles pack and everything but I’m freaking out ! Has anyones child been exposed but didn’t get infected ? Ps I plan to call her dr tmr or if I see a fever coming on but still I need some mommies that experience this no bashing I had no idea up until she was leaving she decided to tell us :disappointed:


My daughter at 2 got it because someone at the park had it…

A lot of kids get hand foot mouth. It really sucks for them , but it’ll pass . my son caught it from his cousin , and my daughter who was only 2 or 3 months old at the time didn’t catch it.

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Where i used to live a few years ago there was a woman who let her kids play outside with all the otber kids of the neighboorhood, knowing her child had hand foot and mouth. All 3 of mine got it and others too. :cry: it sucks but it’ll pass…people whose kids are sick should keep them at home till they’re well, its incredibly rude and just blatantly unresponsible to expose kids to sickness. Id be infuriated :rage:


You did the right thing by cleaning. Just wait and watch is all you can do now, except inform your friend not to bring over a sick child. Should go without saying…


All my kiddos have had it when they were little. Load up on popsicles, jello, things that will be soothing. Throw all their toys in the bathtub with bleach and let them sit. Take your baby in as soon as you see symptoms. Not much else you can do. Good luck. You’ll get through this too :green_heart:

It is uncomfortable for the kid but it will pass. You don’t have to throw the toys away just run them through the dishwasher or soak them in bleach water it will kill the germs. That is what most childcare center when it shows up there.

It’s just a virus. Even if they do get it it will pass and they will be fine in a week most likely. I mean no one wants their kids to get sick but it’s not some awful horrible life changing disease.
Good luck momma.


Both of my kids 3&6 caught it playing with friends too but it will go away, you’re on the right track with disinfecting things just keep washing their hands and within 3-6 days it will be gone.

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Your friend is a jerk for bringing sick kids to your house without telling you. I hope they dont get it, but it is highly contagious. If you’ve cleaned and sterilized everything there isn’t much else you can do. Keep disinfecting and frequent hand washing.


Its not the end of the world. Most kids get them when young. Just like the common cold. Keep cleaning and hope for the best.

Your friend shouldn’t have come over with her child being sick like that.

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That’s unacceptable. You don’t bring children who are sick with anything around other children. And especially not say anything until after they have possibly been exposed. I’d be pissed!!


Nothing you can do now even if your kid gets it just treat the symptoms. It goes away.

although they probably have been exposed, I’d sanitize EVERYTHING. & just keep an eye out for symptoms

Why the hell did she not think to tell you that?! I’d be pissed!

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Something I’ve learned recently. Most virus only live for 24 hours on surfaces. No need to throw things away. Also just put the exposed toys out of reach for a day. Unfortunately most kids get hfm. It sucks that your friend didn’t take your kids into consideration. You can catch this from anywhere tho. It’s also contagious before symptoms appear.

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That friend and I would have some words. You did everything you could, but now all you can do is wait.


Your kids will probably come down with it soon. Your friend needs an ass whoopin. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Watch for a fever the fever is what the first sign of it is. And if the infected child already had the spots out they aren’t contagious anymore anyway. They are contagious before the blisters/sores even show up. Maybe just disinfect the toys, tables and stuff no need to throw them out. Also once the spots come out there’s nothing that can treat them but wait it out. All the dr will do is diagnose it. Some have a mild case where others get it on hands foot mouth and sometimes their bums. I learned this just a couple months back as I was working in a daycare. So no need to worry. Just keep disinfecting and wash hands regularly.

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I know its highly contagious, my grandson got it, and my 20 yr old got it, lots of bleach,

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Wow she must have forgot. Crazy

Its literally common. 10 days your child will be fine again. It’s normal. Both of my kids had it. It’s just a cycle. Tylenol and ibuprofen switching between each dose. And let it be. But I would be more mad your friend didnt tell you before she came. I would be yelling at her on that one

They probably will get it, it’s very contagious, you took all the steps you could to prevent it, I would give your friend an ear full though, I hate when people do that I’ve had that happen to me several times, my old man’s cousin handed her baby to me and then after told me her baby had hand foot and mouth, while I was 6 months pregnant, so inconsiderate of them…

My sister and nephew had it and we were exposed to them before they were diagnosed, he had it first and then she developed it. My kids and I didn’t have it . About 3 days later only 1outta 5 kids got it and I know that’s a lot to take in and worry about. But honestly you’re doing a great job, hope for everyone to be well and healthy

That “friend” is a selfish bitch. I hope your kids somehow dodge the bullet…HFM is PAINFUL and fever is the first sign of it besides the sores i believe. I wouldnt let that “friend” back around my kids if i were you. What if they habe something more serious next time??

My son had it from daycare at 2 1/2. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. He had a fever and rash on his hands that lasted almost a week. He didn’t have the mouth sores etc. It’s really messed up of your friend to do that though. It is highly contagious and it doesn’t discriminate- anyone can get it, adults infants toddlers. Lysol should kill the virus I wouldn’t throw toys away necessarily but it’s a lot of cleaning. You should also be disinfecting contact surfaces they both touched as the mom could be infected and not showing symptoms. I’d air out your house though with all those chemicals and your babies. It’s common though and basically the new chicken pox.

I’ll tell you right now I would’ve kicked her ass out of my house and said dont ever come back. That’s not any kind of friend to expose your 3 year old and 5 month old to that!! She should have rescheduled the play date. She had no concern about spreading her kids sickness to yours. You can put any toys without fabric in the tub with water and add 1/2 cup of bleach and soak for 10-15 minutes. I would just throw anything with fabric away.

Hand foot and mouth isn’t too bad its easily treatable just itchy for them and get a little sore but I’m not sure how easily it is spread my 2nd child had it at age 2years I left her as normal to play with her 4year old sibling also had a newborn in the house they didn’t catch it … ( my kids are not immunised/vaccinated)

Anx to everyone saying “its common” or “its just a virus” who gives a fuck?! If she didnt know her kids had it, fine, I could understand. But she KNEW THEY HAD IT.

Oh, that mother would have gotten bitched at if it was me. You don’t get to decide what MY kid gets exposed to in my home. You always let other parents decide if they want to chance it when you have a sick kid.

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I would be mad as hell , she’s not a very good friend if she did not disclose this to you , just imagine how many places she and her children have gone and spread this . She’s not a good parent why would you expose a 5 month old or and children I do not understand

My son was exposed once by his cousins and I did the same thing as you and just literally cleaned everything and threw some stuff away and he didn’t get it. His two cousins were over and I didn’t even find out they had till the day after they left cause they went to the doctor for something else so my brother called me and I immediately went crazy and cleaned cause at the time my son was about 9 months

If the kid was on antibiotics they are not contagious after 24 hours.

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I’ve been told it’s highly contagious. My son got it and we weren’t even around anyone who had it. The doctor said it could have been on anything he touched like the shopping cart at walmart. A door knob etc…I hate when people don’t tell you their kids are sick and then being them around your kids!

It’s prob too late. It was wrong of her to bring the kids over with active infection especially when you have a 5 month old. Google incubation times and just watch your kids.

Yes it is very contagious! My 6 year old daughter got it from school then my 5 year old son got it from her just by giving his big sissy a hug!!

How disrespectful for her not to mention it !! It’s highly contagious

She’d would no longer be my friend!

Did you give her a bath

Maybe they were on antibiotics in which they were not contagious. Maybe ‘friend’ should have let you know what her kids had and were not contagious when she came?

I was furious trust me but I’m just scared right now I don’t want my baby to get sick :disappointed:

She definitely should have said something before coming over, but there was no need to throw toys away. LOL

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I would re-evaluate that friendship. No friend would be bringing a highly contagious child around other kids especially not a baby!! It’s probably to late, your kids were exposed.

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That is so incredibly inconsiderate, that is extremely contagious and lasts for weeks! I would send her any medical bills you have :roll_eyes:

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So my friend had 2 sons only 1 got it they were 3 and 1 yrs old the 3 yr old had it but she kept everything clean and was on it cleaning everything so only one caught it good luck mama

My nephew had it and his mom caught it but my son was over there and he didn’t get it.