How do i find a crisis pregnancy center?

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Do you mean like planned parenthood?

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There are pregnancy care centres that provide counselling for expectant mothers. They can provide information about parenting, adoption, abortion, prenatal care, and more.

For people who don’t know this: a pregnancy crisis center is a place where they convince women not to have abortions. Basically calling themselves a resource center for woman who are in bad or impoverished situations and they convince them to keep the baby buuuuuuut don’t actually do much else (especially when it comes to actually providing any resources).


In gonna disagree with one of these comments because from where I’m from there is 2 places and one place provides diapers bottles crib clothes or anything else you might need for the baby the other place will help the baby and you get into a place to live and provide everything in that home other than food but you have food stamps for that and WIC and they help you find a good job to provide you income to support you and the baby and if you already have income they still help with a home its like a safe haven but not a shelter its an apartment and WIC will help with formula to a degree as well as other essential food items but you can get food stamps and that will also pay for formula and any food items there are places available to help with whatever you might choose to do but just know there are places to help with essential baby items not covered by food stamps and WIC and its all free even if you have income


OP I would suggest googling “pregnancy crisis centers near me” or calling your local health department or even your gynecologist office if you have one. If you are afraid someone will see your search history you can try to have the page anonymously comment with a location I will do my best to help you find one❤️

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I think there is more to this question and maybe the person who knows who this fan is could reach back to them and see if they are ok? Maybe they can’t look these places up or something