How did you planned c-section go?

Planned C-Section mamas, how did you find it? What was your experience like? I may have to make the choice of having a planned c-section, and this is my first baby. I’m terrified and just looking for advice/support and stories (good mainly but bad to) of what happened so I can feel as prepared as possible. Thank you


My daughter ended up with her first baby after 31 hours of labor having a C section. She is beyond thrilled to have the next one scheduled section. She did great .

Mine was good. Just have to take it easy for like 2 weeks to let it heal. But make sure u ask for the waist band. And dont be afraid to ask for help.

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I had a planned c-section for my third, and I rather give birth natural in my opinion. Everyone is different but I had such bad pains the second night it was almost like contractions but 10 times worst, then I had air trapped in my diaphragm which was also painful. The c-block gave me such bad back spasms to the point I couldn’t breath.

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They are so much better than emergent ones. My 1st was an emergency and it was a horrible mess. My 2nd was planned and went very smoothly and my epidural worked this time so I was able to be awake for this one :heart:

The planned was definitely easier then the emergency. You know when you are having the baby and what to expect. My emergency c-section I went through 18 hours of labor then the surgery and the recovery was rough.

I had 1 nd had another today it goes pretty smooth the healing process is a bit rough but ask for a binder nd don’t rush yourself

I would say walk as much as you can because my daughter was in the nicu for two nights and they didn’t have me walk so once I started walking it was painful to stand up straight

Iv had 3 c-sections and they’ve all went pretty good it’s mostly that first time you get out of bed at the hospital after the section that hurts the most but after a couple of days you’ll start feeling better I was doing whatever I’m able to do after I got out of the hospital and felt very comfortable doing it.

To each their own, but I could never understand volunteering for a C section :woman_shrugging:


Have had four c sections the last I had was 1st of April was all over within 40 minutes from start to close up was up walking that night had c section at 9 in the morning the only advice I’d offer is to make sure your anesthesiologist gives you enough anesthetic to last the operation I had feeling come back during my 3rd c section due to them wanting to take a cyst from my ovaries after baby was out :slight_smile:

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I had to have an emergency C-section with my son which was my first baby because I was pushing for almost an hour and he wasn’t moving so they tried to vacuum to help move him and that didn’t work so I had to have an emergency C-section and it was horrible I felt them cutting me open so they had to put me to sleep and I missed the birth of my son and couldn’t hold into the next morning at 5:00 a.m. but my other C-section which was my second was my daughter and it was so much better than my first they talked me through it and I was just so much easier

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I had planned as my bab was double breach with his hands on his ear elbows stick out Haha also had cord around neck I found my c section easier to heal from than my normal birth I had 88 stitches I asked them to count them for me while high on gas and air Haha only thing I would advise is just keep ontop of pain meds I also found with me being a bigger girl I used and old pair of leggings and put them over the wound where bandage thing was it felt like extra padding feel free to give me and inbox if wanted good luck xx

My first was emergency csection and it was an awful experience and I don’t really remember much from it other than being chaotic. However my PLANNED csection was a completely different experience. No rushing, just a smooth process.

My first ended up as an emergency c, the second was a scheduled c. Definitely loved the scheduled one. Showed up to the hospital and a few hours later was getting stitched up while my hubby was cuddling up the new one. The spinal blocker was easier on me than the epidural. Enjoy it and relax. You know exactly what’s going to happen :slightly_smiling_face:

My 1st born was not an emergency c-section but she wouldn’t come down thatswhy I had it. I never needed the pain meds they gave me.
My 2nd was a scheduled c-section. I was up and walking the same day and again I didn’t need the pain meds.

My first was an induction turned c-section, the second and third were both elective sections. Great experience, went home a day early with both electives. I also had a great doc with the second and third. That makes a HUGE difference

I had c section with my little boy 7 years ago and no issues what so ever you just need to be careful when it comes to healing don’t push yourself and take the full 6 weeks rest to proper heal. Xxx

I was pushed into it by my Dr. Because I was having twins. They were too early because of it. Terrible breastfeeding problems. The lactation consultant asked me if they were premature based on their inability to nurse. Technically they weren’t (2 weeks early) but they really could have used the time to mature.

