How did you decide when the right time to have another baby was?

Hey mamas!. Just wanted to see how other moms and dads decided on baby number two!?. We are married and have a almost 3 year old and have been going back and forth on number 2… he says my body my choice but all I keep thinking about was how painful and long child birth is. Is this something everyone worries about?. Will i get over it once I’m pregnant?. He also works away with shift work so that also scares me. But is able to take 6 weeks off around the time of birth.


Your choice. Remember they do have epidurals. But second time around could be quicker. My first born I was in labor for 32 1/2 hours, my second I was in labor for 7. I think the worry you have is normal. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to love another as much as the first or show the first I wasn’t ditching her for the second. You learn to adapt and your love for them just continues to grow. I had these fears all the way up to the time I delivered. Number two is a whole new level of wonderful crazy that I wouldn’t trade for the world. :slight_smile: Best of luck in your decision.


Have more babies. Every birth is different. So what…a long painful delivery gave you one of life’s greatest pleasures


I been trying on baby #2 But no luck.

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Just remember all pregnancy are not the same and all delivery isn’t the same. You might have a quick easy go this round. But it’ll be worth it when you have that baby in your arms

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I’m pregnant with #5, you can do it :blush:

I wanted another baby, a boy specifically lol when my daughter was about 2 1/2. Unfortunately the Depo shots I took for birth control after I had her messed up my body so it took me awhile to get pregnant again (she was a few months shy of her 6th birthday when her brother was born) and then her sister was born 17 months after that lol. I didn’t feel like childbirth was that bad and my first labor was 24 hours (6 and 5 for the other kiddos) but I had epidurals for all of them so I’m sure that helped lol.

I have 4 children now… Ages 8,6,2,1… Honestly each pregnancy and birth was different… Your second could be quicker but it could also be longer and harder… Just remind yourself a baby is coming at the end… It OK to not enjoy pregnancy or birth it doesn’t mean you don’t love your baby…you have to decide if a baby is worth it to you… Also look into what maybe could make it more comfortable… Like place of birth… Pain relief…family support…and how you think little one will react to a baby… Goodluck… X

Labours generally get shorter with subsequent babies. My first was 26 hours, second was 15 hours, and third was just under 6 hours. We also aged ours at 4 years apart so I would have one just starting school when the next was born. More time to focus on the newborn that way. And no more than one at a time in diapers.

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I’m 34 weeks pregnant right now and I still have panic attacks about labor and this is my 3rd baby :woman_shrugging:t2: probably because they messed up my epidural with my daughter and I had a spinal fluid leak so I had to have 4 more needles shoved into my spine, so that really traumatized me. But if you have anxiety about it now you’ll have it while you’re pregnant too, the only time it’ll go away is when you’ve had the baby and you’re done with labor :woman_facepalming:t2: ugh. I mean they’re worth it, id still go through what I did for my daughter but damn, that shit can truly scar you :frowning:

I was the same as you, terrified and unsure if I could handle it. After my daughter turned 2 we said we weren’t going to try but we weren’t going to prevent either . I found out a few weeks later and I was in shock. We both were happy. The best time is the unplanned times. Let the Lord choose when you will conceive. Best of luck

I was hospitalized for 5 days after I delivered my 1st one (I lost too much blood due to all the tears). I got pregnant 4.5 months later again and was so scared and thought I wouldn’t survive this 2nd delivery. God was I wrong!! Everything went so smoothly and easy, I was walking around like nothing happened. When my doctor came to check on me he asked me how I was feeling and I told him great I could deliver another baby right now again. It was totally the opposite for me. Dont be afraid🙂.

Every pregnacy birth id’s diffrent my first was a breeze my second was horriable my third was a breeze also with each baby labour is quicker im the lucky few labour at most lasted 2 hours so makes it easy each pregnacy i do get a little anxious thinking about the pain there so quick that they all ended up being all natural because dont have time to get anything but its your choice

Don’t let labor scare you out of having another baby…it’s all worth it at the end no matter what you go through to have them! C sections are the worst…don’t get one if you don’t have too…that’s a ll the advice I can give

Well every pregnancy is different. I haven’t had any the same. As far as my husband’s participation, he’s always had to travel for work so I’m used to taking care of our kids myself so that wasn’t an issue. It was more of can I handle all the things that come with it, and I knew I could.

