How do I get over my morning sickness fears?

I am not ready to have a kid yet but I know a big barrier of mine will be the morning sickness. Actually, that may be my only barrier. The pain, the changing body, the hormones, those things don’t worry me so much. However, I have an actual, heavy phobia of vomit. Whether I throw up, someone else throws up, doesn’t matter. I enter a full anxiety attack and am unwell for days. I’m currently seeking help to try and break this fear but honestly I don’t know if I ever would want to be pregnant because of the throw up. I want to point out my grandma (one kid) and my mother (three kids) never were sick during their pregnancies. Any guess if that means I won’t be either? Can it be mitigated? How do I get over this? I want to be pregnant at some point but I feel like this is holding me back.

There could be a chance that you also will not get morning sickness. A lot of people don’t