How did you tell your family the gender of your baby?

How did you tell your family the gender of your second baby, without doing a gender reveal party. Just something simple and cute. Thanks!!


My son they couldn’t tell, he was never positioned so we could see on any ultrasound, that was 1986. But, my daughter in 1996 wasn’t shy at all Full Flash, so I said to my whole family, "Well guess what ya’ll it’s a girl who wants the Jr high school years😆 I’m still trying to recover from those years and she’s 28 now🥹

One was a Christmas card from baby to daddy under the Christmas tree. Another was just at a park I opened the letter while the kids were having a play, just my parents and brother were there

Our mothers cut into a cake. My husband and I knew the gender but no one else did.

I just took a picture of the scan photos and a little pink outfit (girl)

Can just text everyone or if you want have a nice dinner and tell everyone or cut a cake that shows the color and be like the baby is a….

I honestly just announced it on fb :smile:

I sent out birth announcements.

Called from the hospital.

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With my mouth. Back in the day it wasn’t a big dealing them like it is today


They found out like we did. After the babies were born

Back in the early 2000s… word of mouth, phone calls, people waiting at the hospital, and for more distant people a birth announcement. Also, a stork sign for out front of the house.

Oh, I never knew ahead of delivery what I was having. It was so exciting and fun for everybody to guess. When my second child was a girl (the first one in 7 babies in my family) everyone was over the moon.

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