How do I get my husband to help out more around the house or even with our daughter,?

So I'm a new mom, my daughter just turned 3 months today. I'm a stay home mom my husband works 12 hours providing for us. And I'm at home taking care of the house.His thing is because he heard it from other people. That right now in this stage he can't do much with the baby, and I keep telling him I know you work all day, so do I, but please take our daughter so I can calm down, do a few things, stuff like that. He only holds her for a minute or two and hands her right back to me.

I’m depressed all the time, I’m moody so changing all the time. I haven’t had a great break in 3 months, and he gets to come home and play his games and then go to bed.
Yes I know he worked all day and he’s

Yea he ain’t gonna change. You now have 2 children. Tell him he can either step up and be a parent to a child he helped create or he step off and be on his way.

You need time for yourself a stay at home mother is a harder job then whatever he’s doing for 12 hours. It’s physically and mentally and emotionally draining. Kids can take so much out of you and men really don’t understand how terrible postpartum depression can be. If you have to drag him with you so a Dr can tell him how serious it is you drag him. He needs to help you even if it’s just setting the baby in a swing while he plays his game so you can shower and relax for a while. There’s no reason and no excuse for him not to spend time with your baby.