How do I dry up my milk supply?

How do I stop breastfeeding? I was told your supply would drop, I guess, as the baby gets older and starts eating real food more often. He is eight months old now, and I still pump four times a day work. Which my job isn’t being supportive or accommodating me really. I need to switch jobs, but I need the money right now. Anyways what is the estimated age of your baby when you were pretty much completely dry?

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If you want to dry up stop pumping. That’s what is maintaining your milk supply.


Put cabbage in your bra. It will dry your supply up.

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stop pumping. stop feeding it dries up

Stop pumping and compress. I was told by my doctor to wear a tight sports bra. Make sure you were nursing pads in your bra, you will leak for a while on and off

You need to stop pumping. Pumping is signaling your body to make more milk

The best way to do it is drop a pump and spread them out further.


I honestly just let my boobs leak until it stopped leaking milk. Stop pumping to stop the flow of the milk

As long as you’re pumping/nursing, you’re going to produce.


Feeding/pumping less frequently will decrease your supply. If you stop altogether it will likely be super painful due to becoming engourged (sp?). So slowly wean. Only pump 3 times a day for a bit and then decrease to two times a day and then once. It will be less painful and decrease your supply.


I quit cold turkey at 18 months. I hand expressed to keep from getting mastitis and to stave off discomfort.

By law they must! Look up the laws and report them to the department of labor!

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Talk to your OB. I was able to get a pill to stop my supply.

An antihistamine, like Benadryl, will help dry it up.

Definitely decrease slowly.

I wrapped my breast firmly not tight so I can still breathe

Your body won’t stop producing milk (in most cases) until you stop stimulating your breasts. So once you stop pumping and nursing it will dry up.


Cabbage in your bras… raw cabbage what my doctors told me and worked. No it doesn’t smell great and change it every so many hours but quick. In canada they don’t give us meds to.dry up.


Cabbage leaves in your bra will dry them up

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You can also be put on certain birth controls that will dry you up. That’s what I did when I was done nursing my son.

Honestly my son stopped breastfeeding at 8 months I tried to pump and continue but it didn’t work for us. I however continued to leak and produce without pumping until he was almost 3.

8 months he still needs breastmilk or formula. Until they’re 12 months it needs to be their main food source because of the fat content and their brain development. Your job needs to support your pumping, if they don’t they are breaking federal law. As long as you remove milk, you will make milk.


I read that cool cabbage leaves help dry it up .

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you need to speak with the HR department at your work ! that’s completely unacceptable !


Are you pumping because you are leaking cause you should dry up if you’re not pumping. Or is it to keep a milk supply for baby cause 8 months is still awful young to keep off milk.

Cabbage leaves… wrap your breasts in them and put a firm support bra on… it’s gross but it gets the job done!


2 year old, still making milk

Start lowering the amount you pump during one sitting until you no longer pump during that sitting. It may take a couple of days each time you drop the amount before your boobs will adjust to the new amount and not hurt anymore.Then keep doing that until you are no longer pumping. If your breast hurt you can put cabbage leaves or cold compresses on them to help.

Tie a towel real tight around your breasts, that’s what I did and helped a lot

Put cabbage leaves in your bra works amazingly I’ve had two kids it sounds weird trust me I know but for some reason the cabbage leaves pulls the milk out of your breast and it dries it up at the same time it can take up to a week but only you will know that you have a cabbage leaf in your bra

I breast fed til my LO was almost 2 but had to dry up quickly after weaning because I needed to have surgery. I found taking a decongestant helped immensely.

Its against the law, that your employer isn’t allowing you to pump your milk.

(When I couldn’t nurse my son, anymore. It was because I couldn’t produce enough milk for him. I had to supplement formula as well. But once I put him on just formula. I discovered he was allergic to milk based formulas. I really wanted to keep nursing him. But my milk dried up. So, really think about this, beforehand. )

Cabbage leaves, make sure to break the vein. Any kind of antihistamine, “binding” of the breasts (not too tight, just like a sports bra so that your breasts aren’t moving around to much to stimulate production. Avoid any hot showers, even having the hot water spray on your back will stimulate milk production, so limiting the time in the shower will help. I heard when women pump they don’t make as much as they would if baby latched. I exclusively pumped for 10 months (my pumped broke). I did notice a drop in supply when I got mastitis and when I would start my period. And your employer by law has to accommodate you and if they don’t you can sue them.