Best decision I ever made! No labor, no contractions, no wondering when it’s going to happen, just check in and have a baby! Best tips I can give are move as much as you can as soon as you can, like as soon as you aren’t numb be up and moving. Unless you are asleep get up and walk every 30 minutes. The faster you get back to moving around and being on your feet the faster you will heal. You’ll notice much more pain once you’ve been just laying around or sitting around.


I had 2 scheduled and 1 emergency. I loved the scheduled. Major mental prep help

My first was an emergency c section with my twins and then with my son it was planned and was easy and enjoyable

I had my daughter (first and only so far) by planned c section in May of 2020, when the pandemic was first starting to cause lockdowns. So I’m not sure if my experience is much different than others here. My daughter was a footling breech, and they couldnt risk externally turning her, due to placement of my placenta. The whole experience went very smoothly, aside from having my spinal block placed. They had a hard time getting my spinal block in the right area, due to having scoliosis and previous disc injury. Other than that it was fine. I had my husband in the room during delivery, then he and my daughter left while they closed me up. Within an hour I was holding my daughter, and able to breastfeed and do skin to skin for the first time. I didn’t have any pain until the next morning (C section done at 9:45pm) and when I had even mild pain they gave me medication to help. Now due to the pandemic, I only stayed in the hospital for 2 nights and one day, as opposed to the normal 5 day protocol for the hospital. As for recovery, I was up and walking the morning after I had my daughter, and it only got easier from that first walk. My husband, daughter and I all went camping two weeks after my surgery, and I had no issues. Every persons experience will be different, and please be sure to talk to your doctor about any concerns and fears you may have. Best of luck to you and your LO :green_heart:

I’ve had 3 planned csections. Loved them all!!

Keep moving font “baby” it. Take it easy but keep moving. I noticed when I sat and tried getting up for the first few days it was rough. Tender. But I was motivated with being a mom. Taking care of my baby. At the hospital they also won’t let you go ho.e until you poop.
Bring a pillow to lie on your tummy when that happens.

I had an emergency C-section with my first and a scheduled C-section with my second. I’m assuming there is a medical condition hindering yours or the babys health which is the reasoning for the C-section?? If that’s the case you should go with that option. If not I would plan for a natural birth. C-sections are no walk in the park. My first was absolutely horrible!! With my second planned c section I would say it was easier but don’t take that lightly. It beats 24+ hours of labor by all means. I’m 99% sure I’m done having kids and would never want to go through another C-section but everyone recovers differently.

My only 2 were born by planned c section. My first was a little rocky not knowing what to expect but honestly the worst part is being alone to get the spinal your partner or who every you have with you cant go back till its in and your laying down. Other than that it was a beautiful experience. Dont let anyone make you feel bad. There are 100 reasons why a person ayy have to have a planned one and you own no one an explanation. Good luck momma you got this


My first was induced, I was in labor for 24 hrs and then it turned into an emergency c-section. I was knocked out and my husband wasn’t allowed in. I barely remember that day. My second and third were scheduled c-sections. There were no issues with any of them. My first one was a little rough during recovery, but I was super stressed during it. I slept in a recliner, it hurt too much trying to get up from laying flat. Also, if you have to cough, hug a pillow!

I almost died after both my c sections… I was hospitalized for 5 days with both. They have called me a medical anomaly because they have no clue what happened… they believe it was possibly too much iv fluids… my heart rate dropped really low and my blood pressure went sky high… at one point my heart rate was 35… I was in the middle of getting a cat scan and they had to rush in because I was crashing… I would rather give birth 10 times vaginally than do 1 c section…

Planned c-sec at 30wks. My epidural didn’t work and the drugs caused bubs heart rate to plummit. I told them go straight for a General Ans (I have medical back ground so knew what everything they were saying meant). He was delivered, took a bit to get going but all ended well. Was a little disappointed I wasn’t awake but it honestly didn’t matter

Mine was planned because she was too big. I’d never had any kind of surgery before so I was terrified. The whole process took about an hour- 15 minutes to get the baby out and 45 to get put back together. I didn’t feel anything but pressure while they got her out. It wasn’t until they said my husband was leaving with the baby that I started to panic. I didn’t want to lie there alone for 45 minutes. The anesthesiologist knocked me out during my “ I don’t want to be here anymore!” rant. Recovery for me went well, it really hurts to cough or sneeze at first though. A few things no one told me- I bled down “there” for two weeks straight afterwards. No one told me to expect that but it’s normal. Also, I chose to breastfeed, and it was literally the FIRST thing they made me do out of surgery. While I understand now that it’s normal, I was so taken aback because I was just out of the OR and not know what to expect being a first timer.

