How did you manage pain while giving birth?

This is for the mama’s that went with no epi, what pain management helped you get through it? I’ve done no epi twice already, but this baby will be alot heavier than my last. I’m also making a birthing Playlist, aby recommendations?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How did you manage pain while giving birth? - Mamas Uncut

Breathing techniques
Laboring at home
No coached birthing/delivery
Walking, squatting, throne position, hands and knees
Laying on the back is the worst and makes labor longer.
Mantras- “I can do this” “my body was designed for this” “all worth it when baby comes”
Reminding myself recovery is much easier and no long lasting side effects from pain medication.


Tens machine, walking up stairs, warm baths. Mine was 8lb 11…

I honestly have no idea. I just did it. No Playlist. Made sure I breathed :woman_shrugging:


Concentrated on breathing rocked in rocking chair and walked. Tuned everyone and everything out. Biggest baby was 9.3

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I had a 14 hour labor (all back labor), spent the majority in the shower, another few hours on a ball and I got a shot of pain meds somewhere between all that and caving for an epi only a few hours before giving birth. My mother in law helped a lot too with counter pressure on my back during the time I was bouncing/swaying on the ball.
Eta: my kiddo ended up being 9lbs.

Nothing worked. Lol natural twice. Sorry but I’m not gonna delude your thinking.


i’ve done natural no epi 3 times and breathing through the contractions helped, i also used a peanut ball between my legs and when i felt the urge to push, i pushed. i didn’t lay down the entire time, i sat up and talked and watched tv and did the hospital paperwork, got on my hands and knees, took off the hospital gown.
My husband was also a big help, he did everything i asked him to do when i asked him to do it like massage my scalp, hold my leg, etc.
i think this time around i might even listen to some music.

Is there a reason people are so against an Epi? I’m the first to admit I could not cope with the pain. I can’t even imagine how strong you mamas are :muscle: I know its natural but my pain tolerance for birth was not :see_no_evil:


I walked a lot. I was induced and had absolutely no pain management. I walked the entire time. My friend was there with me and we just walked circles in the wing together and talked. I was only in labor for 4.5 hours. I started at 3 cm.

I was natural all three times. My youngest being the longest and most painful birth bc I had to be induced. Breathing, relaxing music like the sounds of waterfalls etc helped. Best of luck I hope everything goes well.

Labored in the tub for the majority, made it clear I didn’t want to push on my back, key to progressing is just keep moving and focus on breathing techniques.

Breathing. Focus on breathing. One of mine was 10lbs 12oz 22.5 inches. He got stuck. Worst pain ever. First two were natural as well and breathing helped.

The best thing that helped mewas counting through the contractions, and standing up with knees bent slightly and bent at the waist a little. Don’t lay on your back, and be in the best crouch you can be on that bed when. Pushing…feel free to yell I did once when the ring of fire happened…if you have a partner or someone who can be in there with you focus on them if you feel like you can’t take it anymore

I had no choice, by the time they got me up to the room, changed, i was ready. She came so fast she had to have a note in her bin saying her face was black and blue because of it, not because she wasn’t breathing

Mind over matter- breathing- and position! I was pretty much up until I had to push had three all natural

My 1st was 24hours full on to end up having a csection no pain relief until out of theatre, my 2nd was 4 days on and off but 22hours forceps stitches and blood transfusion, i had gas n air and epidural the pain was hideous but still glad a didnt have another csection

Kudos to y’all who did it without the epi. I planned for the drugs. And lord knows when the contractions started I was BEGGING for them. Y’all some strong ass women

Let gravity help you and breathing and focusing through contractions helped a lot. Having a support person with you also helps a lot.

You don’t :rofl: you cry the whole time. And let your body do the rest. Or at least that’s what I did

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Standing up and hovering with hands on the bed. It takes the pressure off. I honestly felt like i was at a 7/10 going down to a 5/10 feels so much better! And just breathing.

Laboring a majority at home helped with pain because I was able to move around as I pleased and lay on a comfortable mattress. Once at the hospital, I used a comb to grip on when the contractions hit. The uncomfortable hospital bed is what adds to discomfort.

Nothing for me it happened so fast my water broke at 10am got to the hospital by 11am and my son was born at noon on Halloween😅 My daughter, I was induced since she just wanted to stay in there, but she also came within an hour after being induced, once they broke my water. The pain didn’t start until Jr high😆

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Visualization. I imagined I was floating on water and when the contraction started I would imagine sinking, leaving the pain on the surface. It actually worked really well! Breathing and focusing on relaxation. Hypnobabies wqs the program I used. Good luck!

