How do doctors know when it's time to push?

First time mom here- I’ve heard about some women opting out of getting cervical checks when laboring, I’m scheduled for an induction on Monday and considering it and my only question is; how do the doctors know when it’s “time to push” if you’re not getting cervical checks?


You really should know because your bottom will feel a pain or an urge to poop. I didn’t realize that’s ehat that pain was until my 5th believe it or not. Still remember having it with my first and I had my mom rub my butt for me haha but it was Messi g with babies heart rate so they made her stop but it still hurt. But they didn’t tell me they just had me roll over. Apparently we were waiting on the doctor and I didn’t know that was the sign meaning it was time to push. Now I do. You don’t always know. I didn’t. It wasn’t an urge to push. It honestly hurt. My butt hurt. That is all.

You’ll feel the urge/pressure to push and your doc can physically see when you’re crowning. My daughter I didn’t feel anything solely because I had a VERY good epidural but with my son I felt when I needed to push despite docs kept telling me it wasn’t time yet.

You’ll know when to push like literally feel the urge I told my nurse it’s time to push she looked down and said yep there’s a head. With my second the contractions pushed the baby out I did nothing luckily someone was there to catch her


For me, you can physically tell the difference between a contraction and a need to push. It is both equally painful, but you can feel it and then with your hand you can feel the crowning.

I don’t know how to explain it but when I had my first one, they allowed me to labor in the tub. The nurse said “just let me know when you’re ready to push so we can get you out!” I asked her how the heck I would know and she kinda smiled and said “trust me, you’ll know!” And she was right. I can’t guarantee it’s that way for everyone, but your body kind of knows when it’s time to transition from being in labor to delivery.


You’ll know when it’s time to push.Sorry for this but,the feeling of having to push when you got to :poop:,is basically the same feeling but,a thousand times worse.


YOU will know when it’s time to push. It literally just takes over and you somehow just know what to do. You got this mamas!


Well I hate to be the asshole here but with an induction I don’t think cervical checks are gonna be optional maybe I guess depending on the type of induction but contractions aren’t really the best way to see if labor is progressing. Induction is a medical procedure there is gonna be procedures that need to be followed to track progression to follow how well induction is going if they need to do more or less. second I think u are grossly underestimating the intrusiveness of an induction. They are going to restrict your eating a moving once they start that process. They are going to tell u what has to be done and that’s that choices are limited during an induction again it’s a medical procedure. Lastly when it’s “time to push” weather anyone tells you to or not your body will push naturally.

With both my babies I knew when it was time. One was natural and one i got the epidural at 9cm and I still felt the urge to push. Your body will tell you. Just trust the process

With my last one I almost had him in the car :grimacing: (#6) but it was when the contractions didn’t stop and I just felt intense pressure I knew. You will know! With my 4th I had a great delivery with meds lol and I just “felt different”. They do not typically do many cervical checks unless it looks like you’re making progress on the monitors.

When your body starts pushing on its own, also my midwife said there’s certain signs they can see from the outside that tells them it’s time but she didn’t tell me what they were


Usually when you “feel” the need to put, it’s your bodies way of telling you it’s time to push. But I am not a doctor, just what I have been told when in labor.

If you don’t get an epidural you won’t need anyone to tell you, you’ll know. I stood my last two hours to let gravity help bring my baby down and they kept suggesting I lay down and try to push but knew he wasn’t there yet. You will definitely know!

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talk to your OB, & he/she will explain everything to you, But when you are 10 CM, & the head is there, that is when it is time to push

Your body will take over and do it, also when you’re near 10cm you get a dip in the bottom of the back so they will look for that aswell :slight_smile: I’ve never had a check after 7cm, as your transitioning your mood will change aswell so there are little things they will be looking out for :slight_smile:

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Also just because your doctor tells you to push, you can labor down. I did for a couple hours so when it was really time to push I was done in 3 pushes.

My nurse and doctor said it’s makes it feel like you have to poop :joy: just literally don’t really poop :joy::joy:

My nurse knew when my baby started having decels with the contractions. I was at a 9.5 and only took 21 minutes of pushing.

You’ll know as you will get the feeling of having to poop and feel lots of pressure.

Your body just knows. It’s a very automatic response. It’s like when you really can’t hold your poop.

You will know believe me 3time mama here.

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With me they could feel my kids heads when they were checking cervix

Ive never had a doctor tell me when it’s time :joy::joy:

Girl. You push with your contractions that’s what will help you the most

You’ll know. For sure you’ll know. Lol

You can feel when it’s time to push

When you have a contraction oh you will know

Your baby will descend against your cervix and as it dilates completely the head will press on a place at the top of your vagina called McBurney’s point. Your body will them begin to involuntarily push. When you feel that it is time. Some times they have you go through a few contractions with you panting during those contractions and let the baby slowly come down before you actively push. That is called laboring down.

You have to be dilated to the certain mm for you be able to push baby out, I think it’s 8-10mm

You will know when it’s time to push, and you tell them.

No one needs to tell you unless you have an epidural. Look up fetal ejection reflex

You will know when it’s time to push.

Unless your epidural makes you completely numb you will feel when it’s time. But just remember with inductions more things can happen and they need to make sure your making progress. Things may not go the way you hope. So keep a open mind. But your body will let you know when you need to push.


You’ll definitely know when it’s time… it’s a whole different sensation than just a standard contraction. With my first, the nurse had just performed a cervical check and I was at basically 6cm. She told me about how to breathe and all that and told me to not push, no matter what. I was contracting and things were getting more intense and I just remember silently crying. My Mom asked what was wrong because up until that point, I was okay…yes, I had pain, but it was manageable. I told her that I really felt like I needed to push, but she told me not to. They went to get the nurse, who came back to check and didn’t even need to, my daughter was crowning. Doctor was paged and I could hear her running down the hall. Everything went so fast after that I barely remember it.

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They hook you up to a machine when you’re in the hospital & it shows when you’re about to have a contraction. And you can also feel the pressure from the contraction.


Oh love your body will know. Trust me when it’s time to push you won’t be able to stop it if you wanted to.


If a doctor tells you to push when your body isnt pushing on its own. DONT. Your body knows what to do and will push on its own, you just assist it when it starts pushing. You WILL tear when you start pushing before your body is ready.
With my 1st I got checked and forced from an 8 to a 10 and was told its time to push. So I did, and ended up needing a few stitches after delivery because my body wasnt ready to push and I was forced from an 8 to a 10.
With my twins I told the doctor it felt like I needed to push, didnt tear. With my last, my body starting pushing, they didnt have time to get the DR in the room (let alone the hospital, he went home to let his dogs out) my body started pushing and 2 pushes later she was here.
Doing the same with this one in 7 weeks.
Fully trusting your body to do what it is supposed to do is the best option. Doctors tell you what “needs” to be done to save time and in the end you end up needing unnecessary procedures/stitches. Trust your body.

You know when it’s time. It’s a feeling that you can’t hold back even if you wanted to! Good luck :two_hearts:

Trust me you’ll know, when my daughter was coming, I felt the urge to take a big poop!

Unless your epidural just does an awesome job you’ll know. I personally would not opt out of cervical checks just because of my experience the first time having a baby and an induction, but you do you.

Don’t worry, your body will tell you when it’s time to push. Push into the pain

You feel like you gotta take a big poop.