My first was an emergency C-section. I planned the second. It was better than the first! My advice is, rest when the baby is in the nursery, pack lightly, you will be in a hospital gown the whole time (or pack a nightgown -no pants on the suture area) take the pain meds. I did not the first time around as my best laid plans were the most natural birth possible. Second time, it helped the pain process immensely.Good luck, do what is best for you and avoid any guilt . Do what is best for you mama!

Way better than an unplanned c-section. Hands down.

I had a c-section with both of my boys first one wasnt planned but the second one was. Honestly both went great the planned one started later than was suppose to due to other emergencies. Recovery is key, stay at the hospital as long as they will let u and help and support once you get home are extremely important. Good luck and congratulations

All 3 of my babies were planned C-sections and I had nothing but positive experiences each time. It is definitely easier to have an appointment to have your baby lol

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Natural birth is the best , it’s you and you alone a miracle :pray:

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Both of mine were planed because my kids decided to all be breech. It’s really not as scary as you think. What helped me the most is that you have once nurse that is by your sude from checking in all tge way through surgery (the first time she even held my hand until hubby could come in) and shes the one that walks you through your first feedings and even getting up to walk! Its an easy friend and its honestly very comforting. You’ll do fine mama! Good luck!

I didn’t have a planned nor an emergency. I had a non-emergent c-section after 24 hours of labor due to cervix swelling and pause of dilatation all together. Laboring was rough and it sucks laboring for that long just to be told you need a c-section. My epidural wasn’t working properly, by the time the completely pulled it my contractions were so bad I was screaming, had to tap me 3 times for a spinal and they considered Anesthesia if they couldn’t get it. It sucked because during that time I had nurses and anesthesiologist surrounding me holding me in a very uncomfortable position because I couldn’t sit still because of the contractions. My husband couldn’t come in until they completed the spinal and by that time I passed out on my own from anxiety because I felt like I couldn’t breath from the spinal. But I woke up when my son cried his first time and all was well and worth it seeing him and husband there. I’m sure a scheduled c-section is way less chaotic than laboring first. That takes away a lot of stress. My c-section ended up being successful and I had no complications from it. I was walking the next evening because I made myself and was limited my pain meds. The sooner you can wean yourself off the faster your recovery will be. In my experience anyways. Goodluck! And congrats :confetti_ball:

My csection wasn’t planned but I wouldn’t say it was an emergency. My son’s head got stuck at 9cm. Hours had gone by with no progress. No one’s heartbeats were going crazy no one was in distress. I decided before we got there we should intervene and I agreed to csection. I was scared but they never told me when they started lmao. My boyfriend at the time was cracking jokes making everyone laugh and then they go “lots of pressure ok hun.” And then a nurse pushed down below my ribs and there was fuss and then they showed me my son. I didn’t feel anything and the drs were calm, cool, and kind. I was alone during my recovery days and the nurses were so kind and helped me so much. The nerve pain was shocking I researched vaginal births so I had no idea what to do with a csection lol. If you need it take the medicine ain’t nothing wrong with reducing your pain. I didn’t need anything more than tylenol at home. I was a little sad but my first birth (vaginal) didn’t go as planned so I was able to calmly forgive it all out of experience

My first was emergency second was planned… honestly loved the planned you know what day time its going to happen my husband and I could plan work around it it was nice lol since it was my second time around I felt like I was up moving around right away… make sure you do move around take it easy getting up using a pillow helps its really not that horrible take it easy and let your body heal definitely have help for that first week

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My 1st c-section was unplanned…but 2nd was entirely planned. Things have definitely changed from 2008 to 2017 with how c-sections go…dad and baby stayed with me in 2017 from OR to recovery and then up to our room. In 2008 with my twins, they took both healthy girls and dad and left me to go to the nursery…so I was alone while they closed me up and alone in recovery. 2008 I wasn’t allowed to stand or walk for 24 hours, whereas 2017 they have you up and moving within a few hours after surgery to reduce the risk of blood clots

My first one went smoother. This time though my boy decided to come a day earlier than the scheduled section, but still went well.