We have three boys 10, 4, and 2. With our last boy I was at our oldest son’s 6 hour long basketball tourney, by myself, with a toddler and a nursing 7 day old and it was just another day for me.

For my son I was in labor for 32 hours and was the worst experience ever and I even had an epidural. Hes now 11 months old and I am pregnant for my second baby. I am so scared for my labor experience but I just try not to think about it to much and hope it will be better this time around. But in the end I just try to think about getting to hold my new bundle of joy.

Baby #2 was planned for me and my husband, but baby #1 turns 9 this year so we’re not chasing a toddler around. I think most women warm to the idea once they are pregnant, but that doesn’t mean all women and doesn’t mean you should just do it. Its still a decision you should be comfortable with when/if you decide to do it. Honestly, the labor is the one thing I’m not worried about with this baby… the pregnancy itself has been so dramatic and miserable this time around. I’m so excited to be done with this. 38 + 5 and my doctor did a membrane sweep yesterday and scheduled an induction for Wednesday morning. My first pregnancy was a breeze compared to this one (and I actually had the nerve to say it was miserable before I got pregnant this time lol). Every single pregnancy is different from the last.

I refused to raise an only child. I wanted my daughter to have a sibling, someone she could grow up with. As for the labor and delivery don’t stress about. That is such a small part of being a Mom. Plus you could always get an epidural.

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My husband and I started talking about having another baby once our son reached 2. We planned on getting pregnant around December BUT got pregnant last July. So for my son’s 3rd bday he gets a baby sister. Due date is the day after his bday :grimacing:. Anyways, I am 6 months now and the anxiety of labor and being in the hospital is starting to get very real. I mean there is NO avoiding it but if you are someone like me how has anxiety about doctors and hospitals it is completely normal to be anxious when having anotger baby. I just keep reminding myself that once I hear that 1st cry I know it will all be worth it.

That’s near close to why I don’t want a second, the pain from birth wasn’t bad but omg I had an awfully painful recovery period. I don’t wanna go thru it again. Nope. My one perfect rainbow princess is more than enough for me.

It is a big decision!
It is way more time and money but love as well!!

I am an only child. If I had a sibling, I would be very happy. It was not my parents choice to have only one, but God’s will. The older I get the more alone I feel. Don’t think of yourself, think of the child that can bring you joy and love.

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You’ll be fine​:blush: its a blessing having your second baby, im on my 3rd and its scary, because its been awhile lol, but it didnt mess my body up, ooooo this might thoooough hes going to be a big boy…:astonished::joy::joy:anyways second babies are miracles just like the first, a play mate when they get older​:blush: so you’ll be juuuust fine​:blush::blush::blush: happy babies​:heart::heart:

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I love my two babies, but prepare for second mom guilt! I am a sahm though and because of that I wished I’d have waited until my first was in school. I’m high risk and dr appts and nst/bpps were a pain with a toddler in tow. We will be waiting until both our kids are in school to try for 3

I have 4. 9/7/4/2. I had a ROUGH pregnacy with all 4. Every symptom they say you can get i got. Morning sickness most of the way threw all 4. Emerg c-section with the 3rd one. NONE of it stopped me from have more. Once you have ur baby in ur arms you feel it was worth it.

My daughter is 7 and the only child. The thought of having another never crossed my mind because i had such a EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL labor! :open_mouth: So i completely understand your concern. It saddens me though when she asks why she’s the only kid in her class that doesn’t have siblings :frowning:

Maybe one day …

2nd pregnancy went by pretty fast and I knew it be our last so I enjoyed every minute of it. I know that sounds cheesy but I really enjoyed being pregnant

Second baby is easier than first you’re aware of the process n more relaxed I think ? I was at least

We have 4 and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love each and every one of them differently, but very fiercely. I can’t imagine my life/our family without all of them. We have a very unconventional family, but it works for us (18 yr old daughter, 15 year old son, 4 year old son, and 10 month old daughter-same mom, same dad for all 4). There’s plenty of love to go around. I didn’t worry about pain because I chose to get an epidural each time. Not that my pregnancies were perfect, but they were well worth it!