How Do I Explain to My Child I Do Not Want Her Having Tiktok?

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"I am needing recommendations on explaining to my 9 almost 10 year old why I don’t want her to have a tik tok. I feel guilty sometimes. But my gut says no. How do I explain it to her in a way that doesn’t come off mean or angry or just because “I said so type of way.” Her older step siblings have it. Her friends have it."

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"I told mine no, that it’s not intended for children her age and that it actually states in the sign up process that it’s for 13 years or older and we don’t break rules like those that are in place for our safety. She wasn’t happy at first but she wasn’t willing to lose her screen privileges over it."

"“you aren't having bc its inappropriate” is enough"

"My 3rd grader wants tiktok and complains to me all his friends have it. It’s a hard no at his age in this house and he knows it. I just tell him maybe it’s okay at his friends house and rules but in our home, our rules and social media at his age is a hard no. I checked out tiktok and within less than 5 minutes I had already seen inappropriate videos. Kids have no business on social media. Be their parent, they will thank you for being ‘strict’ one day because they will know you looked out for them."

"Here’s what I told mine “tiktok is not appropriate for kids and even though your friends have it, doesn’t mean it’s ok. Your phone is already a privilege because I trust you but part of that means there are some apps you won’t be allowed to have.”"

"Just say no bcz there is a lot of stuff that isn’t real on there and mentally can effevt how she feels. Not just that it can be dangerous. I always said no and my kids dad would let them behind my back. Until 1 day I noticed a man commenting and asking stuff he shouldn’t. I brought it to dads attention and said see and this is why they shouldn’t be on here. Same thing with live stream games like robolox. I told them countless times not to give out personal info and het they did. Its not safe."

"You’re the boss! Be a parent and put your foot down. And besides TikTok has a rule you need to be 13 to have an account."

"I just told my 11 year old its not for kids and she said okay"

"There are a LOT of sexual predators on there"

"Block it from their devices!"

"I tell her cause they have adult stuff too but I let her google the tik tok compilations for certain subjects like dogs encanto etc"

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