I had two planned C sections for medical reasons and they were both great experiences. There’s no stress or chaos, doctors talked me through the procedure, recovery is a little tougher but it’s doable. Natural birth isn’t the best choice for everyone, it all depends on the situation, because a planned C section is a lot less stressful than an unplanned one. My advice would be, discuss this with your OB and go with thier professional opinion.

My second was planned, and it went really well. Basically I went in got the spinal thing done, then the surgery happened I didn’t feel anything and at one point I was laughing some jokes the doctor said. So I would say I had a decent experience.

Mine was quick and easy. I was walking the same day and felt back to normal within a few days. Recovery was not bad at all.

My 1st was an emergency section but second was planned due to health issues. It was fantastic and I felt like I had more control over how everything would go. My husband was able to schedule his vacation know the exact dates we would need, we planned childcare for our oldest and decided no visitors other then her because I knew I would not be up for it.

I had a complete placenta previa with my last baby. Basically my placenta was completely covering my cervix and I would have had the afterbirth first. My son would have died and I probably would have bled out.

My son was due October 7th, we had a planned C section on Sept 30th, so one week early.

I didn’t have any complications. My boy is now 11 and healthy as can be. Remember, that’s all a mom wants is a healthy baby.

Best thing. Once you get up - sit in chair, walk. You learn to “roll” out of bed

Mine was “planned” we had everything scheduled for Monday, did all my pre-op stuff etc the Thursday prior, and go figure my water broke the next day! So while it was “planned” we thought we still had a weekend to prepare physically and mentally. Overall, it was THE BEST experience for me. I had a rather awful experience with my first born having him naturally, he was over 10lbs and I am a smaller person so it was very strenuous on my body and we were expecting my daughter to be big as well which is why we opted for the scheduled c-section. I was more afraid of not being able to get into the OR and having to have her naturally :rofl: honestly though all around it was much easier for me, I mentally knew the steps (so long as everything went well) because they explained it all to me and I was sent home with paperwork about how c-sections are done etc., I knew (roughly) when I was going to have her so I was able to have family on standby to watch my son and come help in the hospital when my husband had to work and stuff like that. The recovery time was much shorter for me, I was back to work 2 weeks after my surgery compared to the 9+ months it took for me to even sit properly bc I had bruised my tailbone during natural birth with my son. Yes I have a scar, but it’s hardly noticeable at all and totally worth it all around for me. I will NEVER give birth naturally again unless absolutely necessary :rofl:

Hated the recovery ! I pick natural and a few stitches and frozen pads any day over a c section. Lol my thought anyways.

My 2nd daughter was a planned. C section. The only real issue we had was her blood sugar levels bottomed out when born (I had gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia)! She was sent to the children’s hospital an hour away. I discharged only after 24 hours instead of 48 hours so I could go be with her. I didn’t get to hold her until she was 5 days old. I think it was more painful because of the situation. I didn’t get any rest really until she was 8 days old and got to come home! She is now a happy (mostly, we are getting 2 top teeth in at the moment) and healthy girl!

Loved my planned c-section! I knew early on so I was able to mentally prepare for surgery. My doctor was fantastic and walked me through everything so I knew what to expect before the day of the surgery. My partner was able to be by my side. There was zero pain with it and I was able to joke and laugh as they did the procedure. Then my partner and I were able to snuggle our little one and cry tears of joy while they stitched me back up. Would completely recommend!

