How did you find out your child has Autism?

I’ve seen a few posts on here about Autism in children. My question is, how did you find out? Who do you ask? How do you ask? Some of the posts and comments I’ve seen have had me questing my 6-year old for we have had many problems. Socially he is behind (possible kindergarten repeat due to it), and he repeats himself OFTEN. He’s always moving around; even when he is sitting, he is still wiggling around, and when standing, he’s always grabbing onto everything pulling and swaying. Teaching him is a struggle for me; it seems like he just doesn’t grasp the concept. And just when I think he’s got it, he suddenly doesn’t, and it’s starting from the very beginning. We’ve had a very serious hard time potty training. He would hold it and hold it until constipated, and after a while, we had to do a full diet change, cut out dairy, and a Miralax cleanse (Dr prescribed). He still finds a way to hold it sometimes, even though he sits on the potty routinely every single night. With covid, dr had been limited unless needed, but so far, no one has really mentioned anything to me about anything outside of extra in-school classes. He was in speech (he was born tongue-tied, and we just had surgery for it). They also had him in with their guidance counselor for emotional understanding, and they put him in all day K. He’s my first, and I don’t have very much experience outside of him. When I say I’m winging it, I seriously mean this. I have a toddler now, and we are all just having a bad time. I hope you guys can help a momma out!!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How did you find out your child has Autism?

My daughter I got diagnosed a little before her 3rd birthday, but I had known since she was 9 months old. She was behind on walking and talking so I had her in a program Pediatric development, and they helped me get her tested. And my son I’ve had suspicions about when he started flapping excessively around 6-8 months. I had pediatric development for him as well as he’s also behind from having chemo for his cancer, but his pediatrician also recommended he get tested. This was a long way to say to bring it up to the pediatrician, but just a short way of telling my experience.

We went to a behavioral specialist when my son was 5 he was diagnosed with SPD and autism. He was fine motor,gross motor and speech delayed. We reached out to our school districts CSE committee.

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My oldest has severe autism and his twin sister has high functioning autism. I would go to your Pediatrician and ask for a referral to developmental pediatrics. I’ll be honest with my son I knew something was off at 18 months but the twins were my first and I was in denial. My daughter wasn’t diagnosed until she was 7. It honestly was not obvious in her until then. she’s very high functioning so it doesn’t affect her like it does my son. He is the most severe as far as autism is rated. If you have a feeling in your gut that something if off talk to the pediatrician, complete a Vanderbilt screening and ask his teachers and any daycare providers to fill them out too. Jump on it now. The faster you get him assessed the faster you can get help. If you get the help while he is still little things will start to improve. At least that’s my experience. Please feel free to pm me if you need someone to talk to. I have been through a lot with my kids and if I can’t help I may at least be able to point you in the right direction.

My son’s pediatrician told me at 18 months that my son had clear signs of autism. Lack of eye contact, didn’t respond to name/noises, global delays, feeding difficulties. He was diagnosed a month after his 2nd birthday with “Level 3” which is considered needing significant support with everything so he’s a “line of sight care” child. He’ll be 5 in a little over a month and still has global delays 2+ years, he was diagnosed by a Developmental Pediatric Specialist.

I had my son tested twice once privately through his pediatrician referral and once I had those results I took them to the school and met with their principal and requested a second test. That way the teachers are extra aware of anything my son might be struggling in. The school kept in touch with me and we sat down and came up with a plan that changes based on his needs.if it wasn’t for his kindergarten teacher telling me to go this route the school never would have tested him.

I knew around age 4. I took my son into the school at 5 and met with his teacher the first time after the other parents left on meet the teacher night and told her that I knew my son had autism and he needed to be tested and whatever it took I’d do. She was quick to help and the school did a great job of testing and diagnosing him and he got the help he needed and SSI right away. He redid kindergarten twice and now he’s homeschooled and thriving! Momma knew, but God and the school helped me through it and I’m forever grateful :blush:

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I did a checklist on “Autism Speaks” website then met with his primary doc for a referral to psychiatrist.

I knew around the age of 3 but they did not diagnose her till she was 6!! It’s really challenging, but remain calm and continue to be that safe haven for him!! Because it is going to get harder before it gets easier…there can always be more than just one diagnosis!!! Your a strong momma and I salute you :heart:

Start with your child’s pediatrician. He/she can refer you for testing with the appropriate medical professional.

