How do I explain that I need a break?

How do you explain to a man that you need a break? I’m currently a sahm, and the last time I did anything without having at least one of my 3 kids with me (5, 3, & 1) was November 13th. I’m exhausted, I just want a break. I mentioned how he gets to go to work, and he said “I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat” but I don’t know how to explain that this job never ends. It never stops. Like I miss working, I miss just being an adult and being able to not worry about keeping another human alive for a couple hours


Is he the father to your children? you just get ready and walk out the door :joy:


If doable switch with him. Make sure you leave a detailed guide, most people don’t realize what a SAHM does. LMAO

I literally changed places with my hubby. He got to be sahd. It didn’t last long, I truly believed he thought I watched tv all day. He couldn’t/ wouldn’t keep up with everything I handle.
The kids(4)- getting them to/ from school, school things, Dr, specialist, sports (team mom), girl scouts (troopleader), 4H, FFA.
The house- clean, cooking, scheduling, paying bills, shopping, multitasking.
The farm- cleaning, feeding, shopping, gardening, animals. We both work now but he makes sure I get me time!


You’ll just end up messing your kids while your gone, Put a ad in your local area for a babysitter for a few hours a week…

“I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat”…but can’t even let you go out for a few hours🤔

Go apply for a job if u miss working and combine both incomes for daycare expenses.

Then you go to work and let him stay home…only if you find a job that takes care of the bills. Or…just get up and get a job. What’s stopping you? Sure, child care is expensive BUT they do have programs to help you out if you need assistance with that kind of stuff.

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Explain to him that while he works, and that’s great, your job as a SAHM to such young children is not only draining at times, it’s 24/7. Let him know that you will be putting the children in daycare 1 day a week so you can have some time to yourself. It may include time to clean and organize without kids or it may include going to the movies and a nap. Whatever you choose to do during your time is yours. Also, offer him the opportunity to have one day a week (or an evening) to do what he wants too. You both need time to yourself. Working ft and parenting comes with challenges of their own.

That’s what it’s like having three kids so close together. 

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Book yourself a weekend away while he enjoys the leisurely life of a sahd :joy::joy::joy::joy:


What do you mean by a break? A few hours a few days, the solution is very different depending on what your goal is. Regardless of that if you have three children a pattern has already been established and you’re going to have to consciously break it.

He has nooo idea how exhausting it is. And you deserve time away from kids.


I booked a weekend trip n told him he had the kid. Or I book / make whatever appointments I have to make put Ot in his calandra n then when the day / time comes I leave