How did you pay or IVF?

How did you pay for IVF when insurance didn’t cover it? It is unbelievably expensive and most likely has to do multiple rounds. Has anyone ever done the sponsor a puzzle piece? I would like to chat with someone who did the sponsorship.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How did you pay or IVF?

I went through freedom pharmacy for the medications. Didn’t use my insurance and it was a heck of a lot cheaper than anywhere else. I got a personal loan for my meds as well. I have family that had set up fundraisers to get the money for the costs!

Ours had a package. 6 tries and if you don’t go home w a baby you get 70% of your money back. They also had studies you can participate in. We did the package but we had to sell our truck and use a credit card.

Surrogates and Intended Parents this group has lots of info and input on this specific topic.

CNY fertility. It will still run you about $8,000 but it’s still a lot cheaper than paying $20k per round. CNY does the egg retrieval and you can do a few rounds from one egg retrieval if you’re lucky. You just have to pay for medication each round (about $4k)


i wish i didnt get my tube tied i would have love to help someone carry a baby for them

Qualified for a Ferring Pharmaceutical clinical study and received free IVF


Can you be a surrogate if you’re Rh-?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How did you pay or IVF?

I went through IVF in 1994/95 and it was expensive then…nothing covered through insurance…nothing else was available

I just borrowed against my 401k.

We used a credit card. We did two rounds. The first was an ectopic pregnancy. The second try we got pregnant with twins. It took years to pay it off but it was the best debt we went had! Best of luck to you :pray:t2:


Take out personal loan, my friend took out 2 IVF loans, one successful baby girl, 30 grand in debt.

I know someone who did a go fund me account after her 3rd round

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I heard Starbucks insurance covers IVF and even part timers get insurance.


Saved up the money!!!

It pisses me off that addicts can get help with treatment, but perspective parents must beg for basic fertility assistance. Insurance companies are a complete scam.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How did you pay or IVF?

paid for it out of pocket

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Paid for it out of pocket. You can get like a special line of credit from the fertility clinic.

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There are grants! Footsteps for Fertility being one. Lots of places that do studies and if you qualify the cost is insanely lower.


I maxed out a credit card and got a loan just for it to fail :woozy_face:


⁨Connell Jae⁩ my husband had the snip too and we are searching options to get pregnant
May I ask how it was done at home like you have mentioned
And was it successful

Sounds so much cheaper than ivf

Mexico, turkey and egypt cost :heavy_dollar_sign: 1000 each time

Fortunately I was very lucky 18 years ago my health insurance cover up to $150,000.00 with co pays for meds and dr appointments. I probably wouldn’t have my twins if it didn’t pay. I had to do 9 attempts to get my kids. I’m going to pray for you. I feel this is so unfair for insurance to do this. I know how fortunate I am. I hope you find a way.


Any info available on this topic
I would like to know as well :pray:t2:

So if I get a care credit, what are they gonna do if I can’t pay my monthly payment? Take the kid?


Anna Mossestad-Engen

In my state they have help for low income families

My friend got a job at Starbucks because their insurance will pay for it. She had three rounds, got pregnant and quit.


Check with your insurance! Dig into it.
We thought ours didn’t pay either but they did! But they only covered it in certain states, locations, and a percentage.


My sister in law used money from her health maintenance plan.

Where do u live, i think in Ontario maybe even Canada they are now offering to pay for 1 round

CNY Fertility has some of the lowest rates in the country and I’ve read good reviews in my recurrent pregnancy loss group

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My friend pulled a second loan (first was paid off) for her vehicle to use as bank collateral.

I used arc fertility and financed through them.

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Yes. A lot of companies offer infertility and adoption assistance separate from the health insurance. They don’t advertise it necessarily but you definitely have to dig around. If you call and ask they have to tell you about the programs if they offer it. Our 1st round of IVF was $9,000 after the program assistance we paid $1300 out of pocket

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I did INVOCELL IVF cost less than half of what traditional IVF does.

It’s becoming more Medicare funded… look into government funded IVF clinics, there will be a waiting periods but almost free IVF… and lots of IVF clinics are offering payment plans & accessing your superannuation to pay for it… Also your private health insurance will cover IVF if you are on the right fund? Upgrade your fund to cover IVF… this is how it is in Australia…

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How did you pay or IVF?

We financed through a company the office worked with. Only option we really had, but it worked well.

Care credit can be an option, if your doctor’s office accepts it. They often have 0% interest on big purchases like fertility. Also check with your doctor’s office. They sometimes have ways or grants or can enter you into a study to offset the cost.

I know some women posted about IVF in another country. Just be careful with travel - alot of places are still on lockdown and discourage international travel due to Covid.

Also check with your doctor about the specific medications you may need. Often the pharmaceutical companies will offer discounts.

Also make sure that something like PCOS or endometriosis aren’t hindering the process.

You got this!

We did soooo much fundraising! I sold popcorn at my work, my husband’s work, my mother in law’s work. We had a huge garage sale where all our friends donated items and we kept the cash. We set up a go fund me so out of town family could chip in. We paid $18,000 cash for IVF and got twin boys. It was hard work, but totally worth it.


