How did you find out you had breast cancer?

I recently discovered a large lump in my right breast that is "attached" so to say. It doesn't move under my finger tips and does not feel fluid filled. and is coming with nipple discharge in only my right breast. My Aunt is a breast cancer survivor and my Grandpa died from Cancer. I have two children who rely on me. I have no insurance but am in touch with local health services trying to get in for an exam and mammogram. Everything is pointing towards a tumor and I guess I could use some support and words from others who could share their stories with me.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How did you find out you had breast cancer? - Mamas Uncut

I don’t have an answer, sending prayers.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How did you find out you had breast cancer? - Mamas Uncut

VeroNika Hower can help you with this one

Pls see a dr asap…might be nothing but you must get checked out…good luck

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Book that mammogram my love…is there any walk in clinics or even a kids first in ur area would have a list of resources for yah… that’s all you can do for now don’t let it eat you away with anxiety.

I had a scare a couple years ago and it ended up being a Fibroadenoma. Get in for mammogram and see Dr

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I had to go for a scan few years ago as my mum had it thank god it werent but get hold of doctors they should send you for a scan ASAP. Some times it’s not cancer it can be fatty lumps or cyst good luck

Try to get in for a Mammogram ASAP. Many facilities have programs for the uninsured and/or payment help programs. Some facilities also have a self referral program where you don’t have to have an order from a provider to have a mammogram. Often times if you qualify for a free Mammogram through the health department they will back pay for an exam if there is an urgent matter(diagnostic Mammogram) or a situation where you you can’t “wait to be approved”. You are worth more than the money it will cost to have the imaging so my advice would be to make an appt. ASAP to find out what’s going on.

Mine was found through mammogram.

Catch it early and have them cut the girls off. Best decision my mama made. She lived to 90.


Planned Parenthood, things like this and std testing are most of what they do.


On Valentines I will be an 18 yr survivor….yes get your mammogram!!! I had cancer in my 30’s and they said the tumor was there for years… keep your spirit up and by that I mean laugh!!! Laugh and say your prayers but plow through treatments and know you can live and be there for your kids…I wanted my daughter to remember me and I now know she wouldn’t have because she doesn’t remember sick for a year….but I’m here and now a grandma!!!


Go on go fund me, you are absolutely a candidate for that. The best of all luck in the world to you!!!

There’s a program called bccp 704-920-1205. Call them they can set you up with a free mammogram. Good luck. Hugs!!


I know where I am from the YWCA assists some women to get mammograms, maybe try reaching out to them. Good luck!


Did you breastfeed? How long has it been since you stopped? I have a golf ball sized lump in my left breast that all signs pointed towards cancer too and after an ultrasound was done we discovered it was a galactocele. It’s a milk filled cyst that occurs a lot in breastfeeding women. You still need to be seen to figure out for sure what it is but try not to worry until you have something to worry about.

Really push for the mammogram asap. The sooner they find it, the better your chances


Through a mammogram as did my sister law. Other sister in law waited too long. God’s blessings
Also talk to a social worker at the hospital


Mine was through a mammogram and then an ultrasound and then they did a needle biopsy. I had a lumpectomy and a breast reduction (I always wanted one but wasn’t eligible before this) so there was wide clear margins so no chemotherapy or radiation. It’ll be 14 years in January…get that mammogram any way you can and keep on getting them, saved my life! Best of Luck :crossed_fingers:


It could just be a fibroadenoma but I’d 100% have it checked to be sure. Definitely not something you want to mess around with! Best of luck.

Get the exam and the biopsy. If it is cancer makevsure you meet with the surgeon before surgery and tell him/her you want all the lump and suspicious tissue removed if a lumoectimy and a through removal if a mastectomy. I have had both in the rightbsicmde and a skin cancer spot removed from one are and after 18, lunpectomy, 8 mastectomy, and 5 skin cancer lesion, years later cancer free. Also do see a cancer doctor if you have and small even pencil eraser size spiky spots that fall off and come back. Thar is what I had that was a nasty Carcenoma skin cancer.

It could also just be a simple cyst. I have one in my breast. I wouldn’t automatically jump to thinking you have cancer. It’s normal to have cysts in your breast lots of women have them. Lay off the caffeine. Go get a mammogram. Call around to various obgyn and see if any of them will do it for free or offer a payment arrangement. Then go from there once you get the results. Please do not stress out as that can cause other health issues.

Why can’t you get insurance? Medicaid if you’re destitute, Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has a sliding scale if not. Even if you were turned down before, try again. Rules have changed .

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I know here in Seattle, they have a program for free mammograms monthly on a bus. Try to find programs within your area. Or research. There are a lot of groups and companies, especially in October for breast cancer awareness month.