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I wore a very tight bra for a few weeks and it dried up

The easiest way is to gradually cut down breast feedings. Stop pumping once day for a couple of weeks, then stop for two feedings for a couple of weeks. Then cut back to once a day at night right before bed. Soon your child is weaned and neither of you are in a painful situation. You don’t hurt and your child doesn’t feel deprived or abandoned. Supplement with with a bottle of juice in the morning and warm milk at night. That worked for me.

Your body will adjust!

It won’t stop tell u stop breastfeeding,0r get a shot to dry u up

Isn’t it illegal for your job not to let you pump??

Yup… cabbage really does work!

You can make big money REAL quick by suing your work place for not allowing you to pump.

Stop pumping…
Pumping keeps your supply up
You may never fully stop lactating though
I’ve been able to hand express milk since my first pregnancy in 2003

Your breaks and lunch hour is your time. Had a couple of co-workers that did. Can your doctor prescribe something to dry you up. They gave me something in the hospital after my son was born Didn’t want to breast feed. To much stress and chaotic at home then.

Well i barely produced any but i only pumped when it hurt and just enough to stop the hurting and it was completely gone in less than a week.

Cabbage! Put a leaf of cabbage and they dry up super fast!

U dont just dry up.
If you are stimulating your breasts (feeding or pumping) u will keep supplying milk.

Epsom salts can help dry up.
Also drop the feeds to 3 … then 2 … and the less u stimulate the less u will get coming in.

I breastfed my girl till she was 2.5 and it didnt dry up till I stopped x

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Pump less every time you pump. Taper off slowly. Your best will adapt. If you pump 8 oz 4 times a day pump 6 or 7 oz 4 times a day for about a week. Then 5 oz 4 times a day. And so on till you reach the point you can just stop.

Frozen cabbage leaves made my sister dry up. She tried using it as a pain relief and ended up losing supply.


1st your job has to accommodate you, its illegal for them to give you a hard time. 2nd I heard cabbage leaves helps and also stop pumping and it tells your body that you no longer need the supply

Stop pumping. I decreased the amount of times in the day. Eventually to once in the morning and once before bed. Then the last was just before bedtime. After a couple of weeks of just bedtime I stopped alotogether. Good luck.

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Break time for nursing mothers law requires them to give you time and a private place. Your baby is number 1 and they have to accommodate you!!!


Reduce times a day pumping once i got down to once a day i decided i was done and wrapped with an ace wrap tight. It really helped!!!

I was dry at around 12 months, but I had cut back tremendously on pumping. Only pump enough to relieve some of the pressure.

Stop pumping… If you don’t do it slowly it’ll hurt really bad but go for as long as you can without pumping until your breast start hurting and gently squeeze/ massage with your hands just until you get relief where it doesn’t hurt then wait again… and continue it that way

You have to cut down on pumping. If your doing it 4 times go to 3. Then in a couple weeks 2.

My sister just stopped breastfeeding and her daughter is 2. It just depends on you and your child. My mother in law breastfeed one of her kids till they were 4

Yes. I have heard cabbage leaves.


Also use ice packs after pumping to stop production

Wrap your breasts in cabbage leaves it absorbs the milk

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Reducing your milk supply is a slow process, not one that happens overnight. Remember your body will produce the milk that your baby demands. If you are wanting to reduce your supply you simply start by reducing the amount of times you breastfeed or pump. Start with eliminating one feed or pump pre day. This way you will avoid too much discomfort and an oversupply of milk. Over a period of a few months continue to reduce breastfeeding and or pumping until you have completely weaned. It will take some time until your body produces no milk. Hand express the milk where necessary until your milk supply is zero.

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