How did you stay healthy during pregnancy?

Did anyone happen to do any prenatal exercises to help stay healthy during your pregnancy? Finally hit the second trimester and have some energy back. I had lost 27 lbs before getting pregnant and I know it’s all gonna come back but if I could keep the weight gain to only 27 lbs and not 40 like the last pregnancy then I’ll be right back at square one when I have baby. But my children apparently feel like they’re starving to death in there and I always feel starving all the time so it’s hard to maintain it. I just don’t wanna be one of those “eating for two so I get two cakes now” type of person lol did anyone do any prenatal yoga or pilates and enjoy it at all?


I was almost 5 feet 10
With first one and weighed 130 . I lost 20 pounds with each of my boys due to severe vomiting :face_vomiting:. Second baby I was on home health care . The babies were fine and huge ! All of mine were . Didn’t keep down an ice chip for six months. The baby takes from your body . You will be just fine . Now - 30 something years later I wish I could see 130 again lol ! Very overweight now . You enjoy your pregnancy and when the baby comes it will be the most beautiful gift you will ever receive!

I continued to go to the gym with a HR limit and I swam twice a week. I continued my exercise classes too for a while including Pilates which I loved.

Just do high protein diet and cardio.

I just walked/waddled lol. I had back issues, so I couldn’t do too much, but I always made a point to walk around the block once a day.