A planned c will go better than an unplanned one. Either way your doctor and his team will make all the difference

I didn’t have a planned with my 3rd boy.
It was an emergency c
For me it was scary , not only for baby but because I hadn’t prepared myself for one.
I’ve had 3 other natural births.
2 before and 1 after.
I didnt have a great recovery either. I ended up with a hematoma so my scar had to stay open and be cleaned every 2 days for nearly 2months.
That sucked.
But honestly, that was just my experience.
Like said above, A planned c will go way better than an unplanned one :sparkling_heart:

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I was in labor for 72 hrs and then had an emergency c-section so I almost feel like I experienced both lol it’s labor and my personal experience with it (and most things in general) is that the more positive and grateful thoughts I thought, the better it went. Of course it’s not comfortable, there’s pain, there’s emotions; all of what you are already thinking can and will be apart of this. But focus on what you yourself and that little babe are experiencing as positively as you can and it made the whole thing much more bare able. My little ended up having a few breathing complications so we were there for like 9 days afterwards and she’s the healthiest sweetest sassyest little beauty around so no Matter what just focus on the positive. You got this mama it is something you will never forget :blush::blush: one more quick thing- during my 72 hr labor I remember looking at my husband and saying never ever again!! And the second they pulled her out I looked at him again and said I would do it again in a heartbeat :heartpulse: you can do it and you will be shocked at how strong and capable you are :heart:

I had a C-section with epidural with both of my boys. One was emergency and the other was planned. I had both my mum and partner in the room with me, which made the experience so emotional just like any other birth…
The 1st week of recovery is painful but not unbearable.
I would do it again definitely!!

I have had 2 c-sections. First one wasnt planned, second one was. And I’m about to have my third baby so I’m having one more. The first one was amazing, my dr and his team did an amazing job not to mention the amazing care from the nurses after. The part that scared me the most was getting the spinal but that went really well with my first. My second not so much, it was a bit painful and I was left with a huge bruise on my back. With my first they had me walking right after surgery, once the anesthesia wore off and honestly I think that’s why I was able to heal so fast. With my second I was at a different hospital and they didnt have me move till the next day and it was alot harder that way. Overall though, both of my c-sections went really well. Try to stay positive, its definately an experience. I wont say that recovery is going to be easy, because it’s different for everyone but I’m sure you’ll do just fine! Congrats on your little one!

I remember feeling like this when I had my 1st c section, I was petrified, I’ve now had 3 now lol my 1st went really well and smoothly I was in Theater for about 45 mins, 15 mins in my baby girl was born, once you hold your baby you forget whats going on behind the blue sheet, with my 3rd child they gave me the option of having the blue sheet down to see my boy being born, I said no :see_no_evil: think that would scar me for life :joy: you have quite a few people in the room with you, doctors, surgeons, anaesthetist and midwifes, its quite overwhelming and everyone was amazing making sure I was ok and talking to me as if we were sat having a coffee lol once your baby is born all that fear will fade away and your be in awe holding your little baba, try not to stress about it, your be in good hands, hope this helps you feel at ease :purple_heart::purple_heart: xxx

I actually had 3 natural and just had my 4th emergency csection an was scared out my mind but the anesthesiologist pretty much talked through it what was going on which helped relax, u feel alil pressure when they take the baby out n in ur breathing u can tell for a couple seconds afterwards I felt actually fine the first two- three days walk slower it helps the recovery time is longer pain was worst when I was home cus of trying to do to much, was way better to sleep in a recliner if u sleep laying down it was easier to get up by rolling outta bed,I would just say ur gunna do great just go slower with things recovery is longer, nothing heavy, an keep incision clean everything will go fine mamas

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I’ve had 3. It’s really not that bad. It does take a bit longer to heal from. I found sleeping in a recliner for the first week or 2 helped tremendously.


I didn’t plan for my csection but had to have one due to my son heart rate starting dropping. I had normal soreness and a healthy recovery. I will be having my 3rd in June. I do wish I could experience vaginal birth but God had other plans. After the 1st some doctors may recommend having others (csection) because of the risk. But it’s still possbile to have a VBAC after a csection. I would make sure you’re ok with that.

I had a planned c-section that turned into an unplanned one when they came 2 weeks before the originally planned date. My only issue was with the epidural since I have a curve in my spine the guy missed the first time. My major suggestion is bring a lot of baggy clothes and “granny panties” the first day or 2 tight stuff will be slightly annoying

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I had an emergency c section and honestly it wasnt a bad as I thought. I was up walking that nigbt and as much as possible. I was sore for the first week but I took a walk with my husband and the baby every day and I did okay. i was sore but the more I walked and got up the easier it was. The doctors were shocked I was walking so much already. It was nothing like I had expected.

