How do I get my 2 month old to lay his head on the other side?

I never experienced this with my first child so I'm not sure what to do. I do tummy time with him & hold him on opposite sides but he still lays on the same side when layed down, and it's creating a small flat spot. How do I fix this?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I get my 2 month old to lay his head on the other side?

We do chiro visits for things like this! It can help with a lot of different issues. You don’t want to let this go too long.

I had the same issue with my son and honestly I never could find a way to make him not favor one side and if his head is already starting to develop a flat spot you may want to take them to the doctor so a helmet can be fitted before they turn 1 or it will be too late to fix

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He most likely has Torticollis which is very common! My son just went through this. His doctor will refer him to a physical therapist. My son came out of it on his own pretty quickly actually but his head shape is now a little off so we’re in the process of figuring out if he needs a helmet or not.


Mine slept on their tummy …I know its now frowned upon …but both could lift and turn their heads shortly after birth . They never developed flat spots
Try putting a bright object fixed to the bars of the cot . Move it to the other side to encourage them to turn their head to face it…Best if it plays music or moves to attract their attention
Good news is their skulls are soft and flat spots often sort themselves out without treatment


My third child was the same way. I did so much tummy time and held her for as much as I can to get her off her head. I used an infant butterfly pillow which worked. Once she started grabbing and rolling I took it away. At 4months her head was pretty flat on one side, I was pretty sure she would get a helmet at her 6mo but this pillow saved us… Good luck. Baby Head & Neck Pillow for Newborn Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome Animal World

Roll up a receiving blanket and lay in down the side of the body you do not want them to sleep on . I’ve had to do this with all 4 of my kids and I switched sides everyday so each side gets the same amount if that makes sense

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Try moving baby head when baby is sleeping slowly eventually it gets better

My daughter had this all you have to do is not sleep a wink for like 2 weeks and flip his head the other way every time you find him laying on that side. He probably has a sore neck


Persistance is key, just keep turning head to least favourite side. Our daughter had a flat head but with our persistance it was no longer an issue. After a few weeks of some sleepless night getting up and turning it but was all worth it. We also rotated her cot etc.
No chiro or physio was needed

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I get my 2 month old to lay his head on the other side?

My son would really only look or lay to one side. The Dr said the muscles on one side of his neck was pretty tight. So , I had to do stretches with him slightly turning his neck and holding in place. May be something to ask about.


One of my twins did this and his pediatrician just said it would happen on its on. He had a flat spot on the right side and he eventually started going to his other side and his head rounded back out.

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my son had this same problem it was like he had a creak in his neck. i have him more tummy time and i would put something under his neck head area to make him put his neck in the other direction. speak with a pediatric chiropractor

he could have torticollis, try a chiropractor. my babe favoured the left side but we took him in and now he’s better as we as not spitting up anymore.

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My son used to look to the right all of the time. When he was in the hospital for his heart surgery, the nurses there said since he is physically capable of looking both directions, and just chooses to only look in one direction; to put a shiny balloon on the side opposite of where he always looks. Might have to start by the feet and work it up towards the side of his head. That way it is in the child’s peripheral vision and catches their attention so they’ll look that way. Just make suren to keep it very far out of their reach. They said they do it all of the time in their hospital (a major children’s hospital) for babies that look in only one direction.

This happened with my son he had torticollis. Ended up with plageocephaly and brachysephaly. Had to do 9 months of physical therapy and wear a cranial band for 5 months

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Sometimes they lay on a certain side due to wanting to watch or look at something. So try laying them with their head on the opposite side where they usually have their feet. That way they start turning their head towards the other side. Hope that makes sense.

Each time you lay him down for sleep, just turn his head to one side, the next sleep, turn it to the opposite side. Prevents flat spot all around

Look into ties, get them revised, and it won’t be uncomfortable for babe anymore :purple_heart:

My oldest hated tummy time and favored a certain position too. I would lay on the floor on the side I wanted him to look/lay on and talk to him and try to keep his attention. Also talk with you babies pediatrician, have them keep tabs on it and they may recommend a special helmet to correct the shape of his head if it becomes a cause for concern.

Have the pediatrician check him out. Could be something like a tight muscle he was born with. It happens.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I get my 2 month old to lay his head on the other side?

Try getting chiropractic care for your baby. There may be a reason why he prefers to keep it one side and chiropractic care can fix it hopefully.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How do I get my 2 month old to lay his head on the other side?

I learned a ton with my daughter who was doing this same thing. Turns out, she had slight torticollis. Basically, she had a tight muscle on one side which needed to be stretch for her to be comfortable. We paid a few thousand for a physical therapist to come in. But after having gone through all that, I wish I would have just looked up stretching exercises and videos because they did the exact same thing that is in those videos 1-2 times in therapy and then had us do them when we were at home for the rest of it. I’d be more than happy to tell you the stuff they had us do! Including how to position when sleeping. Just PM me.


Take your son to a pediatric chiropractor. They are mostly moms themselves and usually have post graduate training. I know a few and they are very caring people. Maybe there is one near you


Our pediatric chiropractor was amazing! She also gave us stretches for her slight torticolis.


My daughter spent a lot of time in hospital so she was getting a flat spot, doctors said bag of rice in crib in a pillowcase put her to sleep on the side that’s not flat so she can’t roll to the flat spot. It worked she didn’t need the helmet in the long run!


we had to take our son to a pediatric chiropractor. We waited too long, as his head had developed quite a flat spot, but as soon as treatments started, he was moving his head around much more freely.


When my daughter slept at night I got little wedge pillows and laid her on her side swaddled and alternated sides because she had torticollis.


My daughter is twin. The flat spot was created in the womb and we did physical therapy and eventually needed a corrective helmet. Talk to her doctor and they should help you!