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Get diagnosed by a doctor.

Did you talk to your pediatrician about your son? My son was in middle school when he was diagnosed but before that the dr thought it was just ADD. My son was taking steps before his first birthday, he was potty trained before 2, he was always happy and out going as a baby. They say some change when they get a little older and that’s what my son did, he would hide if he didn’t feel comfortable, he doesn’t make direct eye contact all the time especially if he’s not comfortable around someone, he fidgets with his hands sometimes but he is extremely book smart. My son does take medicine to focus and even when I took him off he was the one that asked to be put on the medication. My son had to go to the hospital for evaluation, testing, to speak which he wouldn’t really with a counselor and it was a process of multiple Weeks going.

Look in your area for places that do developmental evaluations and ADOS evaluations for children.
In my area(Pennsylvania) it’s through Early intervention(ages infant-3)then Lincoln intermediate unit(ages 3-5).

Sounds like ADHD not autism. And potty issue could be another issue too

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How did you find out your child has Autism?

My son is Autistic. I know most wont believe me but I knew my son had Autism soon after his shots around 6 months. He instantly started banging his head all night long in his crib into the mattress while laying down and rocking back and forth constantly sitting up. He did not talk till after he was 4 yrs old. He was infatuated with certain objects and had to have them on him at all times. Got upset very easily and it triggered spells where he stopped breathing and passed out up to 4 times a day. He would self harm and was not reactive to a lot of pain sometimes. Did not like to look at you at all. Did not like certain fabrics or clothes. Lots of physical and mental therapy. There are certain hospitals that test children for different mental conditions that would be the best thing to do. Waiting lists can be long. Dont give up. I was told he wouldnt ever be able to do this and that but i don’t believe everything I’m told. I worked very hard with him and yes basic things are hard for him like he won’t go in a store and shop but he can build a computer from scratch and fix any electronic there is now that he’s grown. Don’t give up. Research online and get into groups if needed.


As I’m reading this, it makes curious to wonder about my own son. I have to older children which are girls. My son just turned 2, he does not say words, he gets crazy angry, throws fits were he hits others or himself. I have been curious if something more is going on with him. He has appt coming up, I plan on talking to his doctor. He is only 2, so I’m in between is this terrible 2s or something more???

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That sounds more like what my child’s symptoms of (diagnosed) ADHD are than autism, but your first steps are bringing the issue up with your child’s pediatrician and going from there.

Start with your pediatrician. In my case it’s harder to diagnose with girls. Girls mimick so we didn’t get my Daughters diagnosed until middle school. She had been miss diagnosed wit ADD. As both ADD and ADHD have similiar symptoms. In my daughters case she was also very sensitive to clothing. I had to remove every tag. She had trouble looking people in the eye. She still does. She admitted she looks at peoples foreheads. She is immature for her age. She always gets to her goals it just is on a different time table than her peers.

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It’s hard to tell from a small amount of information but a lot of that is the same as my daughter. She has ADHD.

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Autism Inclusivity is a great group

I went through my gp an they had a chat with my little man an asked me a few questions to way up weather they thought he did then they refurred us to CAHMS who will do the assessment we still waiting on that part though xx

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How did you find out your child has Autism?

My son had all of the above and he’s not autistic. You find out by getting them evaluated by a doctor (a regular doctor). You just say you want to get your son evaluated for learning disabilities/autism and they tell you the steps to take. My son was a little socially behind (he repeated grade 1, they wanted him to repeat kindergarten). He’s eleven now and has quit most of this other than the constant need to be moving. He’s fidgety. Can’t control him. He still gets frustrated learning new concepts but his self confidence has grown over the years. Get him evaluated and make a decision on the best way to get him help through school. My son had a teacher assistant grades 1-3 and now he’s on his own and doing well in school. He also had the poop issue but holding his poop was making his poops too big so when he did have to go it would hurt. Then he was fearful of doing every time. Lots of fibre and he was fine.

It was glaringly obvious with my daughter. Delayed milestones. No speech. Hand flapping. Head banging. She was diagnosed at age 2.