I’ve had 2 planned after 1 unplanned. I was nervous with all but had great drs. The toughest part is trying to take it easy to heal. Everything can wait, ask for help when you need it. Don’t do too much too fast. Enjoy every day and congrats!!

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I had a scheduled c-section. I am honestly happy that I had it. Vaginal scared me more than c-section. The first few days are rough but move as soon as you can. It will hurt like hell but is worth it. Within a week I felt good. Still sore but good! It was my first baby. She was breached. I had very little bleeding once I got home. 3 months post postpartum and my baby girl are doing awesome! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions!

It wasn’t bad I had two & I had two children that were not c section babies … I’d rather do the c section the worst part was the spinal tap but the recovery wasn’t terrible & I preferred it over having stitches on my junk with the others if were being honest lol…

I had to have an emergency c section because my blood pressure kept going up, my son was a month early but everything went smooth. Dont stress and don’t be scared.

I have had 3. First one wasn’t planned but baby was distressed when I had contractions, so we made the safe decision to go ahead with a section. Second baby decided to come early, we had discussed a section but my water broke before my section date… Third was very similar to the second. Each time though, I was in better and better shape, which helped immensely! Walking more and more with each pregnancy did wonders for my recovery. (So long as you are approved for exercise). I walked probably 6-10 miles a day with my final pregnancy. I bounced back almost instantly, was up and feeling great. Middle one, I rode and continued to jump horses until 20 weeks (I have ridden for 25 years)… i was up and moving shortly after i regained feeling in my legs. My first pregnancy, I ate like crap, didn’t exercise and didn’t ride and it took me forever to feel better… I was exhausted all the time. So personally, eating well and exercising were a huge help. I have a tiny scar that really isn’t a big deal… My kids are 11, 8 and 6… Best wishes!!

Be prepare for recovering time
If you can have people assist during the first month it would be great
Try to move around, like walking slowly
It helps with the healing period
Lots of warm drinks help too
And warm compress help too

I don’t have children, but I was a c section baby. You will be ok hun! :grin:

I had 2 c-sections. My 1st born was an schedule induction but after 15 hours with the pitocin my cervix was not dilating so I had a c-section. The recovery was a little rough. Wear loose clothes, move as soon as you can and take it easy to heal. Don’t try to lift heavy stuff or you can ripped your stitches. 2nd one was scheduled it was a walk in the park.

My daughter& husband had their c-section date for 2-12-2010. But their twin girls came 12-30-10. She had her c/s and 24 hours later she was in a car going 90 miles to be with her babies that were flown to a NICU in Sacramento. You’ll be fine honey. :heart:

I had 2 and the drs. Stuck me in back wrong so I have trouble now. The needle hurt

I had two. First one wasn’t planned. I started labor and when I went to the hospital they did an exam and found that the baby was get first. During the c-section I freaked out because they strap your arms down. They ended up knocking me out after the baby was out. The second was planned and went so much better because I knew what to expect. I told the nurse what happen the first time and the anesthesiologist talked to me the entire time to distract me so I didn’t worry about being strapped down or what was going on. It was a godsend.

Ohhhh lots of vitamins

It was great! Quick easy and no pain like the first one.

Mine came a month early but still a c section. It was smooth.

Far easier than a vaginal birth in my opinion. Walk, walk, walk as soon as they let you stay on top of the pain meds, I only took ibuprofen but if you feel that you need something more do it.

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2 planned and all went great! My second one was rough… won’t lie, but that also had other factors with it. Make sure your up and walking by that evening even if it’s just to your door…I was out eating lunch 8 days after with my family on my first. My second, my wound had trouble (only 3% have this happen), so it was a bit longer, but honestly, it doesn’t make you less, it doesn’t take away any birthing experience, it doesn’t take away time from your baby. I had spinals with both.

I absolutely LOVED my c section. My recovery time wasn’t very long. Yes, I was sore. But I ended up having a second one and using the same scar.

