How did your toddler do moving from a crib to a bed?

I’ll be transferring my daughter out of her crib into an actual toddler bed how did your babies do going from a crib to a bed? Any tips an or tricks to keep them in a toddler bed


Same mattress, and easy to get in and out of.

My children did well. They were proud to be ‘big’… Of course, that was in the 70s, it’s a very different world today. Good luck

My son co slept for awhile so it was harder to get him to stay in his own bed. My daughter transitioned perfectly to her big girl bed. My boy will still come get in bed with me sometimes if he’s having a bad day or if he had a nightmare.

To a bed… fine… my bed… and going strong in my bed at the age of 4

Wait till the toddler is ready not when your ready unless that happens at the same time

I had put the toddler bed in the room with the crib and started naps on the toddler bed first for them to get used to it and had the crib for bed. Once they are comfortable and know the toddler bed was for sleeping too and seemed ready, i would take out the crib.