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Sounds like torticollis, my son had it. We did physical therapy and he was in a helmet for a little bit.

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This is called torticollis. Go to your Dr and get a referral to a physiotherapist or chiropractor. You have lots of time to correct at 2 months. If your bubs flat spot gets worse over the next couple of months you may end up with plagiocephaly and need a cranial remodelling helmet.

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My first son did this, it was torticolis. We went to a physical therapist for a while and she gave us some stretches and tips to use. One was to make sure that when you’re playing, you’re always on the side you need him to turn his head towards. That way he has to turn his head to see you.

I had mine in a walker or jumper with padding all around her, she was a jumper. She was able to hold her head up. Your doctor would probably give you physical therapy for assistance

Could try seeing a chiropractor, help stretch them out.


Same! My first child I never had a problem. Now my daughter has a flat left side and her ear is pushed forward. She may have to wear a helmet and I feel like a failure!

Babies have a hard start getting born ,with head pulls and stuff .take them to a chiropractor if they don’t sleep well or in the right position .it helps to get them in alignment

I turned mine all 5 up the other end of bed, always rotate every 8 weeks ,my daughter does with her son now too

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Alternate his position when you put him down to sleep, one day put him with his head towards the « head » of the bed and the next put him with his head towards the « foot » of the bed. Also, as mentioned he might have a torticolis, and it would help to get that checked out :slightly_smiling_face:
It would avoid him possibly having to wear a helmet!

Physical therapy. :slightly_smiling_face: my second child just graduated as he was having the same problem! But you should talk to your babies doctor! :hugs:

Get a baby wedge and lay him on his side that you want his head to lay on. That way he can’t roll and suffocate on his face. Or could try home made wedges using towel/blanket and out under the fitted set to keep it in place

Also due to my last one traumatic birth he needed his need realigned, chiropractic sort of help but homeopathy was best as I got results quicker.

Buy a special pillow for lying side ways


I can’t post a pic so just Google Tortle hat. It worked wonders for my youngest.

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If he always favors one side I recommend Chiropractric care

Rolled towels either side of his body

Pediatric chiropractor!!!

Have you tried a chiropractor?

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duct tape?

(before anyone freaks out, I’m just kidding).

Put a rolled up blanket behind him.


You don’t. Just leave it. It doesn’t need fixing, he’s comfy.


Take him to a good chiropractor. Probably has subluxations in his neck that hurt when he turns to that side.

Zip ties and duct tape

Turn him the opposite way in his crib.

We had a stuffed whale and the underside was flat. We put the baby on her side and the flat side of the whale against her back and it worked great. We switched sides each time… used the same whale for my grandchildren too :slightly_smiling_face:

Babies should never be laid on their stomachs. sleeping on their backs is needed to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Does he have torticollis? Have him evaluated.


Use a blanket or pool noodle to pad that side every other time so he is rotating sides

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Wait until they’re asleep and then turn their head to other side. That’s what I had to do

Talk to your pediatrician they will give you the best advice

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My doctor told me to wait till she’s in deep sleep and then gently turn her head to the other side. Also during play I’ve encouraged her to look to the side she didn’t lay on. By the time she started rolling it wasn’t an issue anymore

This happened with my little one at that age! It’s called torticollis. She ended up having to see a physical therapist to help do exercises and correct the problem. You can use toys to try and get the baby to look in the other direction. Don’t force their head that way though. Let him turn it naturally on his own… You can have him do this on his tummy or sitting up in your lap leaning slightly against you. Good luck momma! :heart:


Pediatric dr and maybe helmet needed. Happened with my niece. I don’t think it was even a year long she had to wear it. Her head would’ve stayed with flat spot if they didn’t do that. Don’t leave it, like somebody else said in comments🙄 there are certain conditions that can cause that. Better safe than sorry.


I second the Tortle cap! Helped reposition my baby without the fuss. Head evened out normal just after using a couple weeks!

Turn him to the opposite side of the bed where he has to turn his head to look out of the crib or bassinet


He most likely has Torticollis, home Stretches help. Talk to his pediatrician and also physical therapy. My son had tort and it was caught within his first week of life. We did home stretches which mostly worked. He has Plagiocephaly from it so does wear a helmet and physical therapy now. It only takes a few months to fully improve.

Chiro was a game changer for all my kids. The last baby had this issue bad, went to our chiro and she’s like look at this, and she was so off and unbalanced. One adjustment and the issue was completely fixed.

Opposite side of the crib and switch back and forth

You can also roll up like a receiving blanket and put it on the side he keeps sleeping on to keep it from going that direction. My baby needed the helmet. It’s expensive but worth it in the end but if you can prevent it, that is better.

I don’t know if this applies to you at all, but do you happen to co sleep?

I co slept with my son, and he also only faced one side, and he also started to develop a flat spot on his head. I realized it was because he always wanted to look at me, so I started changing which side of the bed I slept on, and he started to lay his head on the other side to look at me.

I kept rotating on and off which side of the bed I would sleep on.

Good luck I hope you figure it out!!!

Chiropractor! My little girl would only breastfeed on one side, she hated breastfeeding on the other and appeared uncomfortable. I take her to chiro regularly

That is what my son did too. Took him to physical therapy and they gave us exercises to do daily.
He had a big flat spot😪
Thankfully it went away.

My son did this we had to fold a small blanket and put it under his had to make him turn his head to the other side.

Put cushion on side of neck he is used to turning on

lay him on his side and tuck a small rolled-up towel on his front and back to keep him on his side

They make bumper pillows that nest him so he can not roll

They sell mattress pads and special pillows for this. Look on Amazon. I got one for my son.

Holy fuck the amount of unsafe advice on here is ridiculous!