My husband’s company at the time had there own insurance company. They paid for 6 rounds of IVF. All 6 failed and ended up becoming pregnant the old fashion way and a full hysterectomy shortly after giving birth.


I wish I’d thought about fundraising but I was already old! Didn’t want to wait. Only tried IUI which was expensive enough. I worried that ivf would use all my savings so we fostered to adopt! Good luck with ivf!


I went to Assisted Fertility Program. They are inexpensive compared to most. There are pharmacies that offer discounted medicine and plenty of coupons can be found online. Insurance won’t cover IVF but a lot of the blood work, some procedures and some medicines such as progesterone are covered which saves money. They have offices in Florida and Virginia. I’m sure there are equally good programs. Also there are a few financing programs. The medicine is the most expensive unfortunately but there are also medication share programs. I actually donated a lot of my meds at the time. Prayerfully this info may help you.

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I had someone tell me about IVF tourism to Belgium. It cost a fraction of the price.

Starbucks health insurance covers IVF :slightly_smiling_face:


That is so not right couples wanting a baby going thru this :broken_heart:good Luck​:shamrock::shamrock:

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Comcast employees are covered from day 1. I will definitely be telling my daughter about Starbucks. Thanks for that information.

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An option to consider is to borrow against a 401k if you have one. Weigh the prod and cons against the expense of financing and the interest expense.


We went to Brazil… my husband was born there so a bit easier for us to decide on the country but we paid about $8k total (thank you credit cards) for our 13 flights, IVF procedure, medications, and freezing, living expenses, food, etc. We were told it would be about $20k for the first transfer of IVF here in the states and then if it failed we’d have to pay an additional $8k each time we did a transfer. Just be aware of the time commitment when you leave the country. I had to live there for a month, my husband joined me for the last two weeks of that month then we went back home for a month during egg freezing and then had to return for another 2 weeks at that point. On the bright side, they allowed us to transfer two (which they often refuse in the US) so we had better chances. We had one baby stick and I am currently 28weeks with this little miracle❤️


Samantha Busch , wife of Nascar driver had a baby through jf. She is a special lady that wants to help other. She has fundraisers to help pay for others. She is on Instagram .


We did a raffle. Family and friends all picked a theme and made a basket. We sold tickets for the baskets and raised enough money for 1 round.


My friend got an job at Starbucks after 6 months 6 months they paid for it.


I started working at Starbucks! Their benefits include $25k towards ivf and $10k for meds. I started in March and my egg retrieval is scheduled in 2 weeks!! We will pay $6000 out of pocket for extra meds, clinic charges, and pgs testing with icsi


Its ridiculous that IVF is that expensive. My friend and her husband were able to conceive through IVF. My heart aches for couples and anyone who can’t afford it.

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I took out a home equity line of credit as well as I applied to Baby Quest Foundation, Inc. For a grant and was selected which helped cover alot of the costs

I didn’t need it With Gods blessing did old fashioned way!


Caitlyn Scribner-Nieto , read this and the comments.

Tina Marie Trisvan there are awesome suggestions on this link.

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Don’t know what state your in but we used a company who finances fertility treatments.

Some offices offer assistance programs, it just depends on the location.

Sold our house, left our jobs and moved to Massachusetts 20 years ago, at the time it was the only state that required insurance companies to cover the cost of IVF, got pregnant within a year.

Used credit card but every bit was worth it I did 2 rounds and have an amazing beautiful :heart_eyes: son … got a lot of debt but its definitely worth it :hugs::hugs::hugs:
All the luck in the world :kissing_heart:

They sometimes have low interest medical loans you can get. We paid cash and then I was offered a donation program which helped after my first 2 rounds. If you’d like to pm me you’re more than welcome too. Good luck

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I’ve heard that even working part time at Starbucks you can get insurance and ivf is 100% covered.

Erica Nicole Deleon look babe

Alia Ramirez read comments

Care credit, loans, there are a few and hard to find but there are some grants

I have not done IVF, however, if you work at Walmart they will help you with the cost.

Ashlee Scalice-Saez there’s a lot of great info here for when y’all are ready

My IVF was a long time ago. My surviving triplets (2 girls) will be 26 next month. One of them has 2 girls now. I am a nurse and the insurance i had back then paid almost 100% of mine. One round was all we needed to get our triplets. It also helped that my MD was also a pharmacist and ran that business out of his office. Passed on his wholesale prices to his patients. Wishing you the very best outcome possible and will keep you in my prayers.

Move to Massachusetts where it’s covered under insurance.

We took a home equity loan for 25K. Had 2 IVF’s, 7 miscarriages, and was able to have my daughter, who was a triplet, but I lost the other 2. I’m so blessed to have what I have. :heart::pray:t3:
I’d also like to add that I’ve had these IVF’s in 2000-2005. No insurance covered anything back then and you had to have cash up front to even get a medication script. It’s so different now and I wish you the very best of luck! :purple_heart: