How cqan I get my two year old in bed before 10?

Any tips on how to get a 2 year old in bed before 10. We are just having the hardest time I have a newborn now as well and it’s getting to be to much.


Like others said, outside play or no naps or atleast a shorter nap earlier in the day. My son was THE WORST nap taker of it wasn’t at daycare. Especially after 2 yrs old when I stopped nursing. I just had to make sure I was home for the day by about 1, otherwise he’d pass out in the car. He started sleeping 12-14 hrs during the night when I took away/drastically shortened the nap. Make a “bed time ritual” type thing too. Maybe it’s a bath and some lavender lotion, a book, light/sound machine etc. limit screens at least 30 min before bed. I think there are foods that can also naturally make you tired but I can’t remember what they are off the top of my head. There also pressure points. Give him a little baby massage and hit those pressure points to help him relax. :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart: I know it feels like an insurmountable problem rn but I promise eventually he will sleep, and sleep earlier.

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No naps or early naps. Wake up earlier in the morning if your planning to have naps. Then gradually stop the naps.

A set routine and stick with it. Try to stay close to the same time every evening. Dinner, bath, pj’s, teeth, bed and read a book. Verbally giving them warnings prior helps too. We give hour, 30 min and 10 min warnings. So " hey bud/Insert name, one hour (or how ever long they have) till bath/bed. It helps them to know what’s expected and when to expect it.

Transition time. About 40 mins before bed time we make the house dim, turn out the lights, close blinds and settle down with cartoons/ books/ bath and quiet time. Then my son is usually so drowsy he doesn’t fight going to sleep … it’s the same every night now since he was 1 ( he’s now almost 5) and some nights he asks me to turn off his show he’s too tired and will go to bed on his own .

Mine only slept eleven hours even without naps so it might not happen. Try limiting nap time to once, no more than an hour and not after two pm. Otherwise embrace it. You’ll be up every couple of hours with your newborn anyway so just go with the later sleep cycle. If your baby goes to bed at 9pm and sleeps through the night, and your toddler 10pm, you’ll get morning lie-ins instead of late nights and your partner can spend more time with the kids.

Agree no nap or short morning nap and outside play time always whooped my kids

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I did a lot of transition time and counting down. “Hey after we eat dinner we are going to take a bath, put on jammies and then it’s bed time” and then after dinner “ok let’s get in the bathtub so we can do Jammie’s and bedtime” books at bedtime helped also

Tbh, I’m going to say no naps throughout the day. It worked for me, IJS.


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