How did you transition to being a stay at home mom?

Would like advice on transitioning from working to a stay at home mom. Im very fortunate to have this opportunity but i love my job and am a bit nervous.


Good luck. I did and at first it was easy now I get bored sometimes so I spurt clean. Lol do one or two things. Wait A little bit do a couple more. Lol binge watch Netflix. Etc. Lol

I ended up being a stay at homr mom for 2 years then a year ago went back to work part time. Now im pregnant again working full time and can’t wait to fucking cut down on hours or flat out quit. I went back to work cuz I was stir crazy now I just miss my damn kids so very much

I transitioned 7 years ago from working in an environment I loved to being a stay at home mom. It was not always easy, especially in the beginning. I was lonely and had a winter baby so I didn’t go out into public as often as my social needs craved.

However then I found a local moms group and have been attending since. It helped me to meet local women in my shoes and helped me find my own feet too. Some days I do miss working but they helped me to adapt. Finding your tribe can be key! There’s a variety of mom group organizations out there so you may need to dig a bit to find what’s local to you. But connections are a good thing for you and your kiddos!

Practice self care. It’s important as your mental and emotional health is vital to your whole family. :two_hearts: Be patient with yourself too. It’s an adjustment, and a big one. Baby steps. I focused a lot on savoring the little moments I got to enjoy with my kiddos and that helped a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations and best of luck!

Find a hobby or something you can do for “me” time and do what you can to get out and see friends at least once a week, whether it be play dates or whatnot

I loved my job too, but there is nothing better than being home raising your babies. :heart:

Desastrosa traduccion

I was so busy being a new mom and so in love with my baby I didn’t even miss a thing. I didn’t even try to go back to work until all 3 of my children were in middle school But, I missed being there when they woke up and got home from school. Well, that didn’t last long. Now I’m a grandma and all of my children are grown but I still stay at home. I have a wonderful husband too! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

You should consider part time if you love your job

Make a schedule for routine​:sunglasses::sunglasses:

It’s hard like I’m going nuts without work cause I’m used to working but I’m pregnant again and going nuts

Go to part time first if possible going from being around adults all day to just kids is a big adjustment and take it slow cuz honestly I started as a stay at home mom and was super excited to get away from the kids/family for several hours a day, I know I’m horrible but I need a separate identity to keep me sane, I’m on bed rest now cuz I’m pregnant but I still have my son go to his grandparents during the week 1. Cuz that’s his and their routine 2. I need the rest cuz I’m on medical bed rest and 3. Omg I need some me time too

i loved what i did, and i DO miss it, but I just walked in to work the day I was due to come back and told them I wasn’t going to be coming back. it took a lot to make that decision. but I feel like it was the best decision I made.

you can always see if they offer part time for you, if that may be more your thing if you can’t be adjusted to staying home all day.

I’ve been a stay at home mom for almost 4 years now and honestly I would rather be at a job at least part time than be home with my kids all. day. long…yes I love them but I miss adult conversations with a face to face person. My husband works nights so until the weekend I usually get to “talk” to him for like an hour a day. And then it’s just about parent stuff. Plus the kids are wanting daddy’s attention as well.