How did you know when you were really in labor?

I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my second child. Sunday night, I started having what felt like contractions every 5-6 minutes for two hours, along with lower back pain & hip pressure. It happened again Monday night but wasn’t exactly the same. Today I’m having hip pressure & terrible stomach pains that are mainly constant along with lower back pain. With my first baby, I had to be induced & was on pain medication, so I can’t really remember what real labor feels like, but this is painful. I’ve tried laying in different positions, walking around, seeing if I just needed to use the bathroom & nothing has helped. I have a doctor’s check-up tomorrow & don’t know if I should just wait & deal with it until then or go-ahead to the hospital. A nurse from my doctor’s office told me earlier today she would like for me to go get monitored, but I’d hate to go all the way to the hospital for false labor.


You could be going in and out of labor. Like progressing a little then it stops. My body doesn’t this for weeks before it’s time. Drink 40oz water, take some Tylenol, relax and try to nap. If it’s keeping you awake or wakes you up it’s time to go. However your dr knows best so keep that in mind.


There is no wrong reason and even if its false labor at least you’ll know!!


If it doesnt stop after walking, drinking water, pain is constant and lasting longer you’re probably in labor .

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I’m 35 weeks (my 4th) and have the same thing happening… it could just be baby moving down on the cervix (first stages of baby preparation for birth)!! You should go get checked if your worried about it!

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You’ll know when it’s real. But if you’re worried you can call your OBGYN and they can do a test for you and let you know what they think.

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I’ve had 5 babies id go to the hospital who cares if its a false alarm better to be safe amd make sure you and the baby are OK!!!


When my water broke lol. No seriously though. With my second I was in active preterm labor with contractions anywhere from 3-5mins apart for 3 full days before my water broke. I went to the hospital twice and got sent home twice so I looked at my then fiance and said I’d not go back until my water broke! I was pissed.

Two days later in full blown pain, contractions, labor I still refused to go to the hospital until my water broke then the nurse had the balls to ask me if I peed myself instead of it being my water because I was there so much in the end.

You may be dehydrated, trying drinking lots of water and resting

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I told my doctor about having Braxton Hicks frequently and he said if I have them consistently for 2 hours that I should get to labor and delivery ASAP to be checked out so I’d say go get checked for sure… they will just do a stress test and maybe even an ultrasound so it can’t hurt!

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Definitely go to the hospital even if your not in labor thats why they’re there. Happened to me with my first one, thought i was in labor but wasn’t, and two days later i was.

If it gets worse then go

If you have an appointment tomorrow I’m sure you’ll be fine but I’d go now if I were you.

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Im 33 weeks and my doctor said if I have 5 or more contractions in an hour to go pee, drink a bottle of water and lay on my side with one hand on my stomach for one hour. If they continue with 5 or more in an hour after that she needs to know. But they usually always stop after i take those steps

I was like this for weeks. Get checked. The worse they could do is tell you to go home and wait it out

I had a similar issue last week and I was also 35 weeks. I had contractions about the same intervals for several hours. Laying down and drinking water didn’t help so Went to triage labor and delivery per my doctor just to make sure and I was contracting due to dehydration and babies heart rate was elevated because of it. Had a bag of fluids and contractions stopped and heart rate went to normal. Left a few hours later. I too was induced with my son for first pregnancy so was unsure about what going into natural labor felt like. Never hurts to always double check if you have concerns. Good luck mama!

I had to be induced with my first and that Pitocin makes your contractions excruciating…I felt a little weird with my second and thought it was just those Braxton Hicks contractions or not even those so I figured to go get checked out…well I was 8 cm dilated and they put me in a delivery room stat and the nurse said I don’t know how close I was to having my daughter at home or in the truck on the way there…from the time I got registered, into a regular room to get checked then into a delivery room and had my daughter it was only about a half an hour :astonished:… definitely different than my first time :+1:

If it’s real labor the contractions will be consistent and get closer together and more painful. Being dehydrated can cause irregular contractions so drink extra water

Sounds like contractions

Just go in, sounds like early labor to me

I had contractions for a week off and on before I had my baby. The night before I had her, I woke up completely awake and thought “I need to get her bag ready and clothes washed”. I stayed up in the middle of the night for 3 hours getting everything ready. Went back to bed, went in for my doctors appt, and I was 5 cm dilated and 100% effaced. My contractions over the night didn’t feel any worse than they had for the past week, so I didn’t think I was ready, but within 4 hours of my appointment I had my baby. I’d honestly just wait for your doctors appointment if they (the pains) aren’t consistent. However, if you’re worried and can’t stop thinking about it, go in. The nurses probably monitor women all the time that aren’t actually in labor. They probably expect you not to be but it’s better to ease your worries if you are super worried.