I had my only 2 births without epidural. My first one went into labor naturally and second I was induced. What helped with both was breathing in-between contractions and laying on my left side with a pillow in-between my legs. It doesn’t make it less painful, but it helps some on being comfortable

Deep breathing and tried to relax my body as much as possible cuz tensing up with make the pain worse

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Honestly the other alternatives in my experience won’t do anything but make you so high you don’t care.

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I have had 3 16 hours of labor 3 doses of Nubian the last one 5 hours before having her - so I pushed her out with nothing - 4.5 hours with him they forgot my pains meds with him - 12 hours with My last 2 doses of pain meds with her and none in the last bit - it just hurts all my babies were over 8 pounds almost 9 except the last she was 7lbs 15oz - I am pregnant with number 4 and I am highly considering the epidural this time

Honey, my first pregnancy, I was 19, overseas, my first husband was about as caring and attentive as a wet rock. None of my family was there. I had no friends to speak of… I was alone and had no real idea what to expect. All I had been told was that I could judge my labor contractions by how severe my period cramps were… and they were monstrous. I wasn’t disappointed. I was sure I wasn’t going to survive. I was in an Army Hospital and scared half to death. The night nurses weren’t all that sympathetic. I started in hard labor about 3am. I was already tired because I had had to walk awhile to try to dilate and I had been awake all day the day before. My husband had gone to the father’s waiting room to sleep. They wouldn’t let me have water or ice chips, but I conned them out of a damp washcloth that I sucked on. I got no pain meds. I stopped dilating at 8 centimeters. They thought maybe my pelvis was too small for the baby to fit through… I thought that was real clever of them. I’d already been in labor for 24 hours. They took me to X-Ray to see if the baby would fit through my pelvis. They decided he could and by the time we got back upstairs, I was dilated to 10 centimeters. Then I could start pushing. After that, it wasn’t quite so bad. Until the baby was born. At the same time they cut the episiotomy, I tore. I had still had no pain meds. They did give me some Lidicaine before sewing me up. But that was it. How did I get through labor? I have some fuzzy memories of squalling like a scalded cat during the worst of it. I know it doesn’t really help, but I was never taught how to handle labor and delivery. They didn’t offer Lamaze, and my husband wouldn’t have gone with me to the classes anyway.

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I had a student midwife who forgot to turn the gas on, so I had nothing really to help. Lots of breathing, calm thinking. I channelled my frustration with her and helped. They said I was so polite ha!

Definitely labor at home as long as you can. That way you can be in the positions that are most comfortable for you. Breathing through the contractions.

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My first and last births were non epidurals. I had an injury from an epidural and refused to ever do it again. A nurse gave me some fabulous advice about 22 years ago “breathe past the pain” and it just worked. It’s truly a mind over matter situation. Yes it’s painful but you’re in control and it’ll be over before you know it. I highly recommend meditation to get you on the right page mentally and emotionally. There are incredible YouTube videos about preparing for this.


I’ve had multiple 9+ lb babies without pain management (I’m barely over 5ft, and 115 lbs, so those were some big ole babies) . I was blessed with very quick labors, but that meant there was very little down time between contractions. I noticed that sitting up with at least one leg underneath me (criss cross was fine until my hips or legs were stiff) and lifting myself up slightly was so helpful. It not only seemed to relieve pressure from my nether regions, but also opened up my pelvis, and allowed gravity to do it’s job. Laying on your back during labor is the absolute worst position. In fact, if I remember correctly, laying on your back closes up the birth canal by something like 20%…you also need to breath deeply through the contractions. In through the nose, out through the mouth like a runner.

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Stay busy as long as you can!!! I labored at home until 8cm I would suggest going in slightly sooner as baby came out 15 mins after getting to the hospital :joy::joy: We barely got into the room! I stayed in the tub with hot water on my lower back until contractions got bad then took a shower and attempted to do my hair/makeup. It helped! I FaceTimed people and talked thru contractions. With my last I went to the hospital when my water broke and I wish I had stayed home longer bc it was harder enduring contractions when I was bored in the hospital room :joy:

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Good job mama you’ve got this!!! You can do it!!!

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Nothing girl it’s gonna hurt regardless

I screamed my head off!! Really!

I used kt tape. The worst part to me was back labor. My back can’t take it.
Also sounds silly, when the midwife said push i did deep breaths and focus. I didn’t necessarily “push”. I let him come out on his own. I have had two children, no epidurals, both eight pounders

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