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My c-section wasn’t entirely planned, but because of pre-eclampsia and being on hospital bed rest coupled with a transverse baby and an anterior placenta, we knew it was the only safe delivery option at 29 weeks. It honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and I healed fairly quickly.

I will be honest about my planned c section, it’s mainly good but bad too. I had a planned section, I was very scared as my first section was emergency. The staff reassured me and answered every question I had and when I told them I wanted to know exactly what was going on and when they did, all of them! I met the surgeon beforehand which me made me feel 100 times better! I was upset when walking to the room but the staff told me it’s okay, gave me tissues and what ever i needed. I had a spinal block injection, the injection itself was fine. What I didnt like was that it only blocks the nerves so you can’t feel pain but I could feel what was going on, if that makes sense? I could feel them inside my tummy and it didn’t feel pleasant but I just kept talking to the anestheia nurse to take my mind off it. Baby was delivered very quickly, about 15 minutes after they started which was brilliant! I then started to feel unwell and threw up but they took care of me so well. They stopped what they were doing until I felt better. For me, the spinal block starter wearing off but they very quickly took care of it! It doesn’t sound to good but honestly the staff were bloody brilliant and made it so positive!

Super easy! My first was a planned c section, my 2nd was an epidural free vbac… planned c section was pretty painless and recovery was pretty easy

I had an emergency c-section with my first and a planned one with my second. The planned one went good and my recovery was quicker.

Mya first pregnancy was an emergency c-section. My second one was a plan one. Hands down the plan one was way better. Everything went smooth, my scar looks amazing. I did get a spinal headache afterwards, but Inhad a great doctor and he immediately provided treatment for it.

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Walk and walk can’t stress that enough. And as much as you think you want family there afterwards. Keep them at bay. All I wanted was to be left alone so that I could sleep when I wanted to and walk and eat when I wanted to. If your bed is a high bed you might like sleeping on the couch easier to get onto.
Use a pillow against your stomach when you cough/ sneeze or anything like that. Push it into you incision area. It does help. You don’t want to tare your stitches hurts like a bitch and leaves an ugly scar.

Ive had 3 csections only 1 planned and it was by far the smoothest recovery physically and mentally

My c section and only one, middle child of 3. It was emergency and I healed so fast with the proper support at home. Usually they keep c section mommas in the hospital for 3 to 5 days, I was home after a day and a half. Only taking regular strength Tylenol and Advil.

4 c-sections with all good recoveries. One visible scar and my obgyn said after my fourth c section I still had very little scar tissue so it wouldn’t be a problem if I was to have another baby. Sounds nice but I’m done. After discharge I didn’t need any narcotics for pain management. I took care of all my babies when we got home. I never needed any additional help at home.

So much better than the emergency one where I wasn’t numb on 1 side and felt them cut as I screamed and tried to pull out of the restrains. Planned they took time and made sure I didn’t feel anything. Everything went so smoothly… Planned is definitely the way to go.

I had a planned cesarean with my second and am having one next thursday with our third its honestly not to bad things like going to the toilet and moving around after are hard but tbh you dont even think about the pain once babys here. Just definitely keep up on the pain killers as when they wear off you’ll know! My actual pain and uncomfortableness lasted for around 6 days after then was just healing with barely any pain. Another tip is after your section put a thick pad between your pants and incision to stop it rubbing this helped me loads and also made me feel better with moving about a bit more😊 honestly if I had a choice again I’d 100% always go for the cesarean. Good luck ! Xxxx

It’s hard, and recovery sucks, but it’s over quick. Perks are, you know exactly when babe will be here, and you can prepare. Prepare for shock, I had it with my first and was so cold and shaky during surgery. My second was great, but I recommend eating light food the week prior and maybe even taking some stool softeners before surgery to ease the first :poop:after. Get up and walk as soon as you can! High waisted undies and leggings helped me feel supported. Everyone is different and I’m a giant wuss but you will be just fine!