Phone your maternity ward they will advise you

A nurse from your clinic already told you what you should do…

I was 37w4d when my back started hurting and I KNEW. Within a half hour of my back starting to hurt, contractions came. They were less than a minute apart and anywhere from 50-70 seconds long. 2 hours later, I was finally at the hospital as I had to get home and load the hospital bag and make sure my child’s god mom picked him up so that he was taken care of. I was 2-3cm dilated when I got to the hospital. I was 1cm the day before at my appt. anyways, I had my baby early in the morning when I was 37w5d. Back labor is what made me know “this is it” and I for sure knew when the contractions came and were super close, super strong, and lasting FOREVER. I say all that to say- trust your gut! If you feel like it’s happening, it probably is!!

Honey, it is better to go and it be nothing than to not go and it be something!

Always call the nurse or go be seen. I don’t care how minor you think something is. Call L&D

Braxton- Hicks…You may experience these contractions but they mean you should be packed and have your birthing party on notice that it could be " any moment now". As a precaution you should always follow up with your obstetrician if you have any concerns during and after your gestation.
Congratulations to you!! Praying for an uneventful delivery!

I never really had pain until my water broke my stomach would just get really hard and when I was timing it they were 2 to 3 min apart so I told my husband to take me to the hospital just to get checked out and turns out I was contracting it don’t hurt to go get checked out or even call your OB and see what you should do

i was the same, i had contractions for WEEKS and then i just decided to go one night to be checked out and i was already 4cm and my water was broken. I went and called in numerous amount of times because i thought i was in labor, it is upsetting when they send you home but better safe then sorry!!in my opinion i’d rather be in the hospital longer than i need to be, rather than not get there in time🤣

You might be having Braxton Hicks contractions since your so close to delivery. When my water broke it felt like I had peed myself just a tiny bit I tried to hold it in while I went to the bathroom but I couldn’t then I wiped myself and noticed some blood so I was like this isn’t normal maybe my water broke I was 38 weeks. The hospital will only tell you to go in so they can check that’s the only way to really know. Worse case they tell you nope not yet go back home and hang out. Sex, walking, and raspberry tea (hot) helped me go into labor quick.

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I thought I was in labor twice with my daughter before I actually went into labor. The biggest difference was that I couldn’t sleep through my contractions with real labor

When I had no relief in between contractions. Lay down drink water. If they get stronger and don’t go away call dr!

Go to the hospital. You already got medical advice. Don’t ask Facebook!!!


Better safe than sorry. It wouldn’t hurt to get checked.

Go to the hospital it never hurts to get checked out

Better safe than delivering at home.

I woukd call L&D and ask them never hurts

Go to dr. That’s what you need to do. Ok

when the baby comes out :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s time let. Me know

It could be Braxton Hicks but if relaxing or laying down isn’t helping or making the pain go away I’d go get checked.

Sounds like back labor is starting so definitely go to the hospital to be checked

Well you’ll know for sure shortly! Definitely doesn’t hurt to get checked, if you don’t feel right, go. Good luck and congrats!:blush:

Sounds like the last month of both my pregnancies, many false trips. There’s a lot of pelvic adjustment that needs to happen to make room for baby, as it widens it pulls muscles and tendons, pinches nerves. It hurts! For me, i found that if one hit and i could still walk, it wasn’t a “real” one. Real ones would nearly or completely drop me to my knees. I think when women say that “you’ll know” means if your first thought was to walk it off or change positions, that’s instinct. In the real deal, it never occurred to me that there might be a relief option, it was just “THIS is it, let’s go!” And even when it’s real deal, they can still send you home until it progresses further :roll_eyes: Hang in there mama, it’s gotta get worse before it gets better, you’re almost there! :heart:

I’d hate for you not to go to the hospital and have a baby in your car. I was always told that I’d know when I was having actual contractions, which was not true because I didn’t feel mine with both kids.

I’d rather go to the hospital for false labor than not go to the hospital for actual labor. I was 26 weeks and 6 days having intense back pain and contractions and blew them off until I was bleeding and lost a huge chunk of my mucus plug. I ended up having her an hour after getting her to the hospital that night because I went too late

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It sounds possible that your having back labor pains. Go in just to be safe.

U know when u worry if it’s time or not ! Anxiety sets in I went in when I bleed or contractions where 3 min apart take a shower and see how u feel! But watch how your contractions progress its fast changing good luck! Dont let the doctor spank your baby to hard! Lol

I would go just in case… with my third daughter, my water was broke and I was in active labor when I got to the doctor for a check up and I never felt a thing. I always thought I would know for sure and had no clue

I’d be going in to the hospital and getting monitored just incase . Both my girls were born at 33+1 weeks. Good luck darling :slightly_smiling_face:

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If the nurse says go, I’d go. Better safe, than sorry.

Most Dr offices can check you and monitor and tell you if it’s time. I would call you’re dr first.

Rule of thumb. 5 minutes and under…go.
Water breaks: go
Try to drink more because u could be dehyrated

Call your dr. It could be Braxton Hicks

Need to go to be checked sounds like ready, by the way when is delivery date?

If a nurse says to go get monitored, go in.

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People are seriously stupid

Could be back labor.

So what happened? Did you have the baby?

If it is true labor it will continue and only get stonger .

Best to go and get checked out! Like my midwife always told me its what were here for and it puts your mind at ease!! X