How did you know you were ready to have more kids?

I been married for 14 years. My husband is 40 and I’m 33. We have 3 children together, Ages 11, 3, and 2 years. How do you guys know / or what made you decide if you wanted more children or not? What was your deciding factor?


I had a girl she was 5. I felt an emptiness she was growing so fast and wasn’t so needy anymore. I knew I wanted one more. (up until she was 5 I was completely content with just 1 kid) We had a boy so then I knew I was done. Had my boy and my girl. Also I am 37 kids are 16 and 11. Also I knew I didn’t want to be raising kids in my late 40’s early 50’s.

With my first husband it was realizing how awful he was and I wasn’t going to be having any more with him due to his abuse. My 2nd husband it might come down to age and the fact I’ve almost died 2 times and we lost both babies. I love our babies. I want more so bad, but I’m now high risk due to our loses and now they won’t shut up about my advanced maternal age.v

I’ve got 19 yo, 5 yo, 4 yo… I’m almost 40 and single and live with my parents so I’m pretty sure I’m done.

I have 11, 2, newborn.
i knew when my 2 year old was going nuts , 11 year old was sick and I was pregnant and just couldn’t do it. I was on edge of mental breakdown. it was so much!!! i didn’t sleep in years, completely lacked time to complete my chores, mom guilt 24/7 about everything, now with 3 I love it but i know this is it, i simply can’t handle more mentally and financially. i made decision to remove tubes at my 3rd c section. also it was extremely difficult c section and painful pragnancy full of pain and episodes.


Tbh we think our 2 are enough. Raising kids is not an easy task & expensive. That and my last girl was so hard on my body I just couldn’t go through it again. We’re happy with our kiddos.


Me and my husband decided no more children due to him working 60-70 hour weeks and it already being hard on me with a 19 month old and a 5 month old


If you’re thinking about another baby make sure your husband is on the same page as you. Make sure you are financially able without him working himself to death. Because that is a major stress factor for guys when the income is low.

My boyfriend is 25 and I am 33. We have a six year old daughter together. I was a surrogate from my best friend years ago. He is 10 years old. Unfortunately partial custody of him  as my best friend died in a car accident when I was pregnant…  I’m also a hockey trainer so I take three boys in for the season from my team and my boyfriend is also an assistant coach in New York were super busy. We got busy schedules during the season so we decided no kids at the moment…  we’re still both pretty undecided if we want more or not

I’ve been in my relationship for 4 years and the only way we knew we were ready was that positive pregnancy test. Otherwise we’d just have the 2 lol. But that’s just us

I decided when I was pregnant with my 4th :joy: I tried sooner but the state requirements are ridiculous