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follow their directions. My obly kiddo was breach, the dr was thinking of manually flipping her but suggested a c-section since she was my first and my muscles had never gone through pregnancy before. When I went in, I told the OR nurse (who just happened to be a good family friend and the hospice nurse that was with my family when my grandpa passed)that I was nervous and a bit overwhelmed. I also told her I didn’t like needles. She helped me hug the pillow while the anesthesiologist gave me the “shotless epidural” :slight_smile: and then helped me lay down. I was nervous when they tied my arms down but they said it was so my body would lay still and I wouldn’t “help” the dr. It was velcro and I could have easily released them had i not been so numb. They asked me to move my arms which I couldn’t after the shot so I didn’t really think about it after that. Now when they are getting the baby out, you will feel LOADS of pressure. I swear my head was lower than my toes and I felt like I was going to throw up from the pressure I felt in fact. I was dry heaving most of the procedure from the pressure and stress. It all went away when I heard her cry. They let me see her then my ex went with her. I feel like they put me to sleep cause I don’t remember much after that till about the time they told me I needed to use the restroom after they took me back to the room. I remember my face was SUPER itchy but it always is when I come out of anesthesia. Painwise it was MURDER after not during but qfter. For a few days. Strangley putting pressure on the site hafter. My mom suggested wearing high waisted form fitting underwear to try to help retone the muscles and tissue caused by the csection. And to this day mine gets itchy sometimes but I think that is just cause i am a little husky. All in all it wasn’t bad.

Planned c section went great
Recovery wasn’t bad.
Up and walking that night.
You will be fine.
Good luck.

All 3 of my boys were planned c-section babies. I loved it. It’s all planned out with a day and a time. You avoid labor for hours and hours. Recovery process is longer but worth it! Plus usually with csections you only have to go to 39 weeks not the full 40. :blush:


I liked that I knew I had to more than likely have a c section, my water broke and that’s what they were waiting on to do it and I was ready to go. I didn’t have any plans otherwise on how I wanted things since I was a first time mom so it was nice to know one thing

Do not, I repeat, do not move after the spinal. Let them move you. Otherwise it really wasnt a big deal for me.

When I was 19, My first baby wasn’t really a planned c section but it wasn’t an emergency either. More of I was a week late and my son looked really big on the ultrasound. He turned out to be 10.12oz his shoulders couldn’t get into my pelvis. It wasn’t the best experience they hit a couple of nerves trying to get the needle in. I had crappy Dr.s. I ended up real nauseous and had a panic attack. I shook for 3 days. Partly because 12 hours after my c section they gave me a second dose of morphine. I was also in recovery for almost 3 hours and they wouldn’t bring the baby in for me to see which freaked me out. I was in recovery for so long because I wasn’t able to move or feel anything on the right side of my body below my waist. I didn’t find put until later that the max I should have been numb for was an hour. Once I left the hospital my recovery was faster but they used a mix of stitches and staples to close me up. My second c section was planned and my Doctors were fantastic. They talked me thru everything they were doing and the anesthesiologist went over my spine with his hands and didn’t just shove the needle in. One of the nurses sat by me and held my hand and as soon as he was out they put him on my chest for a few minutes before taking him over to clean him up and weigh him and stuff. While in recovery they brought him in for me to hold and feed and stuff. I was in recovery for about an hour I didn’t shake but I did sweat. I also ended up having some light hallucinations which the Dr. Thought it was a combination of lack of food, lack of sleep, going through surgery and the pain meds. The recovery out of the hospital was longer but they used only stitches and the Dr said there was extra scar tissue left over from my last c section and he removed it so I had extra internal stitching. My second baby was 9LB11oz. I have another planned C section coming up at the end of this month if this baby doesn’t decide to come early, she’s already as far down as she can go not nearly as big as her brothers. I’m still a little nervous because of my first experience but I’ve already met all the nurses that will be attending as well as the anesthesiologist.
I hope yours goes smoothly and you have a quick recovery.

I found out my oldest was breached days before she was born. I had the option to try to turn her but the risks of that were worse than a csection in my opinion. Scheduled the csection for April 1, but my water broke March 21. I had a friend that had her baby vaginally 2 days later and I healed much quicker.

So just know a c section will never give you that hallmark birth story that you dream of. It will just be your birth story and it doesn’t change who you are as a mom at all.