How did you know your child was ready to potty train?

Signs of readiness for potty training? I potty trained my first 4 months before her 3rd birthday. My little girl now is 20 months. 4 months shy of her 2nd birthday. She is constantly taking off her diaper. Middle ofthe night too. Last night, apparently she took off her diaper and went to sleep. By the time she woke up, she was covered in urine and poop. Yesterday, she somehow managed to take off her diaper while her pants were still on. I still think she’s fairly young but idk, maybe she’s ready? But she’s also still sleeping in her crib still too so even if she got potty trained she can’t get up in the middle of the night to go. So do I need to get her a bed now too? But I also feel like she’s one of the kids that if I give her the freedom to go such as a new bed where she can walk out of her room when she wants, she’d be going into my room and trying to sleep with me. I just think it’s too much freedom. Also. She will say a few words and I’ve even heard her say complete sentences when she wants too but she’s not really communicating enough where I feel like she’d communicate to me that she has to go potty like if we’re out and about. Right now if she wants something she’ll just scream and I have to guess. So I still feel like she’s too young but I don’t know All reactions:


All kids are different when they are ready. If she’s taking her diaper off there’s no hurt in trying to put her on the potty. Encourage her and stay consistent. Very little to drink before bed. Putting her on the potty more and more she will understand that’s where to go. Have a night light and go shopping for big girl panties. That’s a great incentive. Take her to the bathroom when she wakes up and after she’s eaten and whenever you go. Make it fun and give rewards of new panties and maybe sticker chart? :wink: My boy were potty trained very early. It’s just staying tuned to their bodies, staying consistent, and never give up. I never made my boys feel bad about accidents either. Some kids are easier than others. I think that she’s ready to try especially if she’s pulling her diaper off. You’ve got this Momma!! :100:

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Never to young to start. My youngest was fully potty trained with no accidents at all at 18 months. She hated diapers and kept taking hers off. I let her run around the house with just a long tee shirt and her potty chair always near by when we started

Mine was potty trained at 18 months. Grands were potty trained by a little over 2 years. And my.l mom had us all potty trained no later than 15 months.(There was usually another on the way).
It’s not that hard.


My oldest was potty trained before her 2nd birthday. Completely. No accidents and no pull-ups.
My youngest was much harder… she wasn’t until she was a little past 3. All kids are different.

It’s not to young all my kids were trained by 2 . Let her pick out her potty and undies. Don’t use pull ups it just slows things down.

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You’ll get through it. One day she’ll be potty trained, then no diapers, the big girl underwear;. Most of all just be patient and don’t expect too much

Mom of 7- 6 boys and I girl.
The boys I sent outside alot to pee. I also always brought yhe potty out into the hall in the beginning, so that they didn’t feel alone.

My older ones I trained when they were like between 1.5- 2 years.

But by child 5, I started potty training around 2.5- 3 years. And training didn’t take as long or was a big a headache because they were already becoming self aware of going to the bathroom in their diaper/pull up.

I picked a day and started. I don’t believe in that stuff about “they will when they are ready”. Worked for me for 2 boys, 1 was completely non verbal at the time.