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A mammogram didnt show mine, mine showed up on a mri.

Get seen right away. It may be nothing, but it’s better to find out than wait. Best of luck to you!

Go seek medical attention immediately. There’s a good chance it could just be a cyst or infected duct. Good luck


October is breast cancer awareness month… Call the Hellen Graham Center they will do it for free. My Dad had Breast Cancer. Had a lumpectomy.

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I had a small lump, it hurt all the time. Got it checked out, was a benign tumor. I had surgery to get it removed. You NEED to figure out a way to get medical assistance and get it checked out asap. Lumps aren’t something to mess around with, I was lucky, tons aren’t.


Cancer (or the possibility of cancer) is scary enough without adding in the stress of having to worry about being able to afford a mammogram and exam :frowning:

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My sister had lumps in her breast, it turned out to be scar tissue from wearing wired bras

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I was diagnosed May 6…early detection is key! Please get seen. Mine showed on ultrasound and a biopsy was ordered from there

I didn’t have breast cancer but I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s B cell Lymphoma stage 4 in August of 2017 in a local Emergency room , I actually had sever pain that I was ignoring for months. Sed rate was 82. I got taken to a hospital in Pittsburgh and stayed for 2 weeks for biopsys, and emergency chemotherapy and was in treatment every two weeks for a week till December 2017 . Absolutely awful but worth it. I currently have clear scans and I’ve had a baby and currently pregnant again. I’m not sure what advice to give because if it wasn’t for my mom I wouldn’t have sought help because I tried prior at a check up to discuss my symptoms and was treated like a drug seeker. I think you need to get seen as soon as possible I’d look for local clinics that are doing breast cancer awareness mammograms, low income clinics, I’d also look for emergency medicade through the welfare office or if you make to much there’s the market place for insurance’s . The sooner the better. Cancer is the scariest thing especially when you have children. Best of luck your in my prayers.

I found lump 5 years ago. I have 3 kids and was sole provider for family of 5. I skipped chemo and did surgeries and hormone therapy. They said without chemo I’d be dead. Well I’m here and it was long road. Get the scan, biopsy, removal, reconstruction, ovaries removed, all while working full time to support my family. Expected to not have to be the sole breadwinner but stay at home Dad hat never came off my ex until divorced .

I pray you have the support you need from family and friends. It’s a lonely battle if you don’t. There are tons of treatment options so do your research and plan your treatment and recovery. You will be fine if you catch it early and even stage 4 is hopeful with certain drugs these days.


It is possible it could be a cyst. Unfortunately you cannot tell if something is breast cancer without further examination and testing because there are so many possible reasons for lumps in the breast. My dr said it’s very frustrating because women are taught to examine themselves but it could be clogged ducts(even years after children), cysts, fatty tumors (not cancerous) or possible cancer. I truly hope they can get you in and help you get the testing and exams you need. Prayers coming your way for good results

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I found a lump a few years ago went for a mammogram and then had biopsy done everything was fine. Keep your head up and stay positive. It’s scary but it could be nothing. Sending you prayers

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I just had a mammogram and they found a mass in my left breast. I went in to do the biopsy and it turned out to be a cyst that popped when they tried to biopsy it. Good luck to you! Sending up prayers for you

My sister had large lumps in both breast and they weren’t cancer. They removed them, and all is good. My grandma and great grandma both survived cancer!

Contact your local health dpt bc mine had a breast cancer program that allowed me emergency coverage within 3 days and that was in 2019 and I’m still covered til my treatment and reconstruction is done and I’m on my 2nd reconstruction right now. I can see my end in sight thank God.

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Get into contact with social workers at hospitals to see what help is available. Susan Koman foundation may be able to help also. Prayers to you and your family :family_man_woman_boy: :pray: :heart:

Breast cancer stole my mother from me when i was 3years old. I am who i am because of my father, but perhaps i couldve been softer and more loving having her in my physical life. She has never left my side. Best wishes to you and its 2021 i would get a mastectomy and say F the chances.

I had a family member recently go through something similar and it was nothing. I hope that’s the case for you , too !

Prayers honey if you need to cry yell or anything im a message away

I found multiple lumps in Oct. 2018. I opted to have a complete masectomy and lymphnode removal. I had 9 surgeries over the following 2 years. I am now cancer free.

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Don’t weight in get in sopn

Go to a planned parent hood.

Hope you get good news xx plz keep us updatedđź’—

Thermograph is much safer

If there is a planned parenthood near you they do mammograms . They can also take your income into consideration when it comes to billing or if you can get Medicaid they take that.

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My mom was diagnosed two weeks ago and goes for a lumpectomy tomorrow morning. She had no signs but went for a mammogram and they found it. Worst case go to the hospital if you’re that worried